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Subramanian A








Nature follows a rhythm,

Voices are in communion.

Harmonious notes are revealed,

A cradle song stirred the primal man.


Primal sound sounded the octaves,

The primal cosmos was music and literature.

The primitive seeds were sown

Voices designed the logos.


Man is part of the manifold,

He discovered the undercurrents.

Thus, he unraveled his own core,

He heard his own very lore.


Language borrowed harmonious notes,

Harmonious notes borrowed languages.

Verses were born,

Lyrics were born.


Where the words fall in unison,

Where the human heart is in elation,

Music is fine lyrics, a bejeweled literature,

That is sung beyond all iambic verses.



Copyright Subramanian A, India






Upon the ears of the primeval man

Nature descended in multifarious voices,

In rhythms and patterns,

In a language known to brooks and forests;

the sprawling meads and the whispering winds.


He listened, attributions were made,

Logos, in steps were derived.

World was progressively codified,

Primal forms of language evolved,

Syntax followed, centuries witnessed.


Rhythms of nature metamorphosed-

Rhymes were gradually born.

Worded music opened a copious lore,

Verses leapt unbound from the primal heart,

In the wings of poesy, man was flown.


Words in unison followed scales,

It sounded a fine resonance.

Prose and poetry, in the liveliest semblance

Presented the music of language,

the very song of the elated heart.


That music in literature is an art,

A fine inlays work, a lace, a delicate craft.

There is a heart in every word,

A word in every heart,

Literature has a tone, mellower than the prodigious nightingale!



Copyright: Subramanian A












I am an Indian poet, hailing from the Southern part of the sub-continent Kerala.  After my graduation in 1977, I joined the State Bank of India.  Though wedded to the world of cash and accounts, my basic drives are related to the fields of poetry and literature, with science and philosophy tempering the design of my pen.  It was a long crusade with my pen.


My acquaintance with Mr. Gopakumar Radhakrishnan in 2006 took my writing career from a tottering level to this degree.  He is a man of letter and has definite visions about progressive literature and the finer elements of poetry.   So, to work with and for him became a source of inner joy for me.

Poemhunter and are two other platforms for me. Here, my pseudonym is Ravi Panamanna.


Editor  of

At the moment I am one of the co-editors of the annual releases of various anthologies, published by Xpress Publications.


My other notable achievements include

Apart from regularly bagging prizes in the annual essay competitions held by our Bank both at the Zonal and Circle level during the years 1994-99, my other notable achievements include


2nd position -The Best poets of 2007 based on poems at « Forever »

1st position – The Best poets of 2009 based on poems at « Eternal »

1st position -The Best poets of 2010 based on poems at « Change » –


1st position – Indian Railways- monthly competition – September 2013- related to Travel tourism`

5th position – I Bharath Award for literature 2014 (short stories)

under the “Highly recommended category list” –


5th position – Poesis Award – International 2014 (part of III Rabindranath Tagore Award) –


9th position – IV Rabindranath Tagore Award under the ‘highly recommended category list” –



I spend my peaceful days in the town of Palakkad with my wife and mother.  My son Anand Subramanian and his wife Sruthi are presently in USA.

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