Stefan Coman



(Republic of Moldova)




       Bleu Royal – 2014 – 1000x900mm – huile sur toile – Royal Blue




       Crina – 2008 – 800x600mm – huile sur toile – Crina




       La Madone – 2001 – 950×800 mm – huile sur toile – Madonna – oil on canvas




       Liberté – 2009 – 950x1750mm – huile sur toile – Liberty



       Rêve d’été – 2014 – 1300x1000mm – huile sur toile – Summer Dream




       Serveuse – 2018 – 800×800 mm – huile sur toile – Waitress











Born in 1964, in village Haragâș, Republic of Moldova.

In 1989 graduated from school of art „I.Repin”.

Since 2004 – member of the Union of Artists from Moldova (UAP)

Award „N.N. Toniţa” for painting, Bârlad, Romania (2005)


Since 1989 to the present moment participated in individual and group exhibitions in Moldova and abroad, some of them being:


2018          Group Exhibition at the National Museum of Ethnography and Natural History of Moldova

2018          Group Exhibition LILT.ART6 at the Complesso Monumentale del Broletto, Novara, Italy

2017          Group Exhibition “Spiritul Românesc” (“Romanian Spirit”), Alba Iulia, Romania

2014          Group Exhibition “Saloanele Moldovei” (“Moldova’s Salon”), Chișinău and Bacău

2014          Exhibition at the EU, Brussels, Belgium

2012          Personal Exhibition at Ateneul in Iasi, Romania

2011          Personal Exhibition at the World Bank Office in Moldova

2011          Personal Exhibition at Alliance Française, Moldova

2011          Personal Exhibition at ”Brâncuși” Exhibition Hall of UAP, Moldova

2011          Group Exhibition “Culorile Feminităţii”, Bucureşti, Romania

2011          Personal Exhibition, Brussels, Belgium

2011          Group Exhibition in Hamme, Belgium

2009          Personal Exhibition, Lviv, Ukraine

2007          Group Exhibition in Hannover, Germany

2006          Group Exhibition in Munster, Germany

2005          Exhibition of the Union of Artists of Moldova

2004          Bârlad, Romania

2004          Moldova’s Salon,, Chișinău – Bacău

2004          Group Exhibition «Venti dell’est», Italy

2003          Group Exhibition, Italy

2003          Spring Exhibition of the Union of Artists of Moldova

2003          Moldova’s Salon, Bacău, Romania

2002          Boat Galleria D’Arte, Italy

2002          Palazzo Tornielli di Borgomanero, Italy

2002          Spring Exhibition of the Union of Artists of Moldova

2002          Summer Exhibition of the Union of Artists of Moldova

2002          Our Language, Union of Artists of  Moldova

2002          Moldova’s Salon, Chișinău – Bacău

2002          Group Exhibition «Pittori Russi e Moldavi», Italy

1999          The Permanent Representation of the IMF in Moldova, Chişinău (personal)

1997          Novara, Italy

1994          Câmpul-lung-Moldovenesc, Romania

1994          Novara, Italy

1992          Odessa, Ukraine

1990          Moscow, Russia

1989          Moscow, Russia

1988          Writers House, Chișinău, Moldova


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