Victor Munteanu









Dig as deep as possible,

up to your birth day!

Dig up to the fact of believing that you have reached there!


Heeeey, you pauper well sinkers, dig up to the origins, that is

up to our exit from life, up to going out of your senses –

and right there, see, take a real good look, you hear? Stare your eyes out

and see if there’s anybody down the valley, below, sitting -what’s he saying?


See what he wants and how many relatives he’s still got;

is he still mumbling names or does he keep being silent?

and, frankly, who jumps for his help, after all?






If, all of a sudden, you feel thirsty,

And you keep on going and open your eyes and you’re still walking,

And the burning is eating you inside:

don’t drink the whole light!

For many have gone blind because of those too clear

And have perished in its deadly brilliance!


But if, still, something lies heavy on your heart

and tears you apart

and adds you up

and you feel like crying –


then drink as much as you need!

You’ll get lost through the remained obscurity anyway…






I’m drinking a beer in the overcrowded dive

which rumbles up to the ulcerated life of the drunken crane driver.

The cap wearers are clubbing the air with pagan gestures,

a trail of chaos is blowing the roof off

And there’s such a thick smoke, you can cut it in two…


Isolated like a news from a provincial newspaper,

I’m drinking a beer at the Cascada bar,

hidden amongst the hail of men with their cheeks chopped in the form of the thunder.

I’m sitting here, watching these harsh faces –

pedestrians bubbling up in the boiler filled with freedom.


It’s a biblical Saturday

and I’m drinking beer in the pub which is cracking

up to Death on credit and even further

up to the postmodernist literature of France.






Look, the wolves are howling

through the last day for writing poems.


O Lord, why don’t You give me a bird certificate

Just for the time I was lonely and hacked by silence;

my instant is hurried and span-less

will you please give me a receipt for me to go through customs in peace

for there is no place to rest

beside the truth inside me!






It has got cold in the memory from which you’re missing,

My friends are sipping vodka out of my days,

And they’ve lost their wits

Time has stood aside,

I keep on lightening a cigar and cannot stop

I keep on resembling a thirst

which is ready to become anything.


But the sunset has fallen down on my features

And the clock is nailing my solitude to a cross…

Look, your chilly absence has filled my mail box,

Your absence, from which bats are living,

When guardians remember of birds

Counting broken sad windows…












Name: Victor

Surname: Munteanu

Date and place of birth: January 29th, Balusesti, Roman



Education and training


1995 – 1990: “Petre Andrei” University of Laws from Iasi; specialization: lawyer

1986 – 1982: University of Politics; specialization: politics

1982 – 1980: Popular School of Arts; specialization: director

1976 – 1975: Chemistry School from Brasov; specialization: chemist operator

1974 – 1970: Theoretical Highschool, Roman

1970 – 1962: Primary and Secondary School in Balusesti-Roman





1995: Bachelor of Laws (“P. Andrei” University of Laws)

1985: Bachelor of Politics (University of Politics, Bacau)

1982: Bachelor of stage-managing (Popular School of Arts, Bacau)

1976: Diploma in Chemistry (Chemistry School, Brasov)





“Knight of Culture” distinction for “the noble activity of flourishing and disseminating the Romanian and universal culture by founding and leading Viata bacauana publication, AVANGARDA XXII Literary Circle and the national competitions of young poetry” offered by The Order Of  The Knights of Equity



Literary Debut


Debut in poetry in Flacara periodical, 1981



Contributions to the following periodicals:


Ateneu, Luceafarul, SLAST, Columna (Chisinau), Zburatorul, Vitraliu, 13 Plus, Pus si Simplu, Cartea, Sinteze, Steagul Rosu, Ziua, Opinia bacauana, Oglinda literara, Evenimentul, Desteptarea, Tineretul Moldovei (Chisinau), Viata bacauana, Arges, Nord literar, Apostrof, Spatii culturale, Cafeneaua literara, Viata de pretutindeni, Plumb.



Contributions to the following TV channels and radios:


TVR 1, TV Bacau, TVR Iasi, “Alfa” TV, “Euro” TV, Iasi radio, Cultural Radio Bucuresti



Books edited:


Prier – poems, award for debut in a volume by “Cartea Romaneasca” Publishing House (collective verse volume, postface by Mircea Ciobanu)


News at the edge of the roof – poems, awarded by “Saeculum” Publishing House at “Lucian Blaga” National Competition of Poetry, Bucharest, 1993 (the jury: Traian T. Cosovei, Nicolae Micu and Gheorghe Tomozei)


Residence for a cry – poems, “Georgeta Mircea Cancicov” Cultural Foundation Publishing House, Bacau, 2004


Revelations – 1st vol., interviews, 230 pp, “Cancicov” Cultural Foundation Publishing House, Bacau, 1998

Revelations – 2nd volume, interviews, 450 pp, “Cancicov” Cultural Foundation Publishing House, 2001

Revelations – 3rd volume, interviews, 472 pp, “Cancicov” Cultural Foundation Publishing House, 2003

Contemporary personalities at disclosure time – 1st volume, 482 pp, “Cancicov” Cultural Foundation Publishing House, Bacau, 2007



Present in the following volumes:


Scriitori bacauani la aniversarea zilei de nastere (no. 5, January, 2000); editor: “AVANGARDA XXII” Literary Artistic Cercle

Scriitori bacauani (2nd volume, p. 38), Eugen Budau, “Plumb” Publishing House, Bacau, 2001

Bacaul literar (p. 710), Eugen Budau, “Universitas XXI” Publishing House, Iasi, 2004

Intampinari (p. 100), Ioan Enache, “Studion” Publishing House, Bacau, 2001

Poetii Bacaului la sfarsit de mileniu: 1990 – 2000 (p. 73), Cornel Galben, “Studion” Publishing House, Bacau, 2005

