Ron Whitehead




he dreams for the desert


he dreams for the desert the indian land

to live in a hut drift to sleep warmed

by the fading wolf song he makes six foot

womanly vases paints them naked with bird

and animal heads times at night he puts down

the clay plays his violin accompanies the wolf

comes wind weaves the night violin wolf song

comes wind weaves the night violin wolf song

copyright (c) 2011 RW


i’ve nearly recovered from 3 recent near death experiences. working again on nearly hundred creative projects with folks round world but slowing my pace. will continue to do readings/performances each year, for pay, mostly in other cities & countries, & with no or minimal accompaniment. will continue to do some editing & publishing, for pay, under the Published in Heaven banner. plus friends Howard & Nancy Wilson & I have started new limited edition handmade Published in TAO press. new cell 502 396 5141. leave message.


email my hermitage: Ron Whitehead, 919 Cherokee Road, Louisville, Kentucky 40204 usa. I’ve signed back on main facebook page (too many friends round world & too much new work not to) also still facebook fan clubs plus Nick Storm’s Outlaw Poet facebook site. He’s producing 2-hour bio documentary on me. Searching for new webmaster, order copy of my 21st book/31st cd/dvd The Storm Generation Manifesto and on parting, the wilderness poems from Holland Brown Books, I’ve completed several films, books, cds which will be released in coming weeks, months, years. plus I will be working to complete half dozen books I’ve been working on for years. I thank everyone. You are all blessings and teachers!





I’m going straight bought myself a flat top
haircut so stiff I can carry a tray of martinis

waiting on people someone to open up her
purse and give me a tip cause I don’t have

a clue anymore as to what’s going on but
I do know that I’m one step ahead tapping

my own phone to hear myself talking with
people who used to be my friends listening

so I can correct myself before they do and
I’ve got a surveillance camera in my abandoned

car across the street watching myself replaying
the tape so I can see if I’m acting funny before

they catch me doing something I shouldn’t
like yesterday I spotted myself walking too

fast and I heard myself talking too loud yes
I’ve got the deep fear paranoia anxiety despair

and suicide blues but I’m making sure I don’t
do nothing else wrong cause I done screwed

up so many times I cornered myself into a
backstreet deadend alley of paranoia and every

time I hear an airplane or helicopter or car
door slam I know The Secret Service the FBI

and the IRS Swat Teams have finally arrived
cause I published a poem by the President of

The United States of America without his
fully conscious permission and I’m sure I

haven’t paid enough taxes cause I’ve got no
income yet somehow I keep on doing things

like eating every once in a while and paying
a light bill or two but how do I do it they’re

gonna ask what’s the source of your income
and how come you don’t come to see us

anymore so yes I’ve become a little jumpy
but I’m staying one step ahead tapping my

own phone videotaping my every move
watching myself day and night replaying

the tapes cause I got a bad bad bad case
of the deep fear paranoia anxiety despair

and suicide blues


copyright © 2011 RW


« The only way to deal with an un-free world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion. »  Albert Camus


« the bone man dances circles round the subterranean gloom paints pink and blue and purple until he fills the room with the smell of roses and a pandemonium mooon »   the bone man


« Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken. » Oscar Wilde


« vex the world »  Jonathan Swift


« Forget safety. Live where you fear to live. Destroy your reputation. Be notorious. I have tried prudent planning long enough. From now on, I’ll be mad. »  Rumi


« Love has no expectations no conditions. Love is conditionless. Love is. Love. » the bone man 


Ron’s newest book(20th)/cd(30th)/dvd(1st)/videos(4) THE STORM GENERATION MANIFESTO and on parting, the wilderness poems now available







Oh Nameless


Oh Great Mystery

Oh Oracled Parnassus

Oh Good True Beautiful Absolute Ultimate Reality

Oh Godhead Oh God Oh Yahweh

Oh Creative Forces of The Universe

Oh Brahma Oh Para-Atma

Oh Beloved Oh TAO

Oh Nirvana Oh Womb Of Dharmas

Oh Suchness Oh Endless Void Oh Clear Light

Oh One Mind Oh Eternal Way

Oh Nameless Great Mystery

Oh Unknowable Oh Unnameable

Oh Great Unknown Oh Subtle Invisible Elemental Nature

Oh Inseperable Oh Clear Radiance

Oh Immaculate Void Oh Ecstatic Bliss

Oh Infinite Love Oh All Embracing Unity

Oh Sublime Lightning Oh Rolling Thunder

Oh Great White Pure Electrical Light Energy

Oh Sacred Quest Oh Life Journey Birth Death

Oh Great Spirit Oh One Whirling Song Poem Oh OHM

Oh One Soul One Being Oh Beyond All Names

Oh All and Everything Oh One Storm

Oh One Continual Perpetual Inevitable Change

Oh One Limitless Singing Band of Angel Poets

I Surrender My Will to You I Love You With

Unconditional Love I Long to Be Eternally One With You

But I Am Lost I Know Nothing I See Nothing

Blind Mindless Failure My Great Success

Please Please I Pray Please I Pray

In Every Atom of My Being I Pray

Show Me The Way in Every Final Fleeting Moment

Guide and Direct Me Guide Me

And in The Alchemical Shamanic Poetry of Sorcery

In The Great White Lightninged Light

I Will Listen to My Heart to My Soul I Will

Heed Your Guidance I Will Follow Obey Your Will

I Thank You Thank You and I Pray

I Pray With Overflowing Gratitude I Pray

In Your Nameless No Name Thank You I Pray

Thank You For Each Moment Event

Person Being Past Present Future

Thank You For This Opportunity

To Grow My Soul Thank You

Oh Nameless Oh Nameless Oh Nameless

With Overflowing Heart I Thank You Thank You

Oh Nameless I Thank You Thank You Thank You

copyright (c) 2011RW



the physics of solidity
ha… aha… solidity…  time… safety…/the greatest illusions… maya… we are/
all dancing energied atoms whirling/in notime cause well even before/
these this words word be written spoken/out of my pen my mouth they/
it be gone so where are we/really…who knows…ask/the wind…we are
all/and everything is but one vast/fleeting memoried breath…/a vapor
drifting into the distance…/now forever gone gone gone…/the physics/
of solidity brings me the gift of immediate distant resonant laughter…/
i constantly bid farewell.   


