Victoria Milescu








Love couldn’t be but

an integral part of me

as a secret power

to live long and well

I can’t see it but

when I look into your eyes, dear

I know that it is, undoubtedly

Love is a strange part of me

for its tears are both for joy

and incommensurable sorrow

Love is a cruel part of me

which shouts: open your eyes and mind

to the miraculous beauty of world

I don’t know where the location of love is

but I feel it in my whole body

it is a golden part of humans

it is a part of universe

that let at my light window a red rose

that means: love is both passion and thorns

in equal parts…






Curiosity is my job

my tools are: why?,  where?, what?

my name is Who?

my age is how?

I’m searching for questions

that claim answers

some of them are part of others

good or bad

curiosity is an integral part of myself.





I write red poems

like my blood

I write blue lyrics

like your eyes

so every poem is a colored one

for every man is like a rainbow

of feelings, desires, ambitions

I can’t live without writing poems

I can’t breathe without spreading myself

through the words

which are miracle and integral parts

of humanity.













Victoria Milescu is a Romanian poetess and journalist. B.A. in Philology, University of Bucharest. Her poetical works are in Romanian and in bilingual edition:   Welcome December/Bun venit, Decembrie (Romanian-English edition, 1994);  Şlefuitorul de lacrimi (The Polisher of Tears, 1995);  Izbânda furată (The Stolen Victory, 1995); Inimă de iepure (Heart of Fear, 1998); Arleziana (2000); Zâmbet de tigru (Tiger’s Smile, 2001); Flacăra nevăzută/Láthatatlan Láng (Romanian-Hungarian edition, 2007); Roua cuvântului/Szóharmat (Romanian-Hungarian edition, 2008); Conspiraţii celeste (Celestial Conspiracies, 2008); Bucuriile triste/ Gëzimet e trishtme (Romanian-Albanian edition, 2009); Floarea vieţii (Romanian-Georgian edition, 2010);  Cenuşa verii/ Les cendres de l’été (Romanian-French edition, 2015); Feeding Illusions (English only, 2015); Raportul de aur/ La proportion d’or (Romanian French edition, 2015, Paris). She  also wrote children’s literature and has translated  from English to Romanian. 


Member of The Romanian Writers’Union since 1995. She lives in Bucharest, Romania.



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