Ouyang Yu


Ouyang Yu








every day is a loss of it



winter is now

baring it all


in its unloving look

even when it pre


tends to be fe



convenience is not square

but plural


to translate is to be always

chronologically challenged


there is fero

city in the feel


of the after

noon sun


the green bay but

an illusion from youth


that is youth



as every day turns

every night






The day is wide

Awake now


Camera lens milk

Skin of haze sings


Vision is a vanity

That invades


In the heart of the morning

Sleep sinks


A car horn

Rainstorm of wheels churning out


Unreadable papers

Singing, off singing


Rust breaks

Light penetrates, portrays the


Darkest pore

A word dream born


As it disappears

On the point of a drop






Homeless at home

A place rented for its emptiness

In a country, long

Devoid of the pure

Blue, that has only graves

To visit or jump


Still one of the most unsuccessful

Winds that dumps its own

Poetry on the head

Ha, you spent days chasing

After the unchasable

Why bother, y bother at

All, according to H

Yiyi? Something you attach

To death that entitles you

To say anything

You like

Because of the inherent







Possibly for ophidian

Not for oil, not that oil

Published years ago

Oh is for enemies

Unlike ah

You know that

In a pom

In the O of a V

The O of a G

The O of a D



Connoisseur of con

The animal of a poet

Given to eating, drinking and smoking

Like nothing that can be compared

With a like

After the winning

O stuck on

A fish


Ochlocracy of beauty

And cosmeticized beauty

Bowel movements of a decayed


An arriviste that sings of sin

Stained lushness

Of life

O, what a saga

Or gaga






Pretzels are steel

That art consumes

With figures dipped

In the hydrofluoric

That is ice

Green or eye blue

Or crotch cool

Or cruel

Guoyin, very guoyin

Diffused against all the

Odds, ends and dints

A sharp energy wanders the

World, to the amazement of ants

And sands


Noodles of steel

Grains of glass

The epicene opera

Featuring a singing half

Mouth drunk with steel

Water on killer heel

Talons, so consuming

A primitive

Notes of heart

Throbs, flesh flowing













Since his arrival in Australia in early 1991, Ouyang Yu has published 75 books in both English and Chinese in the field of fiction, nonfiction, poetry, literary criticism and literary translation. He is now teaching at a Shanghai-based university.

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