Nick-Dumitru Vladulescu


(Guelph, Ontario, Canada)

Nick-Dumitru Vladulescu, Landscape in the making


Nick-Dumitru Vladulescu, Three Sisters, Mixed Media, 2010 

Nick.D.Vladulescu, The dragon

Nick-Dumitru Vladulescu

Nick-Dumitru Vladulescu, Stained Glass, on the stairs

World’s Symphony

The dragon(fragment)

A World in The Making.

Zodiac 1


Nick-Dumitru Vladulescu is a multi-talented artist and director/general manager of Teatrul de vest Resita involved in many stage productions in his native Romania. He currently resides in Guelph, Ontario, Canada and Romania where he has produced many works that are visible in the community at large.

He became an artist because as he says, it is the only way to express yourself today, through many artforms. As an accomplished Metalsmith he combines mixed media in his creations along with the use of his preferred media of oil on canvas, cardboard, masonite and wood. He also does murals, mosaics, graffiti, frescos, alseco and other mixed media works. He was invited and participated at the 5th edition of the Florence International Biennale of Art in Italy in 2005.

 He enjoys writing and is a published poet of 3 books. His paintings are in many private and public collections in different countries: Romania, England, Serbia, France, Italy, Australia, Austria, Israel, U.S.A., Germany and Canada. His favourite artists are Hans Hartung and Ion Salisteanu. Nick-Dumitru Vladulescu’s inspirations come from the details he observes in nature.


Born October 26, 1949. Prilipet, Romania.

I grew up in a small town, named Resita, from the west part of the country witch had become in time my hometown and the boring part of “education” was consumed right there.  The elementary school, high school, art school and so on…


And now we start to talk about my ego part of showing to the world  how good I was with my “art” at that time. And so I did. Struggling, fighting and trying to prove  that I’m the best & biggest from the market. I do not know if I succeed. Probably  not. How do I know? Because no street on any city from this planet is wearing my name.  Selfish? I think you are right.  Egocentric ? Who cares…After all this, a question pops up of course.


Why I’m doing what I’m doing. Because it is easy and I like to do the “artsyfartsyshowoffkindofstuff”…think.  What I like the most?  The “bigworkskaindofart”.  All kind of monumental jobs.  Murals, 3D ambiental spaces, stain glass, work with metal. You know…Man, I hate to write about myself. ~  Nick D. Vladulescu

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