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Stories Never Told
digital print, 50×50 cm, 2012

Stories Never Told is part of an ongoing project – a nostalgic and often painful look-back to the history of German and French colonist families dramatically affected by the events of the 20th century.

In all dictionaries the child is presented as a symbol of innocence, purity, peace of mind, self confidence and natural simplicity, associated to humankind before falling into primary sin. What lays beyond this idyllic image? Does anyone say anything about the child’s worries and fears?!

Caught between two realities – the irreversibility of time and the eternal return of innocent memories – the ephemeral images in Stories Never Told reveal themselves like layers of paint on an old fresco. These children, forever young but already withdrawn into their own shadows, look wise and mature and seem to foresee that their destinies will be irremediably marked by the times to come. To what stories do they listen when they go to bed? Or are they too worried that the events of the present will follow even into the most hidden places of childhood?

While working on this project I started wondering if it is in fact wise to uncover everything that happened so many years ago. The story of Orpheus, who forever lost his beloved Eurydice by turning his head and looking back, is well known. Will these images not be slowly covered by layer after layer of every event and sorrow that followed? Will they not vanish forever?
Questions with no answers.
An attempted return to our roots, with no beginning and no end. Like stories never told.





























About Me
(or „My Life Like a Ripe Fruit”)


My French ancestors came from Parroy in the Lorraine and settled in the Banat marshes, in the middle of the 18th century. The living conditions were very hard and many died, especially children and newborns. Although I have never seen the Lorraine, I miss those places so much that I feel my heart burn. This is probably the main reason why I am currently working on a project about my French roots. It makes me go back in time, and this is often a very painful process.

Journalists and even friends and family wondered many times why I had so many „windings” in my life. After I graduated an art college in Timisoara/ Romania I studied veterinary medicine and became a veterinary doctor. A dreamjob! I absolutely love animals and would do anything to help. I was even close to enroll into an international aid team as medical support for the rescue dogs. But due to health reasons, I had to quit and start all over again – a new life, new plans, new hopes, new boundaries. For many years now I work in the field of management. It is a good life, and fulfilling, after all. But at a certain moment one finds himself having all these questions and doubts about „is this ALL?” So what else could I do, other than finally returning „home” and study arts?! It was the best decision ever.

And going back to the many questions about my career – everything I did made me to the person I am today. With an analytic approach to reality and the possibility to help animals, with a good basis to understand the rules of the world I am living in, and, most of all, with a happy soul filled with images, ready to be revealed to the public. The only regret I used to have was that it took me a long time to „officially return to art” … But then Teodora Enache (a well known Romanian jazz singer with whom I worked to synesthetically „translate” her voice into images) told me that things happen in life only when they are ready to happen. Not sooner, not later. The fruit can be picked and enjoyed only when it is ripe.
I enjoy



RENEE RENARD– Faculté des arts plastiques et du design de l’Université de l’Ouest, Timisoara – Master en graphiques publicitaires et livres (2010), Licence en Design Multimédia (2008). Faculté de Management de l’Université de l’Ouest, Timisoara – études postuniversitaires de management (2004). Faculté de médicine vétérinaire Timisoara – spécialisée dans la médicine des animaux de compagnie (1992).

Les études médicales m’ont donné un esprit analytique et la capacité de soigner et de venir en aide aux animaux, parce que je les aime beaucoup.

Les études de management m’ont donné la chance d’avoir un bon emploi et à la fois de comprendre le monde dans lequel je vis.

Et ensuite, oui, l’étude des arts plastiques…. m’ont rendue heureuse comme rien d’autre …


Expositions personnelles:
Ailes entre les eaux – Galerie Helios Timisoara/ Roumanie, 2010
Vibrations plastiques: Teodora Enache (jazz concert) et Renée Renard (photo installation avec des images inspirées par la musique de Teodora Enache) – Le Musée d’Art Cluj-Napoca/ Roumanie (2009)
Exercice de synesthésie sur la musique de Teodora Enache – Carturesti Timisoara/ Roumanie (2008), Carturesti Cluj-Napoca/ Roumanie (2009).


Expositions de groupe:
Timisoara, Bucarest, Garana (Roumanie), Szeged (Hongrie), Tel Aviv (Israel)



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