Yakman K Tsering






Winds of Change 


Lifting my Spirit above  snow-mountain

my dreams are embraced in clouds of love


Time moves swiftly with the speed of wind

swirling memories dissipate into dust


renewed now by the winds of change

like leaves of autumn, my pain crumbles.




Conversations of Self with Self


self converses with self

both dwell deep within

behold  the power each yield


Oh, self of mine

come to me now

in my life of need


guide me beyond self

lead me through the pain

Illuminate the Divine path


my heart is purity

with human desire

as I long for freedom


I must see the Higher Purpose

as self endures this life of Wanting

I seek From Your reality-truth


raise me to wisdom on the Vine of Peace

that I may be a voice of light

to lead others through the darkness




The Vision


Mountain views move through

the vistas of my mind´s eye

life bites sharply, like dust

in a thrashing storm

leaving me impaired.


realistic daydreams fascinate me

stimulating my field of thoughts

dissolving, in the mist, i see a mirage

stars swirl above my head,

glowing through the darkness

stirring my vision of the world.


through my eyes beauty lives

never hidden in my illusive mind

feeling empty i must retire

setting my mind free

emptiness is my constant















Yakman K Tsering or Kathup Tsering is a Tibetan translator, poet, writer and painter currently residing in Austria. 

His work appears in Muses in Exile – An Anthology of Tibetan Poetry, the anthology VOCI – SILENZIO / Voices – Silence, Poeti e artisti selezionati per l’antologia La Follia, otoliths, E·ratio 19.20, machak Tibetan onlie gallery  and in journals in North America, Europe and Asia.  “Himalaya’s Night (Notte sull’Himalaya)” was a special selection in the 4th Italy Concorso Internationale di Poesia Castello di Duino competition. 

Kathup Tsering sometimes writes under the Chinese pen name, Xue Ling. 



Kathup Tsering is online at 


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