With the refreshing breezes of September and the swirling of golden leaves, Levure littéraire is tapping on your virtual window. If you answer, you will be able to see, read and hear, against a backdrop of beautiful, floral music, the fields of Orpheus.

A mosaic of texts, images and sounds from yesterday and today:

medieval and current music, baroque and metaphysical music, haiku, calligrams, drawings and classical paintings, surrealist visions, avant-garde collages, abrasive prose, politically committed photographs, coloured words, visual and sound performances, experimental poetry.

Musical quotations in literature and literary quotations in music, theatre and rock, poetry and dance, from spoken word to sung word, and between them, the musical image. All kinds of subjects and authors and interdisciplinary across these complex relationships.

This issue 11 is not only an anthology of artists who have worked on a common theme, but more an anthology of interartistic reactions exploring traditional or avant-garde processes and attitudes, leading to new reflections on these questions: Can words describe music? Can music give voice to books? What about the metaphor of life between the two?

Levure littéraire, through the voices and devices of its authors, is setting out with you to explore beyond the strict relationship between word and sound, between voice and instrument. A complex adventure related to the philosophical experience.

An issue on the close relationship between musical writing and literary text, sentence and word, note and syllable, rhythm and breath, outline and harmony!

Language and musical involvement, literary genre and musical composition, transgression, distortion and sublimation of the work of a lifetime.

200 opinions and accounts  on the relationship between literature and music, contributed here by our authors whose names  you will find in our summary:

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Rodica Draghincescu

Director and Founding of the multidisciplinary, multilingual webmagazine

Levure littéraire (France-USA-Germany)

Linguist, Literary Adviser,

Francophone writer, Translator

Editor of the Poetry Collection of Klak Verlag, Berlin

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