U-Ram Choe




(Seoul, Korea)







Electric wire, metallic material, motor, hydraulic cylinder, custom CPU board, metal halide lamp 370(h) x 500 (w) x 240(d) cm. 2012









Resin,stainless steel, copper dimension variable 190(h) x 110(w) x 110(d)cm. 2012














Una Lumino

Installation view :Samsung Engineering, Seoul, 2012, CPU

metallic material, motor, LED, CPU board, polycarbonate 850(h) x 710(w) x 670(d)cm.





Arbor Deus (Tree of God)
Iron, Stainless steel, Aluminum, Resin, motor, CPU board
350(w) x 260(h) x 380(d)cm. 2010







A long long time ago, the twin planet of the earth existed beyond the sun. In the planet were living human beings like us and their civilization prospered as they were in harmony with numerous gods and goddesses of natural beings. But as the revolution of the planet around the sun slowed down, it became more distant from the sun and everything in the planet started to freeze. The people on the twin planet decided to go into the last forest left on the planet to implore the gods of trees, birds and iron to prevent their planet from growing more distant from the sun.


The iron god fixed his head on the highest branch of the tree god, and then the body of the tree god turned into solid iron. When the bird god put his womb in the iron tree, the branches put forth iron wings. As the gods who have lost their most essential parts were slowly dying, they told the human beings that after their death, this winged iron tree would give birth to three more trees, and on and on, and after a hundred years there would be countless trees to form a huge forest and they would flap their iron wings so that the earth would no longer be too far away from the sun.


They also warned the people not to let the womb of the bird god make one revolution a day. If not, the trees would spread too quickly for them to control the size of the forest. They were told that when would come the day when the planet would stop growing distant from the sun, they should throw all the trees into a melting furnace. And the gods took their final breaths. As the gods said, three more new trees sprang up per day and grew rapidly.


The human beings patiently waited for the forest of iron trees to grow bigger. One year had passed and they could not bear the harsh cold any more. They managed to force the womb of the god to revolve faster. At first, they made the womb make ten revolutions a day, but later they made a device to force it to make thousands of revolutions a day. The forest grew faster and those numberless trees made the womb make its revolution in a ferocious speed without any human help.
It took only 33 days for the winged trees to cover up the entire surface of the twin earth, and as those numerous trees flapped their wings, the twin planet finally turned its direction toward the sun.


Soon, the human beings could hear the sound of the water flowing as ices melted down and enjoy brilliant sunlight. They held a festival to celebrate their proud actions. After 11 days of festivity, the human beings woke up in the next morning and realized that the morning sunlight provided no longer just warmth. It became too strong that it could have all the things on the land burnt down. It took no more than a few days to dry out all their rivers. Even in the evening, they could not come outside due to the heat of the land that did not cool down.
Then, the gods’ warning recurred to them though rather too late that they should melt every tree away. They ran to the forest in the evening when the sun had sunken and put a chock under the womb to keep it from revolving. Then they started to fell the trees haphazardly. Thousands of trees were thrown into the furnace per day, but the number of trees did not decrease since new trees kept sprang up and grew so rapidly. It did not take long for the human beings on the planet to be all gone and their flourished civilization were lost. Even after their deaths, the planet continued to move closer to the sun, and the heat of the sun melted all of its trees away. In the end it stopped moving in the midst of the universe.








Kalpa, 2010

Installation view : bitforms gallery, New York



사방과 상하로 1유순이나 되는 철성 안에 겨자씨를 가득 채우고 100년마다 겨자씨 한 알씩을 꺼낸다. 이렇게 겨자씨 전부를 다 꺼내어도 겁은 끝나지 않는다.

또, 사방이 1유순이나 되는 큰 반석을 100년마다 한 번씩 흰 천으로 닦는다.

그렇게 해서 그 돌이 다 마멸되어도 겁은 끝나지 않는다.



Imagine a huge empty cube at the beginning of a kalpa, approximately sixteen miles on each side.  Once every 100 years, a tiny mustard seed is inserted into the cube.

This huge cube will be filled before the kalpa ends. Imagine a giant rocky mountain at the beginning of the kalpa, approximately approximately sixteen miles on each side. Every 100 years, a small piece of silk is used to wipe the mountain. The mountain will be completely depleted before the kalpa ends.





SG, 2010

Metalic material, resin, motor, gear, custom CPU board, LED
162(h) x 160(d) x 181(w)cm







Photo : Kioku Keizo


Iron heart

Metallic material, machinery, electronic device (CPU board, motor) 150(h) x 150(w) x 150(d)cm. 2006











Choe U-Ram was born in 1970 in Seoul, Korea, where he still lives and works. He received a BFA and MFA from Chung-Ang University in Seoul.

