Ulrike Draesner







with little beings

translated by Iain Galbraith





lustous (she doesn’t ponounce r)

it must be big the wanding eyes: my light buns on it
hums it nods sceams looks thinks it is the little staa mixes
and finds neitha it no us the easons aa a mud
on the wellie side leaf stuck its vein thea the tee „the magpie
is flying“ black-and-white the „moon is too“ whea is the fo-est?
the invisible cat eally sits on its wist out thea whea
it went till it not beaking the jaa all-edy and does the
bown eye know its chee-eeness when like hiding
what it ………… (is)





paprika mamrika

she’s been saying r for three days and
what is it “paprika” after nursery
“mamrika” she said we raughed ran
raced: to buy a bike-ber as her prize
instead of a pink riry fairy she picked a brue
one with a mouse then we sat in a café
she had cheesecake we prayed “big girs”
in other words we conversed under
swaying prane trees for wasn’t her theatle
lole the led dlagon whose eyes wele no
longer gleen … and tord me of fire
and srithering, how wonderfur
rife was in this fawr






a gray child long-haired dark her brown face smeared white
small, delicate in loose clothing a gray fleece gray trousers
sturdy shoes a wolf-child, broad-shouldered in her way
coming down the few steps from the bus little thing still
after three day’s kindergarten trip smelling of sheep donkey earth
as if dumb-detached with her wild questing gaze
for seconds seconds a stranger she came towards me
down those steps of the bus just a few steps were a
world, after three days so strange. we needed to
find out where we were we first to move towards
each other those gluing or cementing ideas
that were visible as arms and hands between us
when i, carrying her in my arms, touched her more
she said “ow” as if i’d grown a beard
as if my wolfish beard had brushed her
my wolfish gaze.

i’d been waiting so long
i prowled







Ulrike Draesner
Poet, Translator
Website: www.draesner.de


Ulrike Draesner was born in 1962 in Munich and has been living in Berlin since 1996. She is a poet, a writer of long and short fiction and a translator of French and Anglo-American poetry (Gertrude Stein, The First Reader 2001, Hilda Doolittle, Heimliche Deutung/Hermetic Definition (2006), Louise Glück, Averno and The Wild Iris, 2007 and 2008).

Apart from numerous appearances in anthologies and magazines, she has published four poetry collections: gedächtnisschleifen / memory’s loops 1995, für die nacht geheuerte zellen/cells hired for a night 2001, kugelblitz / ball lightning 2005 and berührte orte 2008. Her first novel came out in 1998, followed by a collection of stories Hot Dogs (2004), and the novels Mitgift (2002), Spiele/Games (2005) and Vorliebe (2010).

Draesner also works as an author of essays on media and cultural change. In 2007 she published a collection of essays on writing and reading: Schöne Frauen lessen. Her multimedia collaborations include a space poem for Hong Kong, participation in various internet projects and SMS and video experiments. She has been awarded poetic readerships at the Universities of Kiel, Birmingham, Mainz and Bamberg, which were published as Zauber im Zoo / Magic in the Zoo in spring 2007, and sometimes teaches as a professor for Creative Writing at the Deutsche Literaturinstitut Leipzig. For her poetry and prose she received various scholarships (Literarisches Colloquium Berlin, Stiftung Schloss Solitude, Künstlerhaus Edenkoben, Passa Porta Brussels, among others) and literary awards, most recently the Annette-von-Droste-Hülshoff-Preis 2006 and the Literaturpreis Solothurn 2010.



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