Tamara Suskic






Where are you going?

Into the sea

Where do you think you are going?


The sun was lighting up the couch that day

You were sunbathing on the red carpet

I was blocking you the sun

While rubbing you in the sun-lotion


Your stiff face revealed


and feast

one after another





your lips stretched into tongue-tied orgasm

disappearing into oval blush dots and

sweat beads above your upper lip


staring at your small golden pendant

swinging round the neck I felt domestic and strapped


A man in a poolhall nibbling carnation

Slowly and hasty simultaneously

Peeled bananas and hairy kiwis in a bawl

Kneeling on the floor of a nearby chapel

Tourist guide foaming at the mouth





Makes you pinch yourself

And you?


In an unknown city

In an unknown valley

In an unknown tower


In a deep shade

You came


Generous and muscular





And now you made us cry

As you often do


Wanted to pull my arm out

You are a house plant





All red in face

and even more

on the stairs

it’s so hot

we imagine a lawn with an irregular

pattern of sprinklers


your soaked shirt is a floral



we cook clams

later on in hotel slippers noodles

and vermicelli


that’s right

we were in a cave





but that was a sea cave

island in an island in an island in an island


and what more do you want

meet Bill, he will be the most intense guy

you’ll ever know

all and nothing

out-of-season fruit

cool and elastic

a marvelous thing of a slowing-down


a small crucifix above tighted linen and

tip-tilted eyes

a restored painting of a woman ratted hair on the wall

your mother, once young

your hairless body in the countryside. Riding

a donkey. You in a blue dress by the road.

You jumping over the fence, a sad lake

between mountains

you with your doe-eyes lying in bathing suit

on a double bed giggling under the covers

on the ferocious parts of my body


And then he laid

In his beige uniform

On an unmade bed

With his arms and hands unfolded

As if he’s begging

Then stroking the part of the bed where

I should plant myself


I thought

How I wished he was blind


And in that moment

I knew

When I finally climb his bed

On his childish linen

(with zebras hiding in the grass)

We will both think of the mine












Tamara Suskic, graduated Italian language and literature at Belgrade University. She published two poetry books Slika jedne slagalice (Matica srpska, 2001) and
Private Show (Narodna knjiga, 2005). She is the co-author of the following anthologies Diskurzivna tela poezije (AZIN, 2004), Tragom roda smisao angazovanja
(DEVE, 2006) i 24/7 tragom ljubavi (DEVE, 2006).

She is the co-author of the following plays Diskretne zene, dekorativno dete, danska doga (Scena, 2008, nominated for the best unpublished play at the Sterijino
pozorje Festival, public reading in the Cultural center Parobrod, in Belgrade, directed by Maja Mirkovic, 2012) and Plovidba (public reading at the Sterijino pozorje
Festival, in Novi Sad, directed by Attila Antal, 2009. and at the Glej Theater, in Ljubljana, directed by Nebojsa Pop Tasic). She was published in many magazines
and anthologies, in country and abroad. Had a couple of group exhibitions of photography (the Netherlands, the USA) and featured in many magazines abroad.

Menages a tumblr: http://darklava.tumblr.com/

Lives and works in Belgrade.

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