Rehmat Changaizi







A man…


God made me a man

With eyes, nose, mouth…

Hands to point East, West, South

And a face to look that direction…!

To wander in a cloud

To try to see if mud

Is thicker than blood…


I am working among human

Concealing the powers of my mind,

I have hidden secrets under the sands

From evil ways of mankind…!

My activities are only my thoughts

Wanting to travel the world

In a customized plane,

I only seem to end my dreams

Kneeling in front, or near my fane


Some ideas are rising

Behind my tired soul and body!

They cleave in dancing smiles

As the day rises as a new day…

I try to escape from this world

And as I become a bird

I fly away to eternity.





When you gave me

A Bouquet of colorful flowers,

I saw you in every petal

Expressing your beauty very well

Where are you…?


You’re essence remains

In everything you touched,

In the mirror you combed your hair

In the window pane

When we looked at the stars


You impregnated my room,

Now I see you

When I get up…

And when I sleep

I dream you






You and I

Are standing

Hand to hands,

Let’s go and travel

Into the colors of paradise


We’ll paint our love

In each other soul…!

With scatter colors

Start your portrait,

And softly

Outline your love…


You are my goddess

In your new painted world

Include us

As the only

Two living angels…






When you smile

I see the Moon

In its brightness…!


And the dusk in my heart

Becomes light

When you

Look toward me…


Gleams from your eyes…

The warm waves

From your love

Allures me to

Wrap my life…

To shield sadness



When you fondle me

With your feathery hands,

Then…! I feel

The cabal’s of firefly

Creep into my soul…













Poet, writer and philosopher.

He was born in Bhakkar, Punjab Pakistan.  He completed master in Urdu Literature from University of Sargodha Pakistan.  Graduated in Law from M.I.U.  Azad Jammu & Kashmir. The main theme of his writings is Love and mysticism. His poems have been translated into French, Spanish and Arabic, and have also been published in several journals, magazines and anthologies at national and international level.


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