U-Ram Choe’s view: “My childhood dream was a scientist, building robots. Like any children that age, I pursued this dream watching robot animations like ‘Taekwon V’ and  ‘Mazina Z’. There’s always a doctor present in robot cartoons and he fixes them every time they are injured from battles. I wanted to be that kind of scientist. My parents drew and painted so I was unquestionably influenced by them and entered art school. My dream of becoming a scientist was completely forgotten. Then I had a chance to learn about kinetic art in college and this dream of mine revived again and naturally I became an artist producing works that I am currently doing.” Quote from interview with Mimi Anim-Nyame, London Korean Times.

His work has been exhibited at various international venues including the Asia Society Museum, N.Y. (2011); The Frist Center for the Visual Arts, Nashville (2010); Liverpool Biennial, FACT, Liverpool (2008); Asia Triennial, Manchester (2008); Mori Art Museum, Tokyo (2006); Shanghai Biennial (2006); Leeum, Samsung Museum of Art, Seoul (2004); Busan Biennial, Busan Museum of Art, Busan, Korea(2004); Museo d’Arte Moderna di Bologna, Italia(2004); and Seoul Museum of Art(1888).





2013  ‘Anima’, Borusan Contemporary, Istanbul, Turkey

2012  ‘Choe U-Ram’, Gallery Hyundai, Seoul, Korea

‘U-Ram Choe Show’, John Curtin Gallery, Perth, Australia

2011  ‘In Focus’, Asia Society Museum, New York. USA

2010  ‘New Urban Species’, Frist Center for the Visual Arts, Nashville, USA

‘Kalpa’, Bitforms Gallery, New York, USA

2008  ‘Anima Machines’, SCAI The Bath House, Tokyo, Japan

2007  ‘U-Ram Choe’, The Crow Collection of Asian Art, Dallas, USA

2006  ‘New Active Sculpture’, Bitforms Gallery, New York, USA

City Energy- MAM Project004’, Mori Art Museum, Tokyo, Japan

2002  ‘Ultima Mudfox’, Do Art Gallery, Seoul, Korea

2001  ‘170 Box Robot’, Hello Art Gallery, Seoul, Korea

1998  ‘Civilization Host’, Gallery Boda, Seoul, Korea




2013  ‘Flow, Just Flow’, University of Richmond Museums, Richmond, USA

‘DNA (Design and Art), Daegu Art Museum, Daegu,Korea

2012  ‘Korean Eye 2012’, Saatchi Gallery, London, UK

‘Google Zeitgeist 2012’, The Grove, London, UK

‘Dream Walking in the Magical Reality’,the National Museum of Contemporary Art, Gwacheon, Korea

2011  ‘Korean Eye ; Energy and Matter’, Museum of Arts and Design, New York, USA

‘The Creators Project; New York 2011’, DUMBO, New York, USA

2010  ‘Made in Popland’, the National Museum of Contemporary Art, Gwacheon, Korea

‘Printemps Parfume’, Centre des Arts d’ Enghien les Bains, Enghien les Bains , France

2009  ‘Beginning of New Era’, the National Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul, Korea

2008  ‘Made Up ; Liverpool Biennial’, FACT, Liverpool, UK

‘1st Asian Art Triennial’, Manchester Art Gallery, Manchester, UK

‘Open Space’, NTT Intercommunication Center[ICC], Tokyo, Japan

2007  ‘Sprit of Place; Genius Loci, 3th Biwako Biennale, Omi Hachiman City, Japan

2006  ‘6th Shanghai Biennale-Hyper Design’, Shanghai, China

2004  ‘Leeum, Samsung Museum of Art Opening Exhibition’, Leeum, Seoul, Korea

‘Busan Biennale’, Busan Metropolitan Art Museum, Busan, Korea

‘Chinese International Gallery Exposition’, Beijing Expocenter, Beijing, China

‘Offisina Asia’, Galleria d’Arte Moderna, Bologna, Italia

‘The Armory Show’, Pier 90 & 92, New York, USA

2003  ‘D.U.M.B.O. art under the bridge festival, DUMBO, Brooklyn, New York, USA

2001  ‘Artificial Life’, Busan Municipal Art Museum, Busan, Korea

‘Net-Plant Project’, Art Center Nabi, Seoul, Korea

1999  ‘Seoul Lumia of Century in Media’, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea

1997  ‘Gwangju Aperto – The Special exhibition of 2nd Gwangju Biennale’, Education & PR Hall, Gwangju, Korea


Awards & Residencies


2009  Residency at Doosan Art Center, New York

2009  ‘Kim se choong Sculpture Award’, Young sculptor part, Kim se choong memorial work organization, Korea ;

2006  ‘Young Artist Today Award’, Fine arts part, Korean government, Korea

2006  ‘POSCO Steel Art Award’, grand prize, POSCO TJ Park foundation, Korea






Urbanus Female




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