aha, 11/25/11 





etching ourselves into being


let us dear sweet beloved let us

start now in this breatless moment

this fleeting already forever gone

moment eternal presences every

breath the last eternal presences

every moment the last beloved

dearest sweetest lover we’ve

already gone vanishing vanishing

gone breath breate deep relax hold

briefly slowly sweet lotus rose ah

aha your lotus rose scented sensuous

breath hair your translucent lotus rose

petal incense sandalwood soft nature

scented sensual sandalwood incense

sandals wood barefoot walking wandering

sandy beaches wild grass snake charmers

we lotus poppie rose petal shanai cobra

rattlesnake charmer mesmerizers dance

at our feet cobra rattlesnake shanai dance

swoop weave make love birth blue racers

shanai whirling hypnotic spice cobra

rattlesnake blue racer charmers we be

real magic spice eyes turquoise desert

sea see deep into our eyes believe we

are we be lotus poppie rose petal incense

candles aromaed ah aha yes we drift float

down down gently caress down rose aroma

erogenous zones all bleed rose petals heart

flowers bloom wild roses fill the room

pandemonium wild roses full whirling

dervish wild roses dance over round

pandemonium shanai cobra rattlesnake

blue racer midnight full flush labia shanai

pulsing labia pandemonium lotus moon

full wet throbbing dripping moaning singing

egyptian moroccan desert moon sands

oasis crystal clear water coconuts palm trees

palms sweat wet naked desert breeze gentle

moaning her pulsing moon full night we waltz

down the holy mountain down we go van gogh’s

almond petals soft breeze waltz go down the

mountain oasis bound your crystal river found

we swim there naked rose beings translucent

night caress the full moon shines through us

dive further waltz on down kiss the scented wet

air between rainbow thighs we dance the eros

thanatos bone dance of love of death death lovers

bone woman bone man we dance circles round

your subterranean almond lotus poppie rose

labia layered meditation pool of garden love

we waltz the first the last supper last supper

voluptuous meal crumbling we whisper down

whisper strange flower words never heard

nor spoken ever before we love whisperers

we don’t know this strange fruit ripe language

love overflows your labia drips runs to our

toes into desert sands oasis mysterium land

this occult unknown language dark undiscovered

till now our hearts explorers scouts fearlessly

going beyond all boundaries seeking finding

new languages love our hearts cry tears rivers

of pain of ecstasy of joy happiness beyond

all measure meer dan woorden indeed pools

emerge our hearts converge our rivers now

a pearled sea translucent moondance mystery

rhythmed palm trees breathe sway waltz this

fleeting orchestral pandemonium nature symphony

night gone moment night bright undecipherable

language poems songs words fractaled fragments

six foot womanly vases with bird and animal heads

dance waltz the night only our hears comprehend

the deep significance of this unknown dream tongued

beauteous desert night oasis pandemonium full

palm tree almond lotus poppie rose petaled sandalwood

incense pulsing labia desert night now no words no

whispers aboriginal indigenous i kiss i lick your leprosy

i eat i drink your sins on this desert night we come clean

we communicate telepathically through the deep pooled

touch of our broken fingers with blind eyes we know

understand this strange language our hearts speak dance

our twisted fingers bleeding tongues move waltz without

speaking uttering blind we see clearer than ever we feel

without touching deaf we listen hear without hearing and

though we stand apart two souls singing hearts two bodies

two beings we are more one than any two have ever one

been one one almond lotus poppie rose petal drift waltz

gentle touch fleeting breath kiss salty sea spring breeze

let go release your last gasp pink breath let go gently

go now this moment gone the time finally arrived closing

time come birthing breathing gasping living the journey

dying vanishing here gone here what terrible beauty hold

me let go hold me stay i love you goodbye dark blue

mystery paradox river alchemical crucible ferrymother

ferry flow river of fire go synchronous moment gone dear

sweet beloved lover friends let us join hands begin love

arms love embrace dance breathe softly whisper breathe

gasp gasp sing sing whisper poem song lullabies rejoice

redemption resurrection songs rejoice beloved celebrate

break empty wine glasses bottles celebrate every fleeting

moment this precious bejeweled final fleeting levitating

naked over the open sarcophagus upper chamber of the

great crystal tipped golden pyramid already gone bone dust

dance now oh gift of life here gone lightning waltz slowly

never touching the floor let us sweetly hold each other

gently kiss drink the holy sacred wedding feast red wine

from our tender pale pink red lips the kiss eros thanatos

let us etch ourselves in this final already gone closing time

last waltz last call last dance drink savor this purple sunrise

angel song kiss last holy ghost spirit chant sacred dance

the last kiss a breathless gasping moment let us etch ourselves

disappearing lines molecules atoms energy patterns whirling

sufi dancing love lighting up dark space heavens rainbow

night let us dance etch ourselves into being let us explode

one last time stars we are lightning lightening the night sky

let us dance be take my hand let us dance dance my dearest

sweetest almond lotus poppy rose petal darling i love you

let us dance into and beyond the night waltz embrace waltz

without touching the desert floor let us kiss softly the last kiss

as we sail on sail on beyond all beyonds cross all deserts all

seas together sail on sail on sweet rose i love you sail on

copyright (c) 2011 RW



the physics of solidity

ha… aha… solidity… time… safety…/the greatest illusions…maya…we are/
all dancing energied atoms whirling/in notime cause well even before/
these this words word be written spoken/out of my pen my mouth they/
it be gone so where are we/really…who knows…ask/the wind…we are
all/and everything is but one vast/fleeting memoried breath…/a vapor
drifting into the distance…/now forever gone gone gone…/the physics/
of solidity brings me the gift of immediate distant resonant laughter…/
i constantly bid farewell.


aha, 11/25/11 





I Will Lick Your Leprosy

The Storm Generation Manifesto
prayer for the modern traveler


as Kentucky indigenous aboriginal hillbilly

germ eater sin eater virus eater wandering shaman

i will lick your leprosy and make you

whole again that is if you want it if

you want to be healed to be whole again

every night before i go to sleep i drink from

a huge glass of anxiety ridden fear i eat your

sins and mine as dried up rattlesnake blood bars for breakfast

i mix your pathetically weak word computer viruses

with my blood of Christ blood of the poet

wedding feast red wine with holy spirit yes

i was there still am wherever i am church is we are

are all dirty potatoes swirling swimming

in whiskey wine sherry port barrels banging clanging

into each other and the more we bang

by sharing the poems stories songs photos films of our lives

the more we come clean the more we recognize

our common ground recognize we all be one being

yes bring me your germs your sins

your viruses your brokeness your anger your

fear your doubts your worries your leprosy and i will

levitate over the open sarcophagus i will ride in the horse drawn

carneval hearse coffin transforming transmuting all

your our fears into the common ground of unconditional love love

i am we are the lightning the thunder

we are God’s open nerve God’s open nerve

we are the storm generation we are the storm the storm

i will lick your leprosy we are the storm the storm stom

we tip our hats to the lost and the beat
we go our own way
we are the storm generation
we are the fucking storm
we are a new generation of artists
we are poets writers painters sculptors composers musicians singers dancers playwrights filmmakers
we are creative expression
we blow away lies and injustice
we are graphic
we are honest
we tell it like it is
we are fierce
we are brutal
we are compassionate
we are gentle
we are kind
we have soft hearts
we are free
we are spirit
we are sex
we dwell in the realms of the creative imagination
we are the creative imagination
we know that the shortest distance between two points is creative distance
we pay attention to the long forgotten wisdomed voices of the forest
we vanquish the overtly materialistic greedy who intentionally destroy mountains
we honor mountains and oceans and eagles and wolves
we cherish mother earth and all her terrible beauty
we are non-violent spiritual warriors
we are lightning
we are thunder
we are songed poems
we are fearless visionary poets
we have wolf eyes
we are more than the eye of the storm
we are the fucking storm
we refuse
we will not bow down
we will never give up
we are God’s open nerve

we are The Storm Generation
i will lick your leprosy storm leprosy storm storm storm

copyright (c) 2011 RW






by His Holiness The Dalai Lama & Ron Whitehead

Never give up
No matter what is going on
Never give up

Develop the heart
Too much energy in your country
Is spent developing the mind
Instead of the heart
Develop the heart

Be compassionate
Not just with your friends
But with everyone
Be compassionate

Work for peace
In your heart
And in the world
Work for peace

And I say again
Never give up
No matter what is going on around you
Never give up

copyright (c) 2011 RW




 the physics of solidity

ha… aha… solidity… time… safety…/the greatest illusions…maya…we are/
all dancing energied atoms whirling/in notime cause well even before/
these this words word be written spoken/out of my pen my mouth they/
it be gone so where are we/really…who knows…ask/the wind…we are
all/and everything is but one vast/fleeting memoried breath…/a vapor
drifting into the distance…/now forever gone gone gone…/the physics/
of solidity brings me the gift of immediate distant resonant laughter…/
i constantly bid farewell.


aha, 11/25/11 






The Dance


we wear these garments

dwell in these temples

briefly we are

short lived temporary

sun worshippers we

are delicate pale

pink blossoms on

Van Gogh’s almond tree

our fine attire covering

bones dancing bones

the bones of life

loving bones

bones in love

the dance

a waltz fragrant

spring wind carries

us to the end

of the night




copyright (c) 2011 RW



the physics of solidity

ha… aha… solidity… time… safety…/the greatest illusions…maya…we are/
all dancing energied atoms whirling/in notime cause well even before/
these this words word be written spoken/out of my pen my mouth they/
it be gone so where are we/really…who knows…ask/the wind…we are
all/and everything is but one vast/fleeting memoried breath…/a vapor
drifting into the distance…/now forever gone gone gone…/the physics/
of solidity brings me the gift of immediate distant resonant laughter…/
i constantly bid farewell.   


