Tricia Savoie








Visual Artist


 “The landscape of the world around us holds the key to the rhythm of life and I envision my canvasses dancing with sunshine and light.”  ~ Patricia Savoie.





Bois D’Automne

 Oil on Canvas, 20” x 24”












Last Dance

16” x 20”








Tender is the Moment

Oil on Canvas, 11” x 14”




Whispers in the Mist

Oil on cradled wood panel, 20” x 20”









Blowing in the Wind II

12” x 16”





Singing a New Song

Painted on canvas at Bridgewater retreat

16” x 12”











TRICIA SAVOIE grew up in Montreal, Quebec, where her love of art was first kindled. As a child, TRICIA was probably inspired by the art work of her grandfather, whose charcoal and pencil sketches adorned the walls of the family home, nurturing her interest and talent. A keen eye for detail, perhaps inherited from her grandfather, was even then, much evident in TRICIA’S work.

Later on, TRICIA immersed herself even more deeply into her passion, striving constantly to acquire more knowledge and develop her talent. To this end, TRICIA attended, and continues to attend numerous art courses, first at John Abbott College in Montreal, and then studying with such well known artists as TANYA AXIUK, MARY LAMPMAN, RON LEONARD, LUCY MANLEY, BARBARA SIMMONS  and  JOHN DAVID ANDERSON.

TRICIA continues to devote much of her time to studying and learning from the works of the world’s great masters, attending international exhibits at every opportunity. Reading through art reference books on a regular basis has further increased TRICIA’S knowledge, understanding, and appreciation of a wide variety of techniques and styles. Part of TRICIA’S philosophy incorporates the belief that something can be learned from any artistic creation viewed, no matter what the medium. From this vantage point, TRICIA draws from several genres, including IMPRESSIONISM, REALISM, PHOTO-REALISM, and CLASSICAL, adopting from each to produce her own distinctive style, which may be best described as COMTEMPORARY IMPRESSIONISM.

TRICIA has a deep-rooted passion for colour and light, and a great love of the outdoors, finding herself painting “en plein air” at every opportunity, when an idyllic garden or pastoral setting presents itself. All of TRICIA’S works have a life of their own, with a subtle strength to draw the viewer right into the canvas itself, where you can find yourself peering out through the window of a quiet country cottage, following a meandering footpath into a secluded grotto, resting on a peaceful park bench inhaling the rich bouquet of a wild garden, or about to step through the rustic doorway of an abandoned mill. The scenes depicted through TRICIA’S imaginative renderings of everyday life are easily recognizable vignettes from all of our memories, and thus, all of our hopes and dreams.

In recent years, after exposing her work to her own critical standards, TRICIA has felt prepared to place her art before the public eye, exhibiting her art at several shows and exhibits, both in Montreal and the Ottawa area. Her works have been well received and her paintings now hang in collections in Australia, Brazil, France, Germany, Great Britain, Japan, Saudi Arabia the United States and across Canada.. Tricia is presently represented in two galleries:

– Art Gallery of Bancroft, Bancroft, ON

– Kanata Civic Art Gallery, Kanata, ON

Tricia has won numerous awards with The Ottawa Art Association, ECOAA,  Art East;  Nepean Fine Arts League and at various plein air art festivals.

TRICIA SAVOIE is a refreshing face in the OTTAWA art community, with an energetic, light, almost reverent appreciation and depiction of the world which surrounds us all.




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