Stevie Strang








       solar eclipse   

       the moon

       having its way

       with the sun






       in the air

       and all over

       the deck






       all the words I need

       to write





       haunted moon

       the shadow of a child

       left behind





       winter clouds

       how big we think we are

       how small 

       we really are






       if only

       I c o u l d fly








       after the war

       what’s left

       to wonder

       withering wind





       winter ocean

       pulling at the sun

       pulling at my heart











Stevie Strang is a writer, photographer, and late night poet.

A ninth generation Southern Californian, she has written short stories and poems about the land that her grandmother was raised on.  Her interests in haiku, haiga, tanka and haibun has added to the literary romance of that historical era.  Although she prefers non-fiction, she also dabbles in free verse, micro poetry and flash fiction, and is currently working on a novel.

Stevie’s work has appeared in both print and on-line publications such as Moonbathing, Ink, Sweat & Tears, Eclectic Flash, Simply Haiku, and MEMOIRS, as well as other hardback anthologies.

Her most recent chapbook is Rensaku PRINTEMPS A CAPPELLA, a collaborative work in French and English with three other authors, Luce Pelletier and Louise Vachon from Canada, and Kath Abela Wilson from the United States.

She has also authored Gently Into The Night, Amazon Kindle, JPStudioArt Press, 2006; One Chapter at a Time – Everyone Has a Story, JPStudioArt Press, 2011; The Gift, Amazon Kindle, JPStudioArt Press, 2012; Just Thoughts in a Windowless Room – yeah I’m over 50, JPStudioArt Press, 2012 and coming soon, No Stone Left Unturned, a book of Haibun, JPStudioArt Press, 2014.

Prior to her writing career she was a Doll Conservator for Museums.

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