Sven Muentel



(Shanghai, China/ Hong Kong/ Berlin)


Sven Muentel was born on May 7th in Hanover, Germany. He is the Chief Creative Officer at ThisWay! Shanghai-Hong Kong, and the Chief Curator at kunst.licht Gallery Shanghai. Furthermore he teaches Spatial Design and Interactive Design at the Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts and the China Academy of Arts.

Previously Mr. Muentel was Head of Brand Environments and Head of Digital Branding at MetaDesign AG Berlin and worked as Art Director for the Art Department of Filmstudios Babelsberg. His professional expertise encompasses work for clients like the European Space Agency, Expo 2000, Audi, Volkswagen, Expo 2010, TCL, as well as German and Chinese Government Organizations.

It is the fleeting and ever shifting grey areas where art, technology and human interaction intersect and, as a result, hardware and software interface in surprising, unpredictable and (too) often unstable ways, which nurture his work and art – and get him out of bed in the morning. Well, that and a lot of Earl Grey tea.


Forgotten Gods


Soul Reaper


Sky Raft


Artefact Redux



Fading Robot Memories


Exogen 8

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