Zvi A. Sesling









Auschwitz Dream


I asked for ice

          They gave me none

I asked for tea

          They gave me pishwasser

I asked for sunshine

          They gave me black clouds

I asked for her hand in marriage

          They gave me her hand


When it was over little was left

Even less of me

I never asked for any of it

They just gave it

Then they took it





Snow falls like dandruff

cold numbs, people drive

as if the Mayan Prophecy

is tomorrow


In two days it will be sixty

degrees and already

global warming advocates

say it is too late – we lose


Inane arguments abound:

was the President born in

the United States, will a rogue

planet smash into Earth


Will we blow ourselves to atomic

smithereens, is the Earth

only seven thousand years old,

will a black hole swallow us


Are alien movies precursors of

the future, the Holocaust is denied

President Kennedy was kidnapped

by aliens – he and James Dean


Yes, California may drop into the

Pacific Ocean and cars may fly

dinosaurs will make a comeback

all of it in a million years



Hallway Doors


My mind flutters down hallways

where each room opens to the past


Puzzle room of birth

Game room of childhood

Caged room of schools attended

A room flooded with memories of girlfriends

Another is a dog pound of pets

There is a sweatshop of jobs in that room

Here the room swirls with illnesses

In the dark room the dead speak

While rooms I search for – futures remains closed



Like A Feather


Like a feather in the wind

she floats into the room

dress a filament reveals enough

for eyes to follow – everyone

it seems is taken – leaves

in a breeze they shimmy

they would all fall for her

they would bleed their sap

as they stare like cat eyes

in a night wood





Cossacks on black steeds

charge through the village

cockroaches on walls

naked priest runs from

burning church

rabbi has his beard shaved

children scream as fathers

are killed

watch as mothers are raped

an earthquake swallows

all except the sheep















Zvi A. Sesling has published poetry in numerous magazines both in print and online in the United States, Great Britain, France, New Zealand, Canada and Israel. Among the publications are:  Ibbetson St.,  Midstream, Poetica,The Deronda Review, Voices Israel, Saranac Review, New Delta Review, Plainsong, Asphodel, Haz Mat Review, Istanbul Literary Review, The Chaffin Journal, Ship of Fools, Chiron Review, Poetry Monthly Interational, Matrix, The Tower, New Vilna Review, Levure Litteraire and Main Street Rag. He was awarded Third Place (2004), First Prize (2007) and Honorable Mention 2011 in the Reuben Rose International Poetry Competition and was a finalist in the 2009 Cervena Barva Press Chapbook Contest. In 2008 he was selected to read his poetry at New England/Pen “Discovery” by Boston Poet Laureate Sam Cornish. He was a featured reader in the 2010 Jewish Poetry Festival in Brookline, MA. Sesling was appointed as one of the adjudicators of the Voices Israel Anthology for the 2012 and 2013 editions. He is a regular reviewer for the Boston Small Press and Poetry Scene and is Editor of the Muddy River Poetry Review. Sesling has been a featured reader in various venues in the Boston area, San Diego, the Massachusetts Poetry Festival and the Boston Poetry Festival. He is author of King of the Jungle, (Ibbetson St., 2010), and a chapbook Across Stones of Bad Dream (Cervena Barva, 2011) and a second full length poetry book, Fire Tongue to be published by Cervena Barva Press in 2012. He lives in Brookline MA with his wife Susan Dechter.

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