aha, 11/25/11 







the roaring city

is the buddah’s golden speech

the waves in the distance

are the buddah’s pure luminous body

how many thousands of poems

how many songs

will flow through us tonight

and when the songbird sings at dawn

we won’t be able

to repeat even one word



copyright (c) 2011 RW


he physics of solidity

ha…aha…solidity…time…safety…/the greatest illusions…maya…we are/
all dancing energied atoms whirling/in notime cause well even before/
these this words word be written spoken/out of my pen my mouth they/
it be gone so where are we/really…who knows…ask/the wind…we are
all/and everything is but one vast/fleeting memoried breath…/a vapor
drifting into the distance…/now forever gone gone gone…/the physics/
of solidity brings me the gift of immediate distant resonant laughter…/
i constantly bid farewell.   


aha, 11/25/11 





Ron Whitehead’s brief Bio:   


Ron Whitehead is poet, writer, editor, publisher, organizer, scholar, professor.


He grew up on a farm in Kentucky. He attended The University of Louisville and Oxford University. As poet and writer he is the recipient of numerous state, national, and international awards/prizes including The All Kentucky Poetry Prize, The Yeats Club of Oxford’s Prize for Poetry, and many others. He was nominated, twice, for The Pulitzer Prize. In 2006 Dr. John Rocco (NYC) nominated Ron for The Nobel Prize in Literature. He was recently inducted into his high school’s (Ohio County High) Hall of Fame, representing his 1968 graduating class.   Ron has taught college/university for 20 plus years at The University of Louisville, Spalding University, St. Catharine College, Jefferson Community College, and Bellarmine University. He has presented numerous talks, lectures, and writing workshops around the world at colleges, universities, and institutions which include Trinity College (Dublin, Ireland), The University of Iceland (Reykjavik, Iceland), The University of Braga (Braga, Portugal), The University of Nijmegen (Nigmegen, The Netherlands), New York University (New York, New York), Hofstra University (New York, New York), The University of Louisville (Louisville, Kentucky), The University of New Orleans (New Orleans, Louisiana), and many more.   In 1992 Ron and Kent Fielding founded The Global Literary Renaissance, a non-profit organization, supporting the global literary (& all arts) community. Ron was Director of the Global Literary Renaissance for 14 years.   Ron has produced 3,000 music and poetry events throughout Europe and the USA including many 24, 48, 72 & 90 hour Non-Stop Music & Poetry INSOMNIACATHONs plus he produced The Official Hunter S. Thompson Tribute (featuring Hunter, Johnny Depp, Warren Zevon, Roxanne Pulitzer, David Amram, Hunter’s mother, Virginia, & son, Juan, & many others), the London International Poetry & Song Festival (with Richard Deakin, 2001 & 2008), The New York City Underground Music & Poetry Festival (with Casey Cyr, David Amram, Nora Roberts, & Steve Dalachinsky, 2000), The Netherland’s 10-day International Meer Dan Woorden Festival (with Jan Pankow), LIVE at THE RUD Benefit Concert (with Jim James, of My Morning Jacket plus Carl Broehmel, Sarah Elizabeth, and Andy Cook), plus many many more. After he produced INSOMNIACATHON 2008 (April 2008) he  retired from producing events but has since produced many other events including the 1st ever International GONZO FESTIVAL @ The Monkey Wrench in Hunter’s hometown of Louisville Kentucky. The 2010 event featured Anita Thompson, John Yarmuth, Frank Messina, and numerous other poets writers speakers singers musicians bands artists films. Cameron Crowe and Nancy Wilson featured a poem by Ron on the back cd soundtrack cover for Cameron’s film ELIZABETHTOWN. 

Although Ron plans on traveling the world more than ever presenting performances/readings/talks plus doing more and more film work writings and recordings he hopes to have finally retired from producing events which in many ways are similar to attempting to herd cats. ha. the amount of non-stop 24/7 energies before during and after production has nearly killed Ron several times.

Ron has edited, published, and recorded over 2,000 titles including work by His Holiness The Dalai Lama, President Jimmy Carter, Seamus Heaney, Jack Kerouac, David Amram, Diane di Prima, Lucien Stryk, Allen Ginsberg, John Updike, BONO, Frank Messina, Yoko Ono, Andy Warhol, Amiri Baraka, Rita Dove, Thomas Merton, Wendell Berry, Edvard Munch, William S. Burroughs, Hunter S. Thompson, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Gregory Corso, Herbert Huncke, James Laughlin, Douglas Brinkley, Lee Ranaldo, Robert Hunter, Anne Waldman, Ed Sanders, David Minton, Bob Holman, Cathal O’Searcaigh, Eithne Strong, Theo Dorgan, Jim Carroll, Casey Cyr, Denis Mahoney, Steve Dalachinsky, Jean Genet, Jan Kerouac, Christopher Felver, Brother Patrick Hart, Robert Lax, Rob Zoschke, Sarah Elizabeth, Michael Pollock, Olafur Gunnarsson, Jim Irsay, Norb Blei, Michael Madsden, John Ventimiglia, Colin Shaddick, Jan Pankow, Gerald Nicosia, Dan Barth, Attila Gyenis, Duncan Barlow, Gray Zeitz, Nancy & Howard Wilson, Bragi Olafsson, Jim James, Zoe Artemis, W. Loran Smith, Susi Woods, Brett Eugene Ralph, Mark Reese, Danny O’Bryan, Jeffrey Lee Puckett, Ed McClanahan, Jordan Green, Annie McClanahan, Rani Newman, Dylan Whitehead, Birgitta Jonsdottir, Scott Mertz, Richard Taylor, Guy Mendes, Mama Ya, Louis Bickett II, Frank X Walker, Crystal Wilkinson, Todd Autry, Roz Newman, Helina Berryman, Christian Hansen, Andy Cook, Jen Burks, J. B. Wilson, Tyrone Cotton, Belinda Mason, Jim Wayne Miller, Leon Driskell, Joe Slavin, Suzette Henke, Sarah Epstein, Harald Naess, Richard Kain, Chief Arvol Looking Horse, Brother Paul Quenon, Frederick Smock, Annalisa Papaleo, Xavier Noel, Stephen Donaldson, Mickey Hess, Emilia Filocamo, and many many others.   Ron’s work has been exhibited round the world from New York City to Louisville to New Orleans to San Francisco and from India to Czech Republic to Italy to Portugal to Ireland to The Netherlands to Iceland and beyond. The UN/UNESCO « Poetry On The Peaks » program selected The Dalai Lama/Ron Whitehead « Never Give Up » message/poem poster as its theme for 2002. Thousands of copies were donated and shipped to cities, mountain villages, Buddhist, and other communities, groups, and organizations round the world. The « Never Give Up » poem has been published in numerous publications including NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC, a book by His Holiness The Dalai Lama, and many others. Ron’s « Never Give Up » poem can also be found on t-shirts, cards, posters, and banners all over the world.    For the past 20 plus years Ron has been not only living but being his dream GOing non-stop on fire producing birthing creativity in all its manifestations. He is the author of 21 books and he has work on more than 30 CDs plus dvds and numerous videos. He is getting more and more involved in all aspects of film work. His 21 BOOK titles include:

THE STORM GENERATION MANIFESTO and on parting, the wilderness poems which also includes a cd and dvd plus 4 new videos (available on internet) published by Gill Scott Holland’s Holland Brown Books and available via 

