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Suzanne Bella Land, aka Trimble, is a British multi-disciplinary artist and poet based in London whose work spans across painting, drawing, sculpture, text, conceptual art, dance, live art/performance, sound-art/music, film, hypnosis and multi-media installation.  Work is in the Soho house permanent collection and select private collections across the UK, Europe and USA.  Her short film ‘Annex’, screened in Venice during Biennale 2017, showing around Europe since then, connects narration of the artist’s prose with moving image collage.  Music, art, dance, yoga and consciousness studies combine with an intensive background in Avant-garde Polish/Russian theatre under the tutelage of Leonidas Ossetynski and the legendary Jerzy Grotowski to inform her practice. Paintings have appeared in Modern Painters Magazine and Spin Magazine and critical writing includes an essay on Louise Bourgeois alongside her interview with the artist published in‘Third Text’ (Samuel Francis/Routledge 1998).

The artist appears within works by some of the innovators in modern photography, such as Matthew Rolston, Philip Jones Griffiths and David La Chapelle.  Currently Land is working on a book of illustrated poetry with intent to publish and translate into performance and other mediums.


Paintings, drawings, sculptures, mixed media, soundscape:

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