Obie Simonis







       Over & Above




Raised in the Blue Mountains of Eastern Oregon, Simonis started his training  with Fredrick Littman, a figurative sculptor who studied under Maillol. Fine art and philosophy were primary academic concentrations at the University of Oregon, where Simonis earned his B.F.A.




       Peace Flame      




As a young artist, he was invited by John Chamberlain to become his assistant for the International Sculpture Symposium in Eugene, Oregon.




       Geometric Eye




Shortly thereafter, Simonis began his public art career as an artist-in-residence, creating a monumental sculpture for Lewis and Clark College’s new Olin Science Center.  His first solo exhibition was installed in Soho, N.Y.C. He has since exhibited in the U.S. and abroad.







Throughout his career, Simonis has been hired by universities, arts commissions, and corporations to create public works.  Sculptures have been sited in San Francisco, Washington, D.C., Orlando, and Boston. The architect John Portman hired Simonis for a project in Singapore. More recently, Simonis installed a major work for the architect Howard Elkus in downtown Boston. He also created a sculptural archway at 450 Mass. Ave at MIT for Central Square Theatre.







An advocate for artist housing, he was a founder of Brickbottom, one of the largest artist-owned communities in the nation. A true bicoastal artist, Simonis is pulled equally to the Elkhorn Mountains of Oregon and the galleries of Chelsea in Manhattan.

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