WESTERN KENTUCKY: Lost & Forgotten, Found & Remembered (with Sarah Elizabeth)
THE THIRD TESTAMENT: Three Gospels of Peace (with art by Lawrence Ferlinghetti & David Minton), three volumes, originally published by Hozomeen Press, now available in one book
BEAVER DAM ROCKING CHAIR MARATHON, books 1 & 2 in one volume

PRAYERS for THE MODERN TRAVELER, the last great truthtellers, nada (completed 3/11)  

4th person singular: THE ADVENTURES of BRAIN MAN (work in progress) Dangerous Places to Have Sex in Kentucky, The Black Mink Ballet (autobiographical work in progress)
GROWTH OF THE SOUL: Kentucky, Where Diamonds are Created: I Refuse, I Will Not Bow Down and I Will Never Give Up: an alchemical oral autobiographical history of The Global Literary Renaissance, White Fields Press, Published in Heaven, The Storm Generation, and my life (focus on 1990 to present)(work in progress)

His over 30 CD titles include:
KENTUCKY: poems, stories, songs
& on parting, the wilderness poems: book/cd/dvd published by Gill Scott Holland’s Holland Brown Books available at PRAYERS for THE MODERN TRAVELER, the last great truthtellers, nada (completed 3/11)    Ron reads his work solo and with musicians from around the world, in all genres of music, including David Amram, Iceland’s Sigur Ros & HOH & MEGAS, Tyrone Cotton, Iceland’s Michael & Danny Pollock of UTANGARDSMENN/The Outsiders, Jim James of My Morning Jacket, Paul K & The Weathermen, Lee Ranaldo of Sonic Youth, Frank Messina & Octopoet & Spoken Motion, James Walck & The Mind2Hands Symphonia, Vassar Clemens, Tom House, By The Grace of God, Black Pig Liberation Front, Casey Cyr, Rich Martin, Jeremy Podgursky & The Pennies, Blowup in Japanese, RB Morris & Hector Qirko, Scaramongo, Sarah Elizabeth, SOUTHSIDE, The Honey Highway, EYE of THE FUKING STORM, & numerous others.   Ron’s groups have included Voices Without Restraint, Ron Whitehead’s Apocalypse Jam, The Viking Hillbilly Apocalypse Revue, outlaw music/spoken word band SOUTHSIDE. He and Sarah Elizabeth performed and toured the world for 5 years. Ron now flies solo, and performs with the energy of ten bands, but he will continue to collaborate with musicians and artists in all genres round the world. Well, and now he’s started a new band, Ron Whitehead and EYE of THE FUKING STORM.   Ron was recently nominated for the Nobel Prize in Literature by New York City professor, James Joyce scholar, music critic, and author of many books, Dr. John Rocco (see letter below). 

  To The Nobel Prize Committee, I am writing you about one of America’s greatest poets. His name is Ron Whitehead and for his entire career he has written volatile and important verse that has given a new presence to American poetry. Whitehead’s work is in the tradition of the Beat Generation but also deeply influenced by rock and roll, the legacy of the European avant-garde from Knut Hamsun to James Joyce, and his own native Kentucky. He is at the same time a regional and universal writer; Kentucky is his home but the world is his subject. Whitehead’s poetry is a powerful summation of the American spirit. 

I would like to take this time to bring this extraordinary poet to your attention for consideration for the Nobel Prize in literature. Whitehead’s poetry is exuberant and shocking, delicate and blunt, combative and sensitive. There is a vital spirituality in his work that questions the nature of artistic creativity at the same time it embodies it. His work is profoundly engaged in critiquing the control modern American culture has over the individual and the planet. The Beaver Dam Rocking Chair Marathon is a summation of his aesthetics: part Bildungsroman, part rock protest, all Whitehead white hot poetic energy.
As the profile in this package indicates, Whitehead is a tireless promoter of poetry and its power to heal the world. To recognize his work is to recognize the power of the word to resist imperialism, intolerance, and hate. Whitehead has made American poetry a vehicle for social change and a power to transform the world…          Thank you for considering this important American writer.
Yours sincerely,

Dr. John Rocco
Associate Professor of Humanities
SUNY (State University of New York Maritime)
James Joyce scholar John Rocco is the author of The Nirvana Companion, The Beastie Boys Companion, The Doors Companion, The Grateful Dead Companion, and other Schirmer Books. He is completing a volume on James Joyce. His novel Fur was released in 2005. He is a critic for American Book Review and numerous other literary and music publications.   Thousands of Ron’s works have been published round the world in a diverse range of publications (all mediums) from TRIQUARTERLY (Northwestern University/Illinois) to ARTFORUM (Czech Republic) to BLUE BEAT JACKET (Japan) to BEAT SCENE (England) to SOUTHERN REVIEW (Louisiana) to TRIBE magazine (NYC).

Ron has presented over 6,000 readings of his own creative work round the world. 

Ron’s work is in museum, library, and private collections around the world. The University of Louisville Rare Books & Archives, Directed by Delinda Buie, is the permanent repository for Ron’s work (past, present, future). Six exhibits have been held. A major exhibition, with catalog, is being planned. Several thousand, of tens of thousands, of items have already been catalogued.    Many of Ron’s poems have been and are being translated into many languages. For a time Ron was Velocity’s (Kentucy’s Courier-Journal) Advice Columnist. He has written for and been featured in a multitude of publications around the world. In February 2009 Ron was a featured poet at the International Poetry Festival in Granada, Nicaragua. 130 poets from 50 countries, all 7 continents, participated. He recently returned from NYC where he completed film work for Ralph Stevens’ independent film, AMAZING SPACE, plus he did performances with Frank Messina, The David Amram Trio, Tyrone Cotton, and SOUTHSIDE members Scott Mertz, Andy Cook, and Lee Troutman at the Cornelia Street Cafe and the Chelsea Hotel.

After his Father’s June 2009 death (plus the deaths of 15 friends within 90 days of his Dad’s death) Ron entered a state of semi-seclusion to recover from the grief and to focus on three new books. After being away from Louisville, turning down well over a thousand performance requests, he has resurrected himself yet again and the phoenix promises to rise higher than ever. He’s back to presenting readings talks performances round the world plus doing ever more film work.


To book Ron email or call 502-369-5141.

Ron plans to travel the world more than ever but to homebase in Louisville Kentucky. 


Address for the new Ron Poet Hermitage Pad is:

Ron Whitehead

919 Cherokee Road

Louisville, Kentucky 40204



 Ron´s official website,, annually receives approximately one million hits from more than 80 countries.


He is presently looking for a new webmaster to overhaul and maintain his site. He has joined forces with Howard and Nancy Wilson to venture into new creative directions including websiting together and creating limited edition handmade works using old and handmade presses. Most editions wll be 126 copies only, all lettered and numbered and signed. Name of new Press is Published in TAO for The Global Literary Renaissance and The Storm Generation a DiY Do it Yourself Production. We’re looking for old presses, every kind including old washboard, so if you have any information or are interested in bartering to webmaster our site please contact Ron at above address. Thanks!


p.s. Nick Storm is producing an independent feature length cinema verite bio documentary on Ron(minimum 2 hours) which will include an accompanying coffee table size photo/text book. Nick has already accumulated enough material so the documentary may end up being a several hour season length 8 to 12 hour documentary.


There is an official facebook site on the film. Many famous and infamous poets writers bands cultural figures have already come on board and are or will be part of the documentary. Filming will end in Ireland this September 2011. also. Ron is presently involved in over 100 creative projects with folks round the world. June 21st/22nd he is co-producing, with Olafur Gunnarsson, Iceland’s leading novelist, The 1st Ever International Storm Generation Festival in Iceland. In September Ron, with musicians, will be featured at Ireland’s Annual Guitar Festival in Clonakilty. He will perform throughout Europe and Ireland ending his 2011 touring schedule and film schedule at the Clonakilty Festival. Nick Storm will complete editing of the documentary during the winter then submit it to film festivals throughout the world in 2012. oh. and of the many upcoming happening Ron has been asked to do a 40-minute interview for The Smithsonian which may air on NPR. He has asked his friend Tyrone Cotton to join him for this interview. Ron will also be touring from NYC to Florida in April and May with longtime friends New York Mets Poet Frank Messina, Tyrone Cotton, and others to be announced. Ron will also do another Europe Tour in conjunction with the June Iceland Festival. 



