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Wang Li


About the Artist

Oct. 1970           Born in Chun’an, Zhejiang

2004-now            Art lecturer, China Academy of Art

1997-2004           Art lecturer, Zhejiang Vocational Academy of Art



2014–         Working for a PhD degree in Fine Arts in CAA with Professor Wu Shanming and Professor Fan Jingzhong;

2009-2011      Master of Fine Arts, China Academy of Art

2001-2002     Attended an advanced course in calligraphy in CAA

1992-1996      Bachelor of Fine Arts, the Department of Chinese Painting, China Academy of Art (CAA)



A Collection of Paintings of Wang Li  Guangxi Art Publishing House 2013

A Visit to the Artist’s Sudio—Wang Li’s Art World  Hubei Art Publishing House 2013

Random Thoughts by My Desk (English Version)  Guangxi Art Publishing House 2012

The Art Works of the Year—Painting Album by Wang Li  Hebei Art Publishing House 2010

Contemporary Young Artist Portfolio—Wang Li   Art & Culture Publishing House 2010 Random Thoughts by My Desk   Sichuan Art Publishing House 2008


Selected Art Exhibitions

Mar. 2014         Born in the 70s’, Nanjing, Jinling Art Museum & Chinese Painting Institute

Nov. 2013         Boundaries  New Ink and Brush Paintings of Five Aritsts, Jinan, Dingfeng Gallery

Nov. 2013         Invitational Exhibition of Traditional Ink and Brush Painting, Tianjin Art Museum

Oct. 2012          Brush and Ink by The LakeJoint Exhibition of the Best Works by Wushe Art Club Members  Guancheng Art Museum, Dongguan

Sept. 2012        Academy on Exhibition—Human Scale  Yangzhou Daily Media Group

Sept. 2012        Berth of Memory:the Third Exhibition  Wuhan Art Museum

Mar. 2012         Five Shades of Ink—Invitational Exhibition of Contemporary Ink Art  Hubei Fine Artists Association

Dec. 2011         Body Images—Invitational Exhibition of Academic Ink Paintings  Xuhui Art Museum, Shanghai

Sept. 2011         Composition & Intertextuality—Invitational Exhibition of Contemporary Art Gallery of Chinese Quintessence, Beijing

Aug. 2011         Yuchen Invitational Exhibition of Ink Paintings  Yuchen Art Gallery,  Yantai

Jan. 2011         Diversity in Harmony—Invitational Exhibition of Chinese Paintings Yangmotang Art Gallery, Nanjing &Yangzhou Museum

Jan. 2011         No Boundaries—Invitational Exhibition of Contemporary Young Artists Yuchen Art Gallery, Yantai

May 2010        2170 Men of Our Times—Chinese Painting Exhibition  Yangmotang Art Gallery, Nanjing

Apr. 2010        Monsoon—Invitational Exhibition of Contemporary Artists  Rui’an Art Gallery

Jan. 2010        Fresh Troops of The Academy  Yuchen Art Gallery, Yantai

Nov. 2009       Projection—Invitational Exhibition of Contemporary Art   True Colour Art Gallery, Suzhou

Nov. 2009       Body Images— Invitational Exhibition of Academic Ink Paintings  Xuhui Art Gallery, Shanghai

Apr. 2009        2170 Men of Our Times—Chinese Painting Exhibition  Yangmotang Art Gallery, Nanjing

Mar. 2009        Foursquare—Contemporary Ink Painting Exhibition  Today Art Museum, Beijing

Dec. 2008         Painters’ Whispers—Invitational Exhibition of Contemporary Artists   Hebei Art Museum

Dec. 2008         Into the Academies – Exhibition of Chinese Paintings by Outstanding Teachers from Chinese Colleges  Beijing Normal University

Nov. 2008         Berth of Memory—Invitational Exhibition of Young Artists of Zhejiang Hubei Art Museum

July 2008          Brushes on The Paper—Nomination Exhibition of Academic Ink Paintings Haishangshan Art Center, Shanghai

May 2008          Fresh Troops of The Academy—Nomination Exhibition of Contemporary Young Artists in Ink Painting   Zhu Qizhan Art Gallery, Shanghai

May 2008          Academy on Exhibition—Nomination Exhibition of Young Artists Born in 1970s  Art Gallery of Chinese Paintings, Jiangsu

Apr. 2008          2170 Men of Our Times—Chinese Painting Exhibition  Yangmotang Art Gallery, Nanjing

Jan. 2008          In Memory of West Lake—Exhibition of Chinese Paintings by Young Artists of China Academy of Art, Guan Shanyue Art Gallery, Shenzhen


List of Collectors:

Hubei Art Museum

Hubei Art Bibliography Center

Guan Shanyue Art Gallery, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province

Today Art Museum, Beijing

Wu Han Art Museum

Guancheng Art Museum, Dong Guan, Guangdong Province

True Colour Art Gallery, Suzhou, Jiangsu Province

Xuhui Art Museum, Shanghai

Yuchen Art Gallery, Yantan, Shandong Province

Yangmotang Art Gallery, Nanjing, Jiangsu Province

Eland Group, Korea

Chicago Asian Art Foundation

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