Sandra Zemor



(Israël – France)



Babylone bis


It was white above

endless peace

Then she was hurt


It was blood & black

The old story

her family  in smoke

on the road of exile

she changes her name

to be a soldier

to conquer the sky

at every dawn


Now our land is red

not a refuge

no comedy

everyone has to play his part

we can’t seat & watch

the youngest on tanks

no music no birds

it’s an arrival

with no issue


There is no more symphony

no holidays for kings

parents eat their children

churches hide the Light

noise extinguished the silence

no where to go

no house to hide

bullets & iron


If God is a big architect

Massada resists

at the door of the desert

at the doors in the north

before the final extermination

when we won’t have any choice

on our knees

on our knees under the sky

but to recognize You







Sandra Zemor is working with the inks, the matter.

She is working between Venise, Paris & Tel-Aviv.




                       War Tallit




2012 Heart Beats, exhibition and installation in

the jewish Ghetto,Curator:Francesca Brandes Venezia,Italy

2011 Private House, London

2010 San Eufemia gallery, Venise

2010 Théâtre du Lierre, Paris

2008 Jerusalem drawings, Tel-Aviv, Jerusalem

2006 Galerie Waltman, Paris

2001 A tribute to Leonard Cohen, Place Furstenberg, Paris

1998 Galerie des Beaux-Arts, Paris

1997 La Petite Galerie, rue de Seine, Paris

1996 La Petite Galerie, rue de Seine, Paris

1995 La Petite Galerie, rue de Seine, Paris

1994 La Petite Galerie, Rue de Seine, Paris







2014 Berlin War Tallit, sculpture, curator Francesca Banciu

2014 Venice Palazzo Albrizzi, video art, curator Lucca Curci







2014 Zadik gallery, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

2013 Gallery Ermanno Tedeschi, Milano -Tel-Aviv, Israel

2013 Self Portraits, Nachbarschaft Gallery, Berlin

2009-2012 San Eufemia Gallery, Guidecca, Venise, Italy

2008 Salon du Livre, Paris

2007 Galerie Waltman, Paris

2005 Bella Feldmann gallery, San-Fransisco, USA

2003 The Schoolhouse gallery, New-York

2002 Centre Rachi, Paris

2001 Salon Art Paris, Carroussel du Louvre, Paris

2000 Galerie Artemim, Paris. – Centre du Livre, Nîmes

2000  The Shoolchouse gallery, Southampton, Long Island

1999 Lohamei Agetaot Museum, Israël

1998 Ramat Gan Museum, Israël

1997 Hadassa Bery gallery, Israël

1996 Salon Réalités Nouvelles, Paris

1995 Salon Réalités Nouvelles, Paris

1994 Salon Grands & Jeunes d’Aujourd’hui, Paris

1993 Librairie Forney, Prix de la Ville de Paris

Musée d’Art Juif, Paris

1992 Salon d’Automne, Grand Palais, Paris

Exodus gallery, Jerusalem, Israël









2005 The sea is my studio

2008 Endless

2012 Heart Beats

2012 Windows of silence

2013 In front of Giacometti’s studio

2014 Inks & brushes

2014 Black wedding in Stresa




2014 Leonard Cohen by Sandra Zemor

2014 Sandra Zemor, artist book

2014 The Seven Beggars, Rabbi Nachman, A. Kaplan

2013 The Lost Princess, Rabbi Nachman, A. Kaplan

2012 Song from Venezia, print in Trieste, Italy

2008 Jerusalem & la Princesse disparue

Contes de Rabbi Nahmann, Préfaces Claude

Lanzmann & Jean Baumgarten,Le Thé des écrivains – Salon du Livre –

2006 Illustration of Nacht & Nebel:le massacre des résistants. Ville de Paris

2001 Coverpage of L’épitre de L’Amour, Nadir France



Australia, Belgic, Brasil, England, France,

Germany, Greece, Israel, Italy, United States,

New-York(Collection Gideon Vaissman), Japan,

Switzerland, Taiwan.









PRAY, DRAW & SING… The Lost Princess





Visit in Sandra Zemor’s studio





Sandra Zemor meets Tal Dekel





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Sandra Zemor – September 2014





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