Here are a few Testimonials regarding Ron Whitehead and his work:

Ron’s poetry, prose, and multitudinos other writings have appeared round the world in a spectrum of journals, magazines, anthologies, newspapers, posters, CDs, cassettes, vinyl, chapbooks, zines, books, literary, music, videos, documentaries, films & arts publications. Below, you will find a few, of the many, quotes and testimonials, from folks round the world, regarding Ron and his work:

Lawrence Ferlinghetti (City Lights, San Fransisco): « Ron Whitehead is a real visionary! »

Hunter S. Thompson (Colorado): « I have long admired Ron Whitehead. He is crazy as nine loons, and his poetry is a dazzling mix of folk wisdom and pure mathematics. »

Yevgeny Yevtushenko (Russia): « Ron Whitehead is a prophet. He is one of the world’s greatest poet prophets. What an inspiring honor to hear him read here at Granada Nicaragua’s International Poetry Festival! »

Cameron Crowe Nancy Wilson (California): « We love Ron and Sarah Whitehead’s WESTERN KENTUCKY masterpiece…and Sarah Elizabeth’s stunning music…Ron Whitehead is a genius…Ron and Sarah are quite the inspiring couple… »

David Amram (New York): « Ron Whitehead is already acknowledged by many of his Elders to be a Major Literary Figure and the epitome of the work ethic! Ron and I have collaborated, recorded and performed at major festivals and universities all over the USA and Europe. Ron Whitehead is an extraordinary motivator who inspires young people to pursue the highest standards, to work tirelessly and to celebrate the intellect by constant study of Classic Literature while remaining Creative. At 73, I continue to learn from him. »

Blanca Castellon (Nicaragua): « Ron Whitehead was the hero of our 2009 Granada Nicaragua International Poetry Festival. »


Joe Ladwig (Minnesota): « Ron—You are a fucking GOD!!!!  Your essay made my day, week, year, and yes it was different of course!!!  How would it not be OUTLAW POET!!!
You should be damn proud of yourself, and I am just proud to know you brother!!!    I’ll stay in touch, and again you are the man–Thank you for the
excellent essay for the upcoming book « HOW DOES IT FEEL »  All my best » -Joe

Frank Messina (NYC/New Jersey): « Ron,I received the package. A horn-of-plenty of creativity!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU so much for sending this gift, a timeless gift we will cherish forever. Vanessa and I dug through its contents like kids around a Christmas tree. Everything from the grassroots note written on the water-colored paper, the beautiful Never Give Up scroll, with Howard’s artwork. Great design, haven’t seen anything like this since I was in Florence, Italy, where a group of artisans still use the ancient papyrus methods to print their books, poems, stuff Dante would use. Or might have been when I was wandering, in another life, by the Ponte Vecchio. This is just great! And the book, well shit  Prayers for the Modern Day Traveler is pure genius, pure rugged Kentucky down home Americana genius. In an age when people are saturated and quietly annihilated by the garbage heap that gets passed off as technology, this book is BANG-BANG shoot em up refreshing. Because when the shit hits the fan, when the lights go out, when the music’s over and God casts his hand and wipes us clean from the great big ball spinning spinning free, people won’t have a blackberry, a laptop, a Global Positioning System, a twitter account, just smoke signals, maybe a candle, and through the nuclear war fallout dust, Prayers for the Modern Traveler will shine as a beacon of light. And it does!


Your Ancient Friend,

Frank Messina

ps: these gems go into the permanent Messina Archives. »


Troubadours of Divine Bliss (Kentucky/Indiana): « Thank you, thank you, thank you Outlaw Poet and spokesman for the cosmic rebel! You are the seed of Mighty Kindness from which so much has grown. Thank you for sanctifying our gathering with your legendary fire and spirit…we have such gratitude and deep respect for you…thank you for being sooooo alive!!! »

Joe Costa (Kentucky): « My God. I do wonder and admire how Ron Whitehead writes without injury? Such a constant frenzy. Such disregard. Whitehead is the lumberjack of American poetry. He writes with a chainsaw! »

Bruce Hodder (England): « all you people out there with an interest in poetry as it’s being written NOW by people who are bringing style and passion and innovation to the craft would do yourselves a BIG favour if you googled the name of Ron Whitehead and had a look at what he’s been doing these past few years. » 

Casey Cyr (Connecticut): « Ron Whitehead transends even the devestatingly hard lessons of our times and speaks to the only true lessons, the eternal ones. He cuts right through the chaos that comprises our chattering thoughts. Ron Whitehead asks: Can art matter? Is it merely a gold exchange for the rich? Art IS the Holy Grail. And at the deepest primal level, everybody knows it. Only a few, like Ron Whitehead, can perceive it as clearly and communicate it while in his incarnate human being. »

Frank Messina (New York): « Ron Whitehead is one of my closest allies. He is a man of wisdom and tolerance. Ron and I debate over political issues, and sometimes he’s even right. But, in the end, we’re still friends. There is only one man I want to fight along my side in the trenches of life and his name is Ron Whitehead. He is one of the last warriors left in America. »

Carolyn Cassady (England): « I had heard people talk about Ron Whitehead for years so when I heard him read at The Ocean on the last night of the London International Poetry and Song Festival I understood why. His poems, and his reading of them, are pure genius. »

Annalisa Papaleo (Italy): « Ron Whitehead is an alchemist of language, a magician of poetry, a King of Words…I am honored to translate his work into Italian. »

John Rocco (New York): « In BEAVER DAM ROCKING CHAIR MARATHON: fragments of a lost text, Ron Whitehead is ‘the great rememberer’ and ‘the great experiencer’…a scintillating portrait…a Bildungsroman…in which each memory becomes charged with his history and the embrace of his subject…capturing the memory of what Ginsberg calls ‘Mortal’ America…and Whitehead’s new CD TAPPING MY OWN PHONE is a mercurial collection which features some of the ‘fragments’ that appear in the novel. »

John Tytell (New York): « With The Declaration of Independence This Time: Selected Poems 1996-2000, Ron Whitehead has a brave powerful book and the voice to carry it. »

Zen Master Dae Gak (Korea): « Ron Whitehead is Angry tender hearted Poet lover Who, Ripped open by life’s Sharp, diamond caesarean Edge, Emerges, awake, alive, Shaking blood and tissue. Howling at the, with a shriek, Morning sun AAAAAGH!!!!!!! »

Theo Dorgan (Ireland): « Ron Whitehead is a one man Atlantic bridge. »

Marty Messex (Kentucky): « You know I love my WFPK (91.9fm Radio Louisville), but the best radio station in the world is right here on Brother Ron’s facebook page, by gawd! Always love your tuneage, Ron. And keep on throwing those thunderbolts. »

Eimear O’Connor (Ireland): « Ron Whitehead’s words travelled at high speed Along the Liffey and out into the sea…mesmerised By the motion Of emotion…Something magic Happened over the Winding Stair Above the streets, Closer to the stars. »

Vincent McWilliams (Ireland): « Ron Whitehead’s poetry is like a fast train coming. »

David Amram (New York): « At the dawn of the 21st Century our young people have few role models of distinction and even fewer people close to their own age to look up to. Ron Whitehead gives hope to our artistic and intellectual future and gives our young people someone to look up to and emulate. Having worked with Ron many times, round the world, I can only share my amazement at his genius-level ability to organize and create memorable events that make all involved feel inspired to do their best. His own brilliance as a poet is matched by his dynamism, integrity and ability to communicate with anybody and everybody. I am honored to work with him anytime he ever needs me. »

