Tuten Hiromi Sakurai








Strange day

I look back on today

That one day has passed that like a lie

Or something like this is life

Human figure in one day

I think a long lifeIs all day

Spring to mind percolate




Strong spring breeze

The wind carries the human

With the intention of God


In this space

By the movement of the wind

Human will and mind went on a trip around the world


The wind helps birds journey

Across the lake

Over the mountain

Give life to the soul wandering in the sky





To survive the winter time

From the tip of the stem of green

Words yellow flowers bloom hopeful

The color that pops into space

The beauty that endure at any time

Given to the mind


One of Narcissus

Delicate spring breeze

In response to the light

Thought of myself

Or remain in the world




Best season of spring green shine

Leaves of wheat

Green color of the food given to the human

Gives life to humanity

More than anything

Green life that does not lose to any flower




Spring wind

Rock the light of the sun

Also bud, swaying to the pattern of the heart

Natural beauty

Notice the pattern of my mind

Nature has a big heart

There is a link in it




Green leaf color

Light of Spring

The green of the trees

Breathe life

The green that I have endured in the winter

Wrap a great life

The leaves are green

Blue sky

Across the time




Human soul stands on for thousands of years

Repeat the same thing

Now have in mind that there are

In endless space and time

The work of their own destiny given to






Plum Blossom

Tell the color of distant thoughts

Give fragrance to spring breeze

Do not forget the time now




Now I get up in the morning

In the morning ask

I do not have anymore yesterday

I now live in Precious human life is endless




Past Like A Dream

People have a lonely heart everyone

Lonely ship that can not be shared

In and out of the mystery of life

Describing the meaning in the wind




Spring sunshine

Change from day to day

The color of the light changes

Visible world will change

Flowing in the way of the world still continue to live




I look at the past

Now know of life

Look at the future

Dream of a thousand years




Spring rain

Wet with buds

Mind moisture

Gentle sound

Rain that falls at the time of youth

Spring rain

Rain never return




Spring night

I wait for the time

Quietly blossomed

Give a fragrance to heaven






Sound of spring rain

Convey the tenderness of the season

There is also a tear of the wrath of God

Nature has blessed the people

Humans have a selfish thing

Friction occurs in this contradiction




There is no end to life

Spring dreams on the ground

Put my heart in the sky

I know now




Tranquility of spring

In the mist

Wet with light rain

Look at the sky

On the road of tomorrow

Raise the Signal Fire




People live in the water planet

Drinking water in mind

Each day given

See through the light of the sun




Blue sky

Heaven and earth into the flow of time

Place the spring


The life of destiny

There are people




Moon in spring

Lonely shiningLight of life

It’s the emptiness of human mind

Plum flower show returns














1947 Born on Amami Island , Japan,

1970 The artist studied Satoru Kajino

1971 Art group « Independent Art Association » Organization

Become a disciple of the painter Kanjiro Ikeshima

1981  Personal exhibition in 0saka Shinsaibashi.

1999  Personal exhibition in Tokyo Ginza etc.

2000  NHK and Association for Aid And Relief, Japan requests, it exists in « Teddy bear exhibition of love » of sponsoring as 300 one various circles famous person, and it exhibits.

2001  Personal exhibition in NY

2004  Personal exhibition in NY

2005  Personal exhibition in NY

2009  Personal exhibition in NY

The commentary on my picture by Ed McCormack was published in « G&S ».

[GALLERY AND STUDIO] Nov/Dec2009 – Jan2010.

2012 Personal exhibition in Tokyo Kanda Seigado Gallery.



1957 Child painting Eight-time winner of the national award

1971 Mention all Kansai Art Exhibition

1972 Kansai Independent Exhibition Osaka Mayor’s Prize

1973 Belong to the Association of Independent Art Tokyo

1981 Independents


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