Savita Singh







A day in Montreal


It is raining today

There is a heap of ice

On the soul of the city

Birds are assessing

Whether or not to come out

Squirrels are nowhere though


It is raining

Melting the city carefully

As tears wash pain


It is lonely in this building

And it is raining






It is dark

Unsuccessfully dark

An eternity surrounded by

The ocean of unclear ideas


It is more than an evening now

And I, filled with bad wishes

For this world


At the moment

In the wickedness of my heart




Ruinous night


This night preys upon my dreams

A buffalo hunting me in some wild-field

Desecrating precious objects of my longing

Rebuking me


This night

Beautiful and contemptuous as death

Has entered the last hours of its betrayal












Savita Singh, a poet and political theorist has four collections of poetry published. Apart from being translated into many Indian languages, her poetry has been translated into many foreign languages such as French, German, Spanish and Dutch. She writes both in English and Hindi. She has also written fiction. She went to McGill University for her PhD. Her thesis was on the « Discourse of Modernity in India: A Hermeneutical Study. » She is a recipient of Hindi Academy Award and prestigious Raza Award for poetry. She is currently Professor in School of Gender and Development Studies, Indira Gandhi National Open University, Delhi.

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