Surekha Anandraya Bhat


Surekha Anandraya Bhat






World of words


Every word, a little flame, awaits my hand, a pick;

breathing day and night in my throbbing heart, its world.


Words that team in rhyme and notes, I scoop out like a wisp,

and let go, to a darkened sky – a stage for the wisp to act

a song of comfort from a mum – a tired child on lap;

Moon to cool a restless child, to dry its teary cheek;

a twinkling little star, a rhyme, a nursery kid’s book;

a vocal cord of soothing notes, a singer’s classic voice;

a literature for intellects, to dissect and discuss;

Sun with rays of newer words upon my longing heart!


Are we Your words waiting Your pick, this world your throbbing heart?

We form a Sun, sending its rays to poets wanting words?

A cooling Moon, a twinkling star, a singing vocal cord?

A book of words for intellects to learn and understand?

Do we too get a starring space, to be our Mother’s song,

Are we to team in unison, lest we should miss Your pick?




Musical words


A touch-screen on my finite head, the infinite unveils

when He graces it a divine touch – my Guru, the enlightened!


A mountain peak atop my head, a river of energy

trickling downward at its pace through all the wanting cells,

flooding them with new vigor, now every cell’s a land,

the river joins a sea of words in my heart’s singing space.


A music plays, a song composed, the rising of a sun,

rays shine bright on longing buds, free birds flying by

myriad colours in the sky, footprints on the sands,

a lively shore bubbling with life – my heart’s now infinite!


My Guru’s feet- my gratitude, I sing a thanking song

“No, not this body, that’s finite, my Light is infinite”,

the finite with the Infinite moves onward with His words,

touching many a finite head, gracing many a soul!



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Prof.Dr Surekha Anandraya Bhat is Professor in Biochemistry at International Medical School, Bangalore, India. She has been teaching Biochemistry to medical students for 20 years now. In the literary field, she is an English as well as a Hindi poet and has won awards at poetry contests at the university, national as well as international levels. She has also been in the panel of jury at many intercollegiate literary fests judging poetry and creative writing contests.


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