Yulia Kirschner



(Russia – Switzerland)




Avatars-Kabuki Cycle












In her photo story ‘’Avatars-Kabuki’’ (Avatar-descent of a deity into the earthly spheres and assumption of the human shape, in Sanskrit), the Swiss visual artist Yulia Kirschner succeeded to create a timeless space of dreams, hidden desires and aspirations through a technique close to old palimpsests.








Combining images of mannequins photographed in shop fronts to those of the old archetypes registered during her travels in different countries (from Middle East mosaiques and bas-reliefs to Bucovina medieval Orthodox churches frescos), the artist masterfully transformed these collages, through a melodic reconfiguration, in fabulous beings.







Her mannequins ramble as ‘’Avatars through the world of historic, cultural, nature related and religious archetypes-sources of our human identity…’’, as the artist asserted in an art statement.





It’s a thought challenging story with fresh images, trying to describe a metaphysical feminity, imagined as a gathering of different cultural layers and enigmatic transfers from the physical to the archetypal universe and vice versa.










For Yulia Kirschner our real world converts to a showcase in which the ‘’dolls deities’’ gaze from their sphere. We cannot exist in the absence of deities who are contemplating us, but also the ‘’dolls deities’’ are alive only through our inner process of contemplating them. The inner world is our common territory of shaping identity, feelings and spiritual goals.







Yulia Kirschner’s vision guided her best achievements towards an art of interference between areas charged with new and old memories, like ‘’The Art of Fugue’’ by J. S. Bach.







A very expressive and palimpsestic art of layered images that reflects its own history, with feminine figures on the top of vibrant compositions, who may remind us the picturesque pose, solemnity and atemporality of the Japanese stamps and of the strange characters of Kabuki theatre.







All the cultural tradition of Japan pointed out that the major things can be mainly expressed in the absence of words. All these are motifs which convinced me to include her art on my Archetypal Expressionism Saatchi Online Collection.











Yulia Kirschner


11.11.1978 Born in Moscow, Russia

1992 -1994 Evening classes in photography, Moscow

1999 High School Diploma, Cologne (Germany)

2007 Business Studies, Diploma, University of Cologne

2006 Relocation to Switzerland

Since 2001 Miscellaneous photo exhibitions in Russia, Germany and Switzerland:

08/2004 Exhibition „Fahrenheit“, Galery Ľ, Cologne

04/2005 Exhibition „My Moscow“, Dinner Club Cologne

10/2005 Exhibition „The Window“, Bar Cubismo, Cologne

01/2006 Exhibition „Faces of Music“, College of Music, Cologne

09/2007 Exhibition „Black & White“, Steinbock Wintergarten, Switzerland

2007: Winner of the competition „The best photo of Constance“ with the exhibition

in the Rosgarten Museum, Constance

06/2009 Exhibition „The Worlds“, Homegalery Ustinova, Moscow

11/2013 Private Art Düsseldorf


„Life between the cultures is the main inspiration and the central point of my works at the same time.“










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