Vladimir Stockman









In the dungeon of wishes and dreams

of this empty city

I raise quiet words

to a pedestal

of correct thinking,

this is so strange…

Time oozes out,

murderous time,

even stones crumble

under its trickle,

but I am a man, no harder than grass,

I have the right to stand on this Earth.

No taller than others,

but just a bit closer to the sky.






Every day is given two names,

the third is a silent word,

the zero of sounds, a fragile thread,

a cobweb of invisible sense

that shivers from half premonition.


Is that the essence of endless attempts

to decipher elusive shadows,

a misty reflection of movement,

a sign of a vector leading

towards comprehending incompatibility

of the bipolar existences,

their purpose of making one

within the third ineffable







Assuming the existence of the Examiner

each person must guess all questions

and submit correct answers.


Will he get a mark for his work?

That is one of the questions…



Translated from Russian by Anatol Zukerman











Vladimir Stockman, poet and translator, was born on August 19, 1960 in Rostov-on-Don, Russia. Since 1992 he is living in Krakow, Poland. He writes poetry in Russian and Polish, and translates poetry and prose. His poetry was published in literary magazines, almanacs and anthologies in Poland and Russia. He has participated in international festivals, such as Vienna Days of Contemporary Russian Literature (Austria, 2006), Struga Poetry Evenings (Macedonia, 2007), Warsaw Poetry Autumn (Poland, 2010), November International Poetry Festival in Poznan (Poland, 2012, 2013) and others. In 2011, he became a finalist in an international competition for the best translation of verse and prose of Czeslaw Milosz into Russian. Vladimir Stockman is creator and co-ordinator of the web almanac “Litera” (http://almanach-litera.pl/). He is a member of The International Federation of Russian Writers and The South Russian Union of Writers.

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