Enciclopedia , Victor Mitocaru

Plumb 600, “Ateneul Scriitorilor” Publishing House, Bacau, 2008



Editorial activity


  • editorial adviser
  • “AVANGARDA XII” International Poetry Competition Anthologies: Starea de necessitate (State of necessity) , Evadarea din sine (Self escape) and Exercitii de sinceritate (Exercises of sincerity, all edited by “Cancicov” Cultural Foundation Publishing House
  • more than 30 books edited (poetry, prose, literary criticism, science, philosophy, journalism) and over 30 school periodicals





  • The S.R.R. Union of Writers Award (president of jury Laurentiu Fulga) at the 1st edition of “Porni Luceafarul…” Literary Creation Competition, Botosani
  • The Iasi Writers’ Association Award at the “Zilele Eminescu” Poetry Competition, Botosani
  • “Contemporanul” periodical Award at the “Panait Cerna” Poetry Festival, Tulcea
  • “Cronica” periodical Award for poetry at the “Mihail Sadoveanu” Festival, P. Neamt
  • 1st Prize and the title of Laureate at the Theatrical Creation and Performance Festival, Slanic-Moldova
  • “Junimea” Publishing House Award for poetry at the “Vasile Alecsandri” Festival, Iasi
  • “Cronica” periodical Award for prose at the “Mihail Sadoveanu” Festival, P. Neamt
  • Council of Teleorman District Award at the “Zaharia Stancu” Poetry Festival, Alexandria
  • 1st National Prize (at the competitions among highschools) for the play Life Starts Here, for own script and direction
  • 1st National Prize (at the competitions among highschools) for the play Excursions through Memory, for own script and direction, at the “Cantarea Romaniei” Festival



Critical references


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  • Georgiana Avram in “Arges”, year IX, no. 8 (326), August 2009



Cultural activity


Founding of:


  • “Georgeta si Mircea Cancicov” Cultural Foundation
  • “Cancicov” Cultural Foundation Publishing House
  • “Viata bacauana” – district hebdomadary of attitude, culture and information (the most longival periodical in Bacau after December 1989, actually having over 440 issues)
  • “AVANGARDA XXI” Literary Artistic Circle of Professional Writers in Bacau



Between 1994 and 2009, the initiation and coordination of:


  • 9 editions of the “AVANGARDA XXII” International Poetry Competition Festival
  • 8 editions of the “Extemporal la viitor” Literary and Journalistic Creation Competition Festival for pupils and students plus the Competition of the School Periodicals
  • 6 editions of “Pralea” Literary Artistic Creation Camp
  • 8 editions of the activity “AVANGARDA la iarba verde” (poetry and music recitals, debates, presentation of Bacau writers and poets, releases of books, camp fire etc at Margineni (“Pe urmele lui Al. Piru), Parincea (“Pe urmele prozatoarei Georgeta Mircea Cancicov”), Luizi Calugara (“Aniversarea a 600 de ani de la atestarea documentara a comunei L. Calugara), “Saint George” Church, Bacau (“Pe urmele filosofului si esteticianului Vasile Conta”), Valea Budului, Oituz, Buhoci, Fundu-Racaciuni etc.
  • Member and president of jury at different poetry festivals



Journalistic activity


Journalistic debut in 1975, in “Pentru Patrie” issue




„Ateneu”, „Luceafărul”, SLAST, „Columna” (Chişinău), „Zburătorul”, „Vitraliu”, „13 Plus”, „Pur şi simplu”, „Cartea”, „Sinteze”, „Steagul roşu”, „Ziua”, „Opinia băcăuană”,  „Oglinda literară”, „Evenimentul”, „Deşteptarea”, „Tineretul Moldovei” (Chişinău), „Viaţa băcăuană”, „Argeş”, „Nord literar”, „Apostrof”, „Spaţii culturale”, „Cafeneaua literară”, „Caiete Silvane”, „Revista Nouă”, „Scrisul Românesc”, „Dacia literară”, „Viaţa de pretutindeni”, „Plumb”, TVR1 Bacău, TVR, TV Iaşi, „Alfa” TV, Euro TV, Radio Iaşi, Radio Cultural Bucureşti


Throughout a period of 20 years, hundreds of articles published (notes, news, interviews, investigations, reports, comments, editorials etc) and, in the last 19 years, only the practice of the profession of journalist.


Special Prize of the Jury at the first edition of “Galele Jurnalismului Bacauan” – Bacau, December 2000


  • main editor of “Desteptarea” daily newspaper
  • editor of “Pur si simplu” daily newspaper
  • editor, and then, chief editor of “Opinia Bacauana” weekly newspaper
  • currently, superior adviser at the District Direction for Culture, Cults and National Cultural Patrimony, Bacau



Managerial activity


  • chief editor of “Argus” weekly newspaper
  • sub-chief editor of “Ziua” daily newspaper
  • managing director of “Viata bacauana” weekly newspaper
  • president of “Georgeta Mircea Cancicov” Cultural Foundation
  • founder and coordinator of “AVANGARDA XXII” Literary Artistic Circle
  • managing director of “Cancicov” Cultural Foundation Publishing House



Specialisation courses


  • “The implementation of the projects financed out of structural instruments”, organized by the National Institute of Administration (Jupiter, 2007)
  • “The development of professional competences in the human resources domain”, organized by the National Institute of Administration (Predeal, 2008)
  • “The training of observer agents”, organized by the Ministry of Culture, Cults And National Cultural Patrimony (Cluj Napoca, 2009)


Currently – counselor at the District Direction for Culture, Cults and Cultural Patrimony, Bacau








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