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Are you part of the world or the whole world?

Do you exist when nobody sees you?
































Svitlana Levchenko – art photographer from Kyiv, Ukraine. Ecologist by education, but decided to save the world in another way. In general, the style of the artist can be described as a mix of aesthetics of brutality and delicate emotional femininity, diluted with subtle perversion. Specialized in working with photography, using different techniques of collage, what « completes » photo, filling it with meaning and life.


When she’s not writing about herself in the third person, Svitlana Levchenko loves the sea, shadows, books and dance with her husband and son. Credo: Creativity – the natural order of life.



Group  exhibitions

2016 – «Creative portrait», Los Angeles Center of Photography, Los Angeles, USA /#1 from “People are strange”/

2016 – Polycopies, Paris, France / ”God is an artist” book /

2016 – « 2016 days of awesome photo books », LhGWR gallery, the Hague, the Netherlands / ”God is an artist” book /

2016 – « Appropriation » (curated by Roman Pyatkovka), IPMA,  Kyiv, Ukraine / “Catwalk”, “Posh crowd”, “Thank you diary” /

2016 – « Axis »  Akt gallery,  Kyiv, Ukraine / “Catwalk”, “Posh crowd”/



Publications and printed feature

2016 – “God is an artist”, Redzet LLC, Kyiv, Ukraine

2016 – Obscurae magazine, Lenoir City TN

2016 – Bird in flight, vdohnovenie/photoshkola/ vypusknoj-albom-svetlana- levchenko.html

2016 – Kiosk of democracy, http://kioskderdemokratie. svetlana-levchenko-ukraine. html

2016 – Kiosk of democracy, http://kioskderdemokratie. artist-svetlana-levchenko- ukraine.html


2016 – The Ukranians II, Видавництво Старого Лева, Lviv, Ukraine /photo illustrations/

2015 – The Ukranians, Видавництво Старого Лева, Lviv, Ukraine /photo illustrations/

2015 – La Boussole, Odessa Ukraine




IPMA, Kyiv, Ukraine levchenkosvetlana

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