Ralph Essex











Within the bedroom

Of a child at play,
The sun bursts in
Sometimes in vain.

The toys are laid across the room,
Outside is mother with a broom.
The sun tinted with it’s light,
Like it’s opening a tomb.

Play with your rocking-horse,
Ride it to the sun.
Play with your rocking horse,
Try and have some fun.





Rocking-horse, child at play.
Spinning tops of yesterday.
Toys scattered across the room,
As the sun tries to catch the moon.





Membrane Entity


Can you conceive of a membrane entity?

Etched plains stretched in a sombre state of serenity.
Spun black gowns, threads of immortality.
Sound proof cells
And waves in shells.





Night Cloud


Cold night pressed against the glass.
I was stood by the window
And could feel the cold.
I felt old
And it was haunting me.

Cold night i’m looking at.
The moonlight sees
And I feel so old.
So I told
The spirit of night a thank-you.











Born December 11th 1973

Currently working with associates on a project –



Am a musician, I play guitar and piano and run a small studio at home. You will find most of my work here:


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