Lee Ranaldo (New York): « Ron Whitehead’s TAPPING MY OWN PHONE is superb! »

Michael Pollock (Iceland): « Ron Whitehead is The World Ambassador of Poetry. »

Karel Srp (Czeck Republic): « The ARTFORUM ’98 Exhibition of Ron Whitehead’s important work, both his and his work as Director of The Literary Renaissance, was a big hit and a huge success. It is very important for us to see, through poetry and art, the situation in USA and round the world. Through Ron’s work we see. Now all his work is in our archives. The people of Prague can continue to see. We are proud. It is important for us. Thank YOU! »

Lana Witt (California): « Ron Whitehead is amazing. I’ve seldom known poetry to rise to the honesty, stubborness, and energy of what came charging straight at me in his CD TAPPING MY OWN PHONE. »

Frank Messina (New York): « Listening to TAPPING MY OWN PHONE is like tapping into an oil well of inspiration; a poetic horn of plenty where the flavor of American political angst and true Kentuckian local color shoots its way straight to the soul. Ron Whitehead is at least Chaucer’s equal. The BEAVER DAM ROCKING CHAIR MARATHON is a Masterpiece better than THE CANTERBURY TALES. Three cheers to Ron Whitehead! »

Kevin Ring (England): « Ron Whitehead explodes in a tirade aimed at pulling down all the garbage that society holds dear: rampant commercialism, couldn’t care lessism. If the President thinks he’s got trouble with Ms Lewinsky then he’d better watch out for Ron as he gives us the REAL AMERICA. »

Frederick Smock (Kentucky): « BEAVER DAM ROCKING CHAIR MARATHON achieves an urgency and immediacy that is truly poetic. »

Jordan Green (North Carolina): « Ron Whitehead is the incantatory, subversive bard of Kentucky. He is a poet with higher vision and higher frequency tuning. He has a performance style learned from his Pentecostal preacher grandfather but which also takes the best from the oral poetic style of the Beats. Ron is an energy force that encourages articulation and voice, that makes young people proud to be part of something. His voice cuts through the rough reality of his western Kentucky coal mining roots and reaches for a higher cosmic grace. Ron has produced over 400 readings and INSOMNIACATHONs and has read all over Europe and the USA. At the age of 48, with a family to support and complete commitment to his craft, Ron Whitehead will get in a car or on a plane anytime and travel anywhere he’s asked to give a reading. »

Miguel Moors (Belgium): « Ron Whitehead dissects American Society with a butcher knife. »

Lawrence Ferlinghetti (California): « Ron Whitehead, out there in Kentucky, out there where the tall heroes used to grow, is sowing the dragon’s teeth of new heroics. »

Bob Holman (New York): « And now it was like a cyclone hit that stage – Ron Whitehead is screeding a poem with an 8-piece orchestra toodling out sounds by Jeremy Podgursky, amazing, high energy, a battle for soul! »

Anastasios Kozaitis (New York): « Ron Whitehead is the most engaged poetry activist in the United States of America! »

Al Aronowitz (New York): « An autobiographical gem that marks compassion and defiance as the touchstones of heroic myth in the coming-of-age of a young man in the western Kentucky coal fields. Ron Whitehead is one of the greatest poets of our time. »

Paul McDonald (Indonesia): « Ron Whitehead has the gift of perceiving the divine in the ordinary. His work is always at least exciting if not magical. It is simultaneously hard-bitten, stark and urban while containing a gentle, pastoral lyricism all of which is always compelling. His work is a dharma gate that must be entered, a magnificent Zen koan where the question and answer lie hidden in the experience. »

Rene Hendrix (The Netherlands): « William S. Burroughs and Ron Whitehead, in a series of dreams, taught me how to save the world. »

Casey Cyr (Connecticut): « Ron Whitehead has been working so hard all his life, has climbed the equivalent of a hundred Mount Everests for poetry, music, integration, inclusion, non-specialization, LOVE and the advancement of humankind. No one else who I know has the endurance and capacity and generosity of spirit (except for David Amram who shares these qualities) to achieve what he is achieving. Ron is clearly chosen for the work that he is doing, and it is a ray of clarity and grace that shines from his being. HIS GIANT HEART IS SINGING! »

Jan Pankow (The Netherlands): « Ron Whitehead’s poems are a magnetic field of poetry energy: encounters, viewpoints, and facts of life mingling with emotions, dreams, and visions. »

Robert Lax (Greece): « Ron Whitehead’s « Moxley and Eirene » worked its way into one of my just-before-waking dreams last night. The whole story. And yes, naturally I’m ready to endorse all he says in I Will NOT BOW DOWN, too! »

Douglas Brinkley (Texas): « Ron Whitehead is one of the most exciting poets in America. Poet and literary activist, he is one of the great poets of his generation. »

Tenzin Geyche Tethong, Secretary to His Holiness The Dalai Lama (India): « Ron Whitehead, His Holiness The Dalai Lama thanks you and offers his blessing and permission for you to create a poster of his message to you which you have written in the form of a poem. I would like to express my personal appreciation to you. Your poem for of His Holiness’s message is extremely powerful and moving. I am confident that it will inspire many. »

Robert Hunter (California): « Ron Whitehead’s energy and important work never fail to amaze me! »

Diane di Prima (California): « Ron Whitehead, Fellow traveller riding the winds of change between worlds, in the thick of the creative process, Bon voyage! I enjoyed EVE AND THE OPHIDIANS. « White Horses » is really strong! »

Bob Holman (New York): « Spoken word at its purest and most fulfilling. Ron’s combination of full drawl, magnolia sweet and Wendell Berry’s Mad Farmer’s blue hot rage, vitally fashions a new post in the American ear. »

Jim Carroll (New York): « Love, Angelic Orders, and Blessings on Ron Whitehead’s good work! »

David Amram (New York): « There were over 300 poets and musicians. Ron Whitehead was the highlight of the New York City festival. When he read I was knocked out! I marveled at the talent he possessed! He captures the spirit of the South in his poetry! »

Eithne Strong (Ireland): « Ron Whitehead’s dazzling energetic work, his poetry and his prose never cease to impress and astonish! »

Allen Ginsberg (New York): « Ron Whitehead is energetic Bodhisattvic poetic spirit! Happy to see and read so much poetry energy! »

Harper Tobin (Washington, D.C.): « Ron Whitehead’s BEAVER DAM ROCKING CHAIR MARATHON is no cheesy nostalgia trip. Anyone familiar with Whitehead’s work knows better. He gives achingly real portraits of Beaver Dam’s inhabitants, offering up the disturbing as well as the beautiful, the ugly as well as the quaint. His style shifts from page to page always capturing the reader, evoking the spirit of defiance and hope that is the heart of this literary treasure…Why isn’t Ron Whitehead already a household name?! His TAPPING MY OWN PHONE is a gem. Ron reads as if any breath could be his last. He captures the world in all its beauty, corruption, and potential. I cannot recommend his work highly enough! »

Joe Slavin (Kentucky): « Ron Whitehead is the most extraordinary teacher-scholar it has been my great good fortune to know over a career spanning thirty seven years. His success in encouraging students, to express themselves and grow as students, is unrivalled. »

Lawrence Ferlinghetti (California): « Ce Ron Whitehead est un brave type! Il a ecrit un poem autobiographique que est epatant…sur San Francisco et un certain fer-ling-g hetti…Qui est?Ron Whitehead is Bodhisattva in Kentucky! »

Seamus Heaney (Ireland): « Ron Whitehead, the only begettor of all this, is here for good! »

