Ute Margaret Saine



(Germany – USA)






We are rivers

born in obscurity

We are the rivers

of uncertain shores

Rivers stretching beyond

our clavicles

We are rivers

to tarry nary a minute


that skip and jump

with and sometimes

without conviction

We are rivers

to rivet/ravish

things and lives

to wash over grief


We are rivers

born into vehement dispersion

too broad for solace

too wet to cry






Poem I write

eyes closed

I’m counting

letters and


no syllable

Strange the

tick tock of

this absent


poetic echo

A reluctant

body dreams




in disarray



P.S. Long live twitter!  But the sonnet is dying…  At this juncture, here is an obbligato 140-keystroke sonnet to commemorate the sonnet’s 14 verses.  ums






You waterlogged ones

I wish to see you together

Introduced you to each other

Perhaps you two would

Make some small talk

Reclining on the waves


What can you do for

Each other?  Don’t all

Lovers ask that first?

Orpheus would sing for

Ophelia from the rapids

While wreaths of flowers

Trail in arabesques

About his severed head and

Play around his cheeks


Ophelia would send

A diffident smile

To the poet of ecstasy

Trusting her first man

And bedding her only

Life before it was lived

Into the vibrant wetness

Of sword-like reeds

That wish her no harm


In the unperturbed embrace

There would be flowers

Ophelia with purple lips

From being so long

In water would bring

Orpheus a shrinking violet

And he would crown

Ophelia with flower stars


Both would be floating

On their bodies’ leisurely boats

Down the creek to the river

And from there to the sea

Grand embrace of nature

The indestructible life

Where all are born to die






This is an elegy for wives

Whose deeds will not engender waves

Who weave a web of secret hives

This is an elegy for wives

Words scarcely worth a bunch of chives

These women slave in hidden caves

This is an elegy for wives

Whose deeds will not engender waves











Margaret Saine was born in Germany and lives in Southern California.  She writes poetry, haiku, and fiction in five languages, in addition to translating other poets.   Her books are “Bodyscapes,” “Words of Art,” and five haiku chapbooks.  A 300-pg. childhood memoir and the book of poems, « The Ephemeral Remains, » are about to appear in Germany.  Other mss. to be published are “The Five Senses,”  « Paesaggi che respirano–Breathing Landscapes, » Reading Your Lips,” and a book of aphorisms.  Saine’s poetry has been published in Italy, Germany, India, Jordan, and the Philippines, as well as on the internet.

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