Vlad Marius Ster


Vlad Marius Ster


(Romania- Netherlands)






Along the lines of trees

The decayed skeleton

Holding his breath

Was in its proper place.

Everything works, the

World is a mechanism that

Beats like a wounded watch,

Slowly disintegrating, and

Becoming more violent.

Everything was unnecessary.

The decayed was

Not asleep, just persistently silent.

Life decays amongst the

Enthusiasts who adhere to loyalty.

Contemplating hateful events,

He weeps silently.

In the immensely wide horizon.

Some imaginary and unnatural ideas

Of beauty revealed in the twilight.

Flushed with nervousness

In the ash-grey mist,

The decayed skeleton

Went his way into the world.

There was no purpose of belonging

And no logical solution for

The hysteria around.

The dead, the living,

The unknown hypothetical dead,

Are growing nails, and hair,

Without reason; they listen

To the humming of telephones

With an unutterable sadness.

He was not forsaken, not

Even by one of the multitudes of gods.

The notion of man to him was:

« The lowest kind of animal.

Man, a melancholy object,

Crueler than any other monster.

Man turned everything upside down.

This is the simplest way. »

He tried to explain.

Searching for one earthly ideal

He raised the corner of the mouth

In a silent smile;

He laid  down with

The hand on the back of his head

And killed himself.




The return


felt as if he were about to faint;

a pale face, passionate,

a perfect impersonal figure.

He let himself be overwhelmed

in dust, in oil, in smoke, in glycerin,

in questions.

The identity of the return

could not be established

by the face, nor by an external phenomena.

In the smelling twilight,

there he was, carrying a basket

of strange hopes, supernatural works,

arranged by generations.

The world remained old-fashioned,

though just few of the

enhancing natural charms are

still to be seen.

In an old style, slow and ceremonial walk,

He returned with a long throat, small

red fleshy tongue, the movements

of the lips led to exclaiming

prominent names of the society.

The eyes cast down,

for confusion not to be recognized.

Passing invisible windows, different

styles, different customs,

the fear and anxiety disappeared.

The return never abandoned

the marriage with the world


wounded, deeply wounded,

beaten, bleeding and scared inside,

the return kept all to the past.

From the twilight to the church,

From the church to the school,

From the school to the house,

From the …..

a la mode repetitions.

And so the return, returns,

again, and again, and again,

with humble hope, an

extremely rare phenomena

that a few understand,

a dangerous notion of the universe

or… just for the time being.

The return, another mechanism,

hard to find, easy to get,

covered in blood with eyes wide open

seems to be looking for something.











Vlad Marius Ster (1992), was born in Baia Mare, Romania. He is currently a resident in Enschede, the Netherlands. By rejecting an objective truth and global cultural narratives, Vlad uses a visual vocabulary that addresses many different issues. The work incorporates time as well as space – a fictional and experiential universe that only emerges bit by bit. By emphasizing aesthetics, he seduces the viewer into a world of ongoing equilibrium and the interval that articulates the stream of daily events. Moments only exist to punctuate the human drama. Multi-layered images arise in which the fragility and instability of our seemingly certain reality is questioned. In the near future he will start a writing and photography bachelor. In 2013 he started personal project Hayzed, which turned out as an experimental magazine for art and culture, Hayzed Magazine, where he is the editor. In the past he had collaborations with Peter Macsovski for the magazine.



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