Colin Cooper (England): « Ron Whitehead lives at 100 miles an hour judging from his book of poetry…like Ferlinghetti…he’s a rabble rouser and wildly romantic and we need plenty of those…the book is illustrated by full colour paintings by Ferlinghetti…Fit him alongside Gary Snyder for wit and insight…certain to shake up the old guard. »

Bob Edwards (Washington D.C.): « I LOVE Ron Whitehead’s « The Coal Miner(I & II) » and « Moxley and Eirene! »

Denis Mahoney (Rhode Island): « These past months I have read Ron Whitehead’s BLOOD FILLED VESSELS RACING TO THE HEART: Beyond Chaos is The Ocean of Consciousness several times. What a remarkable work it is! It’s subtle (and not too) back and forth gestures and movements and openings and its Placement! I wish he would continue this work! This is the direction that people need to See towards, be, at least, opened to. Thank You Ron Whitehead for The Work! »

Danny O’Bryan (Kentucky): « The Great White Light, Whitehead that is, swept over The College last night with a round of passionate posey mined directly from his ever raucous life. Mentioning notables like Amiri Baraka and The Dalai Lama – illustrious heroes many of the role-model-starved students probably never heard of – the poet quickly had them under his spell. The man, who always wears his life on his sleeve for everyone to gawk at, flexed his tattoo covered arms at the scribes « I might be skinny but look at those muscles! » and spit out tales of Kentucky rocking chair competitions and wild family antics that made « Do You Want To Be A Millionaire » look life watching paint dry. Certainly all present learned an important lesson: It doesn’t hurt to celebrate life in all its painful and joyful manifestations!…Ron Whitehead, a virtual P.T. Barnum of Poetry, is on a one-man crusade to change the consciousness of the world through poetry and music…Whitehead and his non-porfit organization The Literary Renaissance launched a series of multimedia INSOMNIACATHONs (Temporary Autonomous Zones): 48-hour marathons of poetry and music and art and film (all the Arts), similar to Ken Kesey and The Merry Pranksters minus the bus, attracting large audiences and worldwide attention…This led Whitehead to take his traveling magic mystery theatre on the road to New York City and New Orleans (where the TIMES-PICAYUNE named his INSOMNIACATHON 1996 « Arts Event of The Year ») and The Netherlands and numerous other cities states and countries…Never one to separate art from show biz or politics (or newcomers from old-timers) Whitehead assembled an odd cast of characters for his Hunter S. Thompson « This is Your Life » Tribute which the NEW YORK TIMES called « a beautiful literary last waltz. » The event included actor Johnny Depp, musician Warren Zevon, socialite Roxanne Pulitzer, historian Douglas Brinkley, world musician composer David Amram, the Sheriff of Pitkin County (Aspen), former Louisville Mayor Harvey Sloane, Hunter’s Mother Virginia, his son Juan, and a host of others including a bluegrass band. Everyone at the SRO event closed out the night standing singing « My Old Kentucky Home. »

Casey Cyr (Connecticut): « I got to know Ron Whitehead’s I WILL NOT BOW DOWN: Selected Poems 1990-1995 well and from it I feel an understanding for some of what Ron has been doing in the world. The physicality of which is astonishing – but that doesn’t even compare with what kind of alchemy is happening on the mental levels. Ron Whitehead is Shaman and Shamas (the candle that lights other candles) contributing to, directing, promoting, integrating, expanding, and possibly healing the consciousness of an artistic body of thought that sure does need help to go to the next level, which I believe has something to do with the heart region. And if I might prophesize, I think that Ron will be seen as one of the great poets of our generation, which I believe spans about 50 years. The kids of tomorrow’s wasteland are really going to need him. Just like we need Patchen and Kerouac. Those guys changed and saved my life. »

John Tytell (New York): « Ron Whitehead reminds me of Corso…early Yeats in the Celtic Twilight…Ferlinghetti…Ginsberg…spontaneous transcription emerging in a tumultuous rush…infused with Whitehead’s belief in the magical transformations implicit in poetry, with the music of the poem serving as chant, incantation, ultimately pagan prayer…the same can be said for the poetry rants (Insomniacathons) Whitehead has been organizing around the country, non-stop marathon readings. »

David Amram (New York): « The first time I heard Ron Whitehead read I felt what I imagine those who heard Abraham Lincoln deliver The Gettysburg Address felt. »

Thomas Nord (Kentucky): « Ron Whitehead eats, sleeps, and breathes poetry. »

Michael Dean Odin Pollock (Iceland): « The London International Poetry & Song Festival’s response to Ron Whitehead’s I WILL NOT BOW DOWN was Incredible POWERFULL it felt like a bomb hit The Ocean…people were yellin, clappin, sayin YEAH others riveted wide eyed to their seats…i stood at the back of the room up on some stairs to get an eagle eye view of this poem which I consider along with LEAVES OF GRASS by Walt Whitman and HOWL by Allen Ginsberg and THANKSGIVING PRAYER by William S. Burroughs to be one of the GREAT American poems of All Times. I WILL NOT BOW DOWN and ALL ALONG THE WATCHTOWER capture the voice/heart/spirit of later 20th Century and on better than anything I’ve heard! »

Nick Obis (Ohio): « Ron Whitehead, I thank you and Quincey Troupe for headlining the University of Dayton’s 2nd Annual Literature Conference, 2002. Friday evening was nothing short of astounding – certainly like nothing my students had ever heard! I heard so many wonderful comments from them in the following days and weeks about all the various aspects of your performance, with your group The Viking Hillbilly Apocalypse Revue. I too can still hear the Icelandic rapping, the ambient music, and the powerful words; it was a staggering, moving experience; I don’t think I have ever seen anyone, anywhere, break dance at a poetry reading! But what moved me more than the poetry and music was your patience, kindness, and understanding. I was so nervous before the festival, and so relieved by your sympathy and easygoingness. You are truly a remarkable person with a remarkable group. Thanks for teaching me to « never give up! »

Denis Mahoney (Rhode Island): « Ron Whitehead has the goods and is the last and forward maker of the fire breather preacher with the text written new across the starry night. I can picture him reading poems with snakes crawling out of his mouth and nostrils, like those maniacs who work the snakes for Jesus, turning to medusa flames, the fork filled flavor flick fuck tongue is two words split into a thousand pieces of black and white sand and delivered like a Sioux death chant, a new ghost dance to live and rise out of the ashes. Ron’s word is poet breath, new creation out of decay, intentions are color worlds, filled with color, every tint is blow breath glass and I keep coming back to his nostrils flared like John Brown in Kansas, hard muscle break tracks, or soft glow of love he is able to bring the rage round to snake crazy snake soul sonnets to orpheus, our brother Rilke Flower-muscle that slowly opens back the anemone to another meadow-dawn, until her womb can feel the polyphonic light of the sonorous heavens pouring down is prophecy and vision blast bleak and we all stand naked against the capitalist relation that has come to encompass existance and Ron as new prophet stands against that as strong as John Brown, Rilke, just a neck down the vision ladder from our kooky Dada Queen Baroness Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven and is exactly what is needed. I give Ron the world in his breath. »

Tom House (Nashville): « That’s a wild and fierce look on the cover of Ron Whitehead’s new I Will Not Bow Down CD, and that’s a wild and fierce picture of him there on the inside, and that’s a wild and fierce performance/production he presents. I was not prepared. Finally got back home and settled in here last night put it on and blew my head right from the start. Old favorite, « Tapping My Own Phone, » the music is like the subconscious of the mind mouthing those feverish thoughts. « 4th Person Singular » a favorite as well. Not sure if I’ve heard that one before. « Raven Hair And Turquoise » and « Comes Night And Wind » both great. The music never gets in the way of the words and, as in the very best one to me « Gimme Back My Wig, » the whole becomes way more than the components, damn almost like rock and roll – and in many ways this feels as much like a « band » CD as it does a « spoken word » one. And I think Ron paces it like one. That’s just something always important to me, almost like a set, and Ron is a master at that. He couldn’t end it more personally, poetically, beautifully than with « You Grow Wild In My Heart. » I Will Not Bow Down is definitely a masterful work and I congratulate Ron and all who perform on it. I’ll be giving this guy some hardcore listening these days to come.  »

