Pawel Kuczynski


Pawel Kuczynski









Summary of work:


Some people say, that it’s surrealist drawings. But I think, that I’m a

realistic illustrator of our time… our surrealist  time.


I was born in 1976. In Szczecin (Poland).

I have graduated from the Fine  Arts Academy in Poznan with specialization in graphics.

Since 2004 I deal with satirical illustration, and so far I have been rewarded with more, than 130 prizes and distinctions.


I only try to say, what I see. I’m not a messenger and I don’t want change

people.  I’m happy, when people like my works and when they find some important

ideas… and after this, they begin to think about change themselves.


Metaphor is a universal language. Sometimes a one good metaphor can explain

better, than hundreds of words.  I try to say about the world without words. It’s very hard, but the pleasure is great when people understand my cartoons.


And I’m an observer. I like to observe people and relations between

people. We live together on this world so many years and we still make the same

mistakes. War, poverty, hunger, racial division, ecology, money… and I like

drawing on these kinds of subjects, because those kinds of subjects are

immortal and timeless as the art 🙂


To create my works, I use watercolors and coloring pencils on paper.




image003       Unrest




image005       Propaganda




image007       Gardener




image009       Audiobook



image011       To the West




image013       War Correspondent








image017       Duel





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