Ron Whitehead







comes night and wind


she dreams for the desert , the Indian land:

to live in a hut, drift to sleep

warmed by the fading wolf song.


she makes six-foot manly vases

and paints them naked with bird and animal heads.


times at night

she puts down the clay

and plays her violin: accompanies the wolf.


comes wind,

weaves the night, violin, wolf song.


comes wind,

weaves the night, violin, wolf song.



The Dance


we wear these garments

dwell in these temples

briefly we are

short lived temporary

sun worshippers we

are delicate pale

pink blossoms on

Van Gogh’s almond tree

our fine attire covering

bones dancing bones

the bones of life

loving bones

bones in love

the dance

a waltz fragrant

spring wind carries

us to the end

of the night



copyright (c) 2012 ron whitehead











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