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William Butler Yeats observed that a human being cannot know himself but only embody being.  There are facts which shape a life but life itself is an eternal phenomenon.  In ancient Greece, two words were used to define life – ‘bios’ and ‘zoe’.  BIOS referred to the physical life and ZOE to the spiritual. A ‘bio’ is about the activities of physical life.




       REDHEAD IN THE MIRROR – gouache and water-based paint on silk. (in the collection of Susan Kennedy,        Dublin, Ireland.)



       Julia Pastel



       STIGMATA – gouache and water-based paint on silk



       MOTHER – oil on canvas



       DICK TASS – a painting of a Dutch concentration camp survivor I met years ago



       V.Q. – an evocation of a dear friend



       CHARTRES – an evocation of the Black Madonna in Chartres Cathedral



















Susan Tammany was born in Brooklyn, New York. Her heritage on her mother’s side is Norwegian and French; on her father’s side, Irish and American Indian. As her father was in the Army, she lived in the Far East and then England as a child, finally settling in the Washington, D.C. area for high school. She studied art at Syracuse University, earning a B.F.A. Some years later, she studied film in London and then theater in New York City, earning an M.F.A. from the New School. 


Susan has exhibited widely in the United States and Europe. Recently she has started at on-line store using her images to create unique, useful, beautiful and whimsical products. 


Her work is in the collections of Robert Weiss, Peter Martins, Mikhail Baryshnikov, Edward Villela and James Baldwin. In addition to painting, Susan has done design work for the ballet (AMERICAN BALLET THEATER, PENNSYLVANIA BALLET). Her sets and costumes for Peter Martin’s LA SYLPHIIDE were aired on PBS Great Performances. 

Susan lives in New York City.

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