Satyaki Mukherjee









The byway is to be covered soon

The arrival of moon — reported me.


As I reached the lonely shore

I found its too much to be covered.


Through the ocean, I went again

With nature as my guide


Am I strong enough to sustain my hopes?

And is suffering my only inspiration?


Death does not bother me,

Neither any faith;


What bothers me is what I give

And then what I perceive.




A bird from my Imagination


I want to be a Honey-king bird—


Singing through wild lands,

Crisscrossing camouflaged skies,

Yearning, for fresh nectar,

Migrating over meridians,

Passing fuming deserts,

Resting in shade of heated leaves,

Touching subtle clouds.


Finally I would reach my destination

as an escapist



For more in the endless…




Time to Change


In such an inconstant race

Why are we gridlocked?

Why don’t we endeavour for a change?


Let us make a Revolution

To repair this ramshackle mankind


Let us share—

Views, perspectives, resistance


Let us entangle them to perfection


Let hate and sin rest

in the lap of darkness


and sprout into wisdom


Let there be flames of love

Clouds of a unified doctrine.

Let us create cures for dogmas


Let the earth be reshaped.











Satyaki Mukherjee writes from West Bengal and is a avid reader. Hailing from a family of businessmen, he resides in a countryside in Eastern India, where he is presently compiling his first collection of poems.


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