Sami Nasr









Among the women of the night

she was the chosen one of my heart

as broken crescent moon,

I sank in the arms of another one.

I did not find in her  the depth

or greatness,

nor beauty

of my love.

I preferred the memory!

While we chose titles

to collection of  « Essyra´s” Poems.

I saw my youth,

lonely and divested


on white sheets.

And I saw the woman,

this woman

opening days of the  horizon,

giving me a brown child

looking like me.






What does God want of my language?

I, who threw suspended questions.

I, who have given my life to him.

What does God want of my language?

Although I have dedicated

years of my life

to God,

the unfortunately transparent hours

and to the day,

the remnants engraved

on the rocks.






The night road

will be lenient with poets

through this light.

Words appears green muses

and carts filled of wine jars ….

The land will be extended

the moon will disperse,

universes which ignore the sun rays

will be disseminated,

there will no longer be bathed

by the light

among amphorae of wine,

they will ride the dawn´s  horses

and  like birds of darkness

unpublished poems hangs

over white balconies.

and on the walls.

Then it will grow an herb

that the earth has ever known.



Translated by:  Alicia Minjarez Ramírez












SAMI NASR is a Tunisian poet, writer and researcher who holds:

  • a baccalaureate degree from Tariq Qafsah secondary school in Jilma in Sidi Bouzaid Wilaya with C grade ( 1990),
  • a habilitation degree in Arabic language and literature from the faculty of literature and human sciences in Manoubah (1996),
  • a master’s degree of Arabic literature from Manoubah faculty of literature and human sciences with A grade (2012) by a thesis on “Aljassad fi shaar Mahmoud Darwich” (The body in Mahmoud Darwich’s poetry ), published / see his works below,


His other achievements are as follows:

  • He passed the competition CAPES in Tunisia and taught Arabic language as tenured teacher in Tunisia during 1999-2012 and has been working as primary school Arabic teacher in Slalah in Oman from 2013 so far.
  • He is registered at Manoubah faculty of literature and human sciences inTunisia for a doctorate degree in Arabic literature on a thesis about “ eshar essyyassi fi shaar Mahmoud Darouch” (the political evil in Mahmoud Darwich’s poetry).
  • He was taught plastic arts for a long time by great professors and took part incessantly in several collective exhibitions as he has developed his experience in plastic art through full orientation to the mediums instead of using substances as raw materials in representation.
  • He was the president of the Tunisian Association for Arabic Language in the period 2011-2015.
  • He is a member founder and chief editor of the seasonal book for culture “shaair” (the poet).
  • He won 2015 Shariqa prize for child literature for his novel “Hikkayyat Jaber Erraayi” ( the shepherd Jaber’s stories).


Here is a detailed list of his works:

  • Books:
  1. “Dakirat li-itissaa al-loghat” (Memory for language expansion), poetry, published Al-Atlassiya, Tunisia, 1996.
  2. “Anhar li-Aali A-dao” (Rivers of high light) poetry, published, Al-Atlassiya, Tunisia, 1997.
  3. “A-ssira” (the biography), poetry, published, Alithaf, Tunis 2001.
  4. Kitab Al-Hob” ( The book of love), poetry, edition Dar Sebawaih Tunisia, 2006 (Poetic work presented in association with the Tunisian painter living in Germany Hadi Abid and, with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Heritage Preservation, it has been dramatized at theatre as a play entitled “Madih Al-Bait” (the eulogy of house).It was also exhibited at the culture season 2007-2008.)
  5. “Hobot Icarus” (The descent of Icarus), poetry, published, Al-Atlassiya, Tunisia, 2008.
  6. Aoudat Orphieus” (The return of orphieus), poetry, a paper for publication, Tunisia, 2008.
  7. “Al-Ayat Al-Okhra” (The other verses), novel published, Kitabouna, Libnan 2010.
  8. “Al-Aicha Al-Akhir” (The last dinner), a play, published, Albouraq edition, Tunisia, 2010.
  9. “Aghla Ma Fi Qalbi” (the most precious in my heart: the homeland), poetic collection for children and youths, al-shabab edition, 2013, Tunisia.
  10. “ Aaqd Al-Yasmine” (a necklace of jasmine), poetry, published in common with the poet Samir ELMASTIRI, copyshop edition, tunis, 2008 ( Fifty short poems in Arabic and a collection of French poems) .
  11. “Aarabat Li-Khail Al-Asatir” ( A carriage of myth horses), poetry,limited first edition, NASR Sami publications, Tunisia, 2012.
  12. Aljassad fi shaar Mahmoud Darwich” (The body in Mahmoud Darwich’s poetry) Eros and Thanatos, research paper, Dar Kounouz Al Maarifa edition, Jordan, 2014.
  13. “Hikkayyat Jaber Erraayi” (The shepherd Jaber’s stories), novel for pupils, Dar Waraq editions, Emirates, 214.
  • Poems in books:
  1. “Barada” (Barada), poetry, Dar Clapas edition, France, 2006. (Poem in Arabic and French languages translated into French by Safiya triki and illustrated by the French painter François Romar.
  2. “Am-Amtar” (the rains), poetry, Dar La stansa del poeta edition, Italy 2006 ( a poem in Arabic, French and Italian languages: translated in French by Asia Esskhairi and into Italian by the Italian poet joseppie napolitani who has also introduced and published the book.
  • Introducing some other books:

“Zorba Al-younani” (Zorba the Greek) by Nikos Kazantzakis, a novel translated into Arabic by Oussama ASSBAR, Masciliana Editions, 2014.

“Inqitaat Al-Maout” (Death with Interruptions) by José Saramago, a novel translated into Arabic by Saleh AALMANI, Masciliana Editions, 2014.

“Akhodak w Ahmilok Baaidan” (I’ll steal you away) by Niccolo Ammaniti, a novel translated into Arabic by Abdelmajid MOUAAWIYA, Masciliana Editions, 2014.

– “Washm Al-Joudran” (tattooing walls), a collection of poems written by Ahmed JAHFALI, Dar Alghsham editions, Oman 2015.

“Inchighal Al-ghaim” (Cloud concerns), a collection of poems written by Ahmed Mohamed Elmaachani, Dar Alghsham editions, Oman 2016.

  • Publication of seasonal book in a series:
  • a collective periodical called “shaair” (the poet):
  • Number 1, Winter issue 2013, Tunis, Dar Althqafya editions.
  • Number 2, Autumn issue 2013, Tunis, Dar Althqafya editions.
  • Double Number 3 and 4, issue 2013, Tunis, Dar Althqafya editions.
  • Number 5, issue 2015, Tunis, Dar Amal Aljadida editions.
  • Number 6, issue 2016, Tunis, Dar Amal Aljadida editions.
  • Other related books :
  • A critical book entitled “Poeticalness in NASR Sami’s poetry: The descent of Icarus as a sample” written by Hakim QAALOUL, Dar Althqafya editions, Tunis 2004.
  • A recent critical book entitled “revolutionary and poetical features in NASR Sami’s poetical works: “Aarabat Li-Khail Al-Asatir” (A carriage of myth horses), written by Hakim QAALOUL.
  • A current book on “Textual backgrounds and their interactions in NASR Sami’s poetical collection: “Safar Al-Bouazizi”(BOUAZZIZI’s departure) authored collectively by D.HADIYA Salmi, D. MOUMNI Bouzaid, D. Sanaa SLIMANE SAID, Rachid TALBI, Dikra BENSALEH, Hakim QAALOUL, Loubna KHACHA, Nabil JAMIL.SEIFEDDINE Aloui, FATIMA Brahmi.


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