Stella Vinitchi Radulescu







there will be voices


perhaps there will be eyes that by some miracle

escape the view of the streets

of cadavers


: the white storm of the century


of reaching hands



of a human mouth




perhaps there will be mouths that by some miracle

escape words




: the desert with its stars up for auction to the highest bidder




to name

name the stolen happiness


the bird the child the flowering meadow :


perhaps there will be voices


an echo repeating







day and night


day and night happiness rummages

through the garbage

like a homeless old woman


down to the depths of souls the war

of the roses

the withered roses ah! the unwritten

poem waits for me


on the sidewalk : some people have

already cleaned the place

with their smiles of hatred




(Translation: Luke Hankins)











Stella Vinitchi Radulescu is the is the author of numerous collections of poetry published in the United States, Romania, and France, including Last Call (March Street Press, 2005), Diving With the Whales (March Street Press, 2008),Insomnia in Flowers (Plain View Press, 2008), and All Seeds & Blues(forthcoming in Spring 2011). She has received two international poetry prizes from the Société des Poètes et Artistes de France, awarded for her books Terre Interrompue (Les Papiers de Lune, 2007) and Un cri dans la neige (Editions du Cygne, 2009). Her most recent collection is Le jour en équilibre (Editions du Cygne, 2010). Her poems have appeared in Seneca Review, Pleiades, Karamu, Louisville Review, Rhino, Laurel Review, California Quarterly, Visions, and Asheville Poetry Review, among other magazines, as well as in a variety of poetry reviews in France, Belgium, Quebec, and Romania.



Luke Hankins has served as an Associate Editor at Asheville Poetry Review since 2006. His poetry, prose, and translation have appeared or are forthcoming in The Cortland Review, New England Review, Poetry East, Southern Poetry Review, andThe Writer’s Chronicle, among other places. A chapbook of his translations of Radulescu’s poems is forthcoming from Q Avenue Press. His blog is


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