Dan Roberts (KZYX Radio, California): « TAPPING MY OWN PHONE is the most amazing CD of poetry I’ve heard! »

August Highland (California ): « Ron Whitehead is The Dalai Lama of the literary world. »

Frank Messina (New York ): « I’ve seen thousands blinded by the white light, halos and fractal geometry of Ron Whitehead. I’ve seen tundra-demons, geothermal genies, naysayers forever turned to stone by that Kentucky ‘Bone Man’. And yes, I’ve seen Ron Whitehead levitate over stages 3, 4 and 5,000 miles from Kentucky, held up high by coal mine spirits, red wine and Buddha at the palms of his feet. »

Jean Ritchie (New York): « Kentucky, by Sarah Elizabethth and Ron Whitehead, is a stunning CD. Sarah and Ron both did a beautiful job. »

Dr. Joe Slavin (Kentucky): « Kentucky, by Sarah Elizabeth & Ron Whitehead, is a stunning piece of work, beautiful in both sound and heart. »

Tommy Gaffney (Oregon): « Spending time with Ron Whitehead a few years back changed my life.  The whole damn experience, from the wine-soaked meeting in his living room to the bourbon-infused book signing, he so graciously hosted, is still with me everyday.  Not sure how to repay him for all that.  And I appreciate the email updates on his mad adventures.  I open the ol’ yahoo account every morning hoping for more news.  What can I say, he’s an inspiring man.  And I’ve been spreading the word about his work around Portland, Oregon.  In fact, I currently volunteer to host a small writers group (in my cramped little living room), and we discussed Ron’s Tapping My Own Phone as our first “assignment.”  We also listened to my copies of “I Will Not Bow Down” and “The Viking Hillbilly Apocalypse Revue. »  The overall theme for the session was “this is how this shit is done.”  In a word, Ron Whitehead’s influence continues to cross mountain ranges that ain’t used to being shown up.  Thanks Ron for being you, my friend. »

Casey Cyr
 (Connecticut): « Ron Whitehead’s new CLOSING TIME CD is magical, radical inspiration, stark truth, gentle beauty. It portrays the human experience completely. The flame reflected in four generations, all together reveal the purity of oneness. »

David Amram (New York): « Ron Whitehead’s ‘The Sound of Snowflakes on Christmas Eve’ and ‘Old Blue Got Run Over by A Coal Truck on Christmas’ are right up there with Charles Dickens’ A CHRISTMAS CAROL and Dylan Thomas’ A CHILD’S CHRISTMAS in WALES. Not one word could/should be changed. They are classics! I have always loved Ron Whitehead’s spirit and generosity as well as his work…These stories are like the late paintings of Matisse, and Richard Strauss’ last art songs, where they both turned to simplicity and clarity when in their prime. Ron’s stories/poems should be read at The White House, if we get a President who knows where the South is located and understands the poetry of the lives of everyday people and the beauty of family life as well as the magic of Snow in the South…Ron’s work is right up there with Mark Twain…It transcends politics. His work should be read in classrooms, as children’s stories, Southern Studies, poetry classes, church reading groups…His work can reach the whole world…His work is way Beyond Beat!! Ron Whitehead’s work is lyrical, touching, and perfectly written AND SO REFRESHING…I’ll be glad to write a Forward or Introduction to any of his books anytime… Nobody is doing what Ron Whitehead is doing, especially in his newest works…They are 100% Whitehead. »

Dennis Kirtley (Morocco): « I am all about music. I think music. I sleep it. I eat it. It’s just in me. And not just my own music – also the music of great composers. I know many symphonies by heart, great jazz compositions, note for note. As I was reading Ron Whitehead’s poems last night, music was playing in my head and it wouldn’t stop. It was the score of « Rhapsody in Blue » by Gershwin. The brainscreen image was that of a train, streaming forceful and unstoppable through the countryside. This is the sense Ron Whitehead’s poetry and person brings to me. I thank him for being him! »

Gui Stuart (Kentucky): « Ron Whitehead is the greatest living writer…and he is still struggling to pay the bills so how can I hope for anything more than to write…writing is an unnatural act…but it is not any more unnatural than working in an office or talking on a cellphone…and in some strange ways it is the most natural act of all…being human feels like an unnatural act in these trying times of fascism…the absurdity of fascism is everywhere but I don’t want to live like that and I sure as hell don’t want to write like that…I owe Ron Whitehead more than I can ever repay…he has taught me that failure is nothing and that it is okay to fail as long as I write what I feel and know…and I’m gonna continue, just like Ron does, regardless of whether I ever get published…I’m gonna continue to test my own limits and probe my own humanity…I would love to make some money to live on and be able to start a printing press with Ron someday but that is not why I write…I write to try and redeem my own soul for myself…that is why I write…I write out of some alien innate gnostic urge to express the conflict of humanity that is in me and in all of us…that is why I write…they can’t beat us…Ron Whitehead proves that every day…they can’t take our souls from us…Ron Whitehead reminds us of that in his writing and in his life…they can lie and cheat and steal and even kill us but they’ll never take our souls…Ron Whitehead reminds us of that in all he says and does…Ron Whitehead reminds us that no matter what happens Never Give Up. »

Lee Troutman (California/Kentucky), on Ron Whitehead and EYE of THE FUKING STORM’s new recording (companion to book) PRAYERS for THE MODERN TRAVELER, the last great truthtellers, nada

« thank you for the beautiful tape!  phenomenal vocal performance!  amazing!  what a great concept for packaging with the hand painted art, the ambient and bended musical mind field…  all of it…   listening to it, it reminds me of a couple things Ken Kesey said.  he always talked about the whole structure of lies, the square peg hypnosis of the governed world.  he’d say ‘sometimes there’s a crack in the wall.  as a writer you can sometimes find one.’ thanks for being so damn honest all the time.  thanks for being my friend.  in all your wonderful insanity.  i’ve been entertained by it all.  glad to see you looking so healthy and spry the other night. » 

Paul K (Detroit/NYC/Kentucky): « Ron Whitehead is America’s greatest living poet. »


Frank Messina (New York City/Jersey City, New Jersey/Florida):



I received the package. A horn-of-plenty of creativity!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU so much for sending this gift, a timeless gift we will cherish forever. Vanessa and I dug through its contents like kids around a Christmas tree. Everything from the grassroots note written on the water-colored paper, the beautiful Never Give Up scroll, with Howard’s artwork. Great design, haven’t seen anything like this since I was in Florence, Italy, where a group of artisans still use the ancient papyrus methods to print their books, poems, stuff Dante would use. Or might have been when I was wandering, in another life, by the Ponte Vecchio. This is just great! And the book, well shit  Prayers for the Modern Day Traveler is pure genius, pure rugged Kentucky down home Americana genius. In an age when people are saturated and quietly annihilated by the garbage heap that gets passed off as technology, this book is BANG-BANG shoot em up refreshing. Because when the shit hits the fan, when the lights go out, when the music’s over and God casts his hand and wipes us clean from the great big ball spinning spinning free, people won’t have a blackberry, a laptop, a Global Positioning System, a twitter account, just smoke signals, maybe a candle, and through the nuclear war fallout dust, Prayers for the Modern Traveler will shine as a beacon of light. And it does!


Your Ancient Friend,

Frank Messina

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to order a copy of Ron Whitehead’s 21st book/31st cd/dvd The Storm Generation Manifesto and on parting, the wilderness poems, published by Gill Scott Holland’s Holland Brown Books, send $25 (covers shipping), with your name and mailing address, to Ron Whitehead, 919 Cherokee Road, Louisville, Kentucky 40204. cell 502 396 5141.





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