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It’s in the art of inter connecting inside the outside. ~ rbf




Roxanne Brousseau Felio has exhibited on location and internationally. Her debut solo exhibit called MsPerceptions in Ottawa, Canada connected artists remotely internationally live through a multi-cam projected art happening where artists were invited to re-interpret her artworks on exhibit via remote studios in the USA and Norway. The interconnectedness of visitors on location in the gallery and artists online expanded the experience to new levels of collaborative art in the moment. She founded which engaged artists in projects across the global community to create and share their art. Her weekly series of video productions on the top 10 International artists were featured on the Saatchi UK Online Magazine. CNN TV International conducted an interview and featured her project Greening the Infrastructure, a collaborative of 38 artists internationally for Earth Day. (CNN TV International) .
She has exhibited artworks in New York, Estonia, Los Angeles, Slovakia, and Australia and has produced online events with her collaborative partner, artist _8_O_8_ via their online art studio LIVE@_8_O_8_ connecting creatively hundreds of artists from over 50 countries in the past 5 years.

































Roxanne Brousseau Félio, born in Ottawa, Canada. Lived in the USA for 10 years between Texas and Los Angeles working in the Film/Television Production Industry.
Graduated with a Master’s in Educational Media Technology at Texas A&M University. B.Ed. and B.A. in Communications and Teacher Education at the University of Ottawa.
After several years of teaching and mentoring students, she co-authored a book The Young Civil Engineer while facilitating Art Factory, an outreach program for homeschoolers to explore art and resources. She mentored students through her own company called YKM, Inc. (Youth Knowledge Management) empowering them to produce their own Multiple Intelligences student portfolios. She began pursuing her art in 2007. She is represented by LACDA (The Los Angeles Center for Digital Art) where she has exhibited her artwork.

Artwork featured ‘In Your Face’. (Los Angeles Center Digital Art) Over 80 represented artists who have exhibited over the years shown in this international effort that includes prints, video, interactive media and more. Retrospective artists gallery

DUSSELDORF, GERMANY OCTOBER-DECEMBER 2011 International ~ 100-days-of-art
In association w/the women artists of Dusseldorf/Germany Celebrating anniversary of Louise Bourgeois/Paris France

LOS ANGELES (LACDA) MAY-JUNE 2010 Selected in Top 40 International Juried Art Show

ESTONIA: January 2010, The Castellan House Gallery. Photography exhibit on the theme of « Curious about the World’. One of four participating artists: Anthony Andrea – Estonia, Takaki Hashimoto – Japan, Lea Tomson – Estonia, Roxanne Brousseau Félio – Canada

OTTAWA, CANADA: July 30-August 25, 2009, Solo Show ‘Ms Perceptions’. (Original paintings on exhibit at Trinity Art Gallery, Shenkman Arts Centre,: OMG News, i Glasses, Theatre4U, Imaged, PartiQlar, Compassion, Avian Love, Ahmeds Tear, i-Sore). Combined online projected video stream on location in Ottawa via studio 8O8 with international artists creating artworks and interacting live based on works featured in show.
LOS ANGELES October/November 2009 and 2008 « Snap to Grid Annual Open International Digital Art Exhibit, LACDA, Group Show. (Works on exhibit: Imaged and Point of View.)
AUSTRALIA June -August 2008 Int’l. Group show ‘Ship of Fools’, check out blog for details: Live Online via video stream, a collaborative artwork created digitally with sculptural work with core artists from Studio _8_O_8_.

ROCKLAND, CANADA June 2008 Allée des Artistes, Fête du Centenaire de Rockland. Ship of Fools, 100 Ships in the Making, Community Connections, Video.

ESTONIA April/May 2008 What a Dream exhibit at the Soo Soo Gallery. Group Show.(Work on exhibit painting called ‘Tsunami’).

NEW YORK CITY December 2007 Small Rays of Hope and Fragments of a Larger Idea,
Rhonda Schaller Studio. (Work on exhibit: Mobile Sculpture ‘Forgiveness’). Group Show.

SLOVENIA September 2007 Art 4 Nothing







Roxanne continues to develop and produce art happenings online live with artists internationally via their remote artist studios. She also serves as Director on the Board of The National Press Club of Canada. Her studies and research are ongoing in the field of E-Learning, Fine Arts and Emergent Technologies.
She lives and works in Rockland, Ontario, Canada.

She runs several sites:
Absolute Arts




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