Soufiane Bouchouachi









“Life’s Ode”


Life  is a candle ,

its wick is  love and light is hope

The truth is a pearl which needs a smart  diver
Unity  is  not to sit alone,

but to lose your lover
Happiness is  sadness  without  lips
Failure  is  rocks in the aroma of reality
Hatred  is flame burning in the heart of envious change it to ashes
Impossible is a  word exists in a fools world



My wish


I wish, the Moon can hear me…
To tell him my stories.
I wish, the sea  can understood my words…
to  tell  him about my dreams …
I wish the rain eases  my sadness…
to sit under it  to remove my pains …
What good , if there is nothing of my words can be realized …



From there I left


I quit   leaving behind me  a beautiful memories
I quit but I am still looking to that place
I do not want to quit that place
I left  … taking with me
Groans … Concerns. Grief
hurting me as a Hurricane
Blues waiting for me … to kill my dreams everywhere I travel
I left.. Quitting everything with nice memory
I left and everything pushes me to refuse to leave
I remembered fate. I tried to tear my passport and throw it away
But fate forced me to leave
Really it was very acrimonious. That fate

Fates were slaughtering my dreams

and send  Inconsistencies into INSIDE me
Conflicts appear within me

I live with her fates forced me to leave
I left from there taking memories of love

memories of childhood and the Beautiful place
I left but my dreams  do not leave with me
There !! I am still embracing the past
Smiles … play … Conversations
Everything happens looks as  just now is made in my heart
I tried to forget that … to forget  the LEFT
with time more and more  groans are growing
tears and  voice of your  leaving were growing up
Longings attract me to that Beautiful  place

Oh… I am still waiting for returning to that place.





Loving you


I know that the way to the impossible is very long
I love you too much…

I know that time of missing you is over

And sweet words were died, what can I say!

Nothing to say

I love you too much

I know that I live in a place and you in another
between me and you wind, cloud and lightning, thunder, snow and fire
I know, reaching to your eyes is just conceit
I know

reaching to your lips is a suicide

I feel very happy when I tear myself for you

my sweet

If they make me choose, I will choose you again

I know, I am sailing at your eye’s sea without attention

Leaving my wisdom behind me running toward my madness

Refusing to out from your love’s fire

What I do if I out from your love

It is not the matter if I out dead

I asked you:

Don’t leave me; I am NOTHING without you in my life

I love with four languages:

I love You

Je t’aime

Te quiero

Ti amo

I am the crazy lover



In short …


Stand up please
Now it is time to express frankly to each other’s
Stand up please
… You do not even know how boredom hurricane beats me,

when you are absent
for whom I complain on you ?
To the sun?

To humans?
And throughout nights, I cry when I miss looking  to the moon
No… I swear on who created the hours and days and month
I’ll stand today with you to express frankly to each other’s
Stand and ask yourself
Who among us is dead?
Who among us is ill?
Who among us a spaniel??!!
Who among us for love is tending?
Me or you?

Stand please
And you every hour threat by separation
often you carry your travel bags
Who among us can resist this humiliation and oppression?

In the hour of purity
I put my hear on your shoulders
hurting, suffering, dreaming.
I love you
I love you with all love letters
And I RAIN you with love words.

as it rains on the ground
Stand please
This is my last word





I love you
In short .











-Translator interpreter, poet, teacher

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