Vassilis Rouvalis


Vassilis Rouvalis






Voices (Φωνές), Gavrielides books, 2011


You rise like my suns

The mother’s milk and touch
the hollowed hill
the red rocks
the breaths the logic

The train and the whistling
the body’s scars
the Last Suppers
the melodist
the female archer
their story’s moral

You sleep in my veins
I wake on your brow

A graft onto dawn
the forgotten sonatas
the caress after and the kiss before
the map of notional destinations

A little soil for the rain
the waiting the present self
in four strophes

The expectation suffices
the haematite in the marble
the Arab noose on the equine neck

Then the unsmiling conch
the mysterious infinite
the root’s bitterness
the serpentine eyes

Here fades the wind –
the cloak for sinners
the nipples the prickly ends
the curses and the pleasures
the denial
before you speak affirmatively

The invisible fleet on the fringes
the glamour and the viola da gamba
the eternal promises
the fairytale for the days and the pomegranates
the untouched vein of night

The sour taste
the dry bread
the water from the same glass
the audacity of the defeated
their truth and their memory

Here and there
a crumpled photograph
a child’s fear
a bandoneon
To take away the silence.




[Extract from Φωνές / Voices, © translation by David Connolly]











Vassilis Rouvalis is a Greek poet, journalist and translator, born in Athens (1969). While he was still a student of Byzantine Philology at the University of Crete, he got acquainted with the works of the Cretan Renaissance, which marked him deeply with their creative potential. He also studied Cultural Management Units at the Greek Open University.
He is journalist in newspapers (Eleftherotypia, Evening, Avgi), on the radio (Second Schedule – ERTOPEN) and television, in many cultural magazines and local newspapers as author or editor. He issued the music magazine B-Side. In 2006 he launched the e-zine (.poema..) which focuses on poetry, essays and art. He is currently the director of (.poema..) editions and editions Grafomihani.

He is the author of four poetry books; his short stories have appeared in various volumes while his articles, translations of Italian poetry and literary criticism can be found in literary journals, major newspapers and various editions.

Extracts of his work has been translated in publications, anthologies and foreign magazines: in Italian, French, German, English, Hebrew, Czech, Spanish, Serbo-Croatian, Polish.

He is member of the Journalists’ Union of the Athens Daily Newspapers (EΣΗΕΑ), Poets’ Circle and Hellenic Authors’ Society. | |


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