Dear Friends of Levure littéraire,
Dear Artists,



We are pleased to present this new issue and thank all the participants for their contributions!


Also many thanks to our readers and friends for their loyalty, support and donations. A special thanks to Barbara Keßler for her repeated donations towards the last couple of issues. Our gratitude is also great for those who donated anonymously. Your joint support allows Levure to appear three times a year. This time our newsletter is a plea for help.


Dear friends, we urgently need your support to continue our work. Levure littéraire is not a political magazine; nonetheless the topics of our magazine touch upon the pulse of times. We propose topics that interest and affect us all; we ask questions that concern every one of us. With these proposals we invite authors, artists, philosophers, psychologists, and others from various fields of art, culture and science to entrust their thoughts, ideas, works and ways of dealing with these subjects.


We are currently launching the 13th edition and can proudly announce that we have an audience growing daily in 196 countries. This proves that Levure littéraire is anticipated, needed and has already found its audience.




The medial power and originality of Levure littéraire 13 is also due to our Art Director, the canadian artist Roxanne Brousseau-Felio. Your skill, passion and commitment to this 13th edition are invaluable. Thank you, dear Roxanne, for supporting us so wonderfully!


Our warmest thanks and sympathy to Frédéric, our webmaster! And, of course, our appreciation to all our directors, authors, publishers and translators, without whom the webmagazine LL could not exist!


In the last years we have set up editorial offices in numerous countries. Authors from all over the world publish in our magazine: well-known international names as well as new names that made their debut in the Levure and are thereby establishing themselves.


We have created partnerships with major, well-known cultural institutions, publishers and universities.


Our art director creates aesthetically appealing and informative promotional videos for every issue.


The extensive positive feedback towards our publications from the readers, and the excellent reactions in the German, French and Romanian e-press and radio, encourage us to persevere our work.
Due to the variety and complexity of our topics, the interdisciplinary, multi-lingual and transnational profile, as well as the goals we have set, the magazine is growing in volume and number of posts per issue. Additional costs are also affected by uploading the promotional videos for the preview.


We want to relaunch the LEVURE LITTERAIRE TV channel that we have created and hope to keep it alive with your help.


All this, and much more, has been happening for several years through the untiring volunteer work, the unconditional dedication, the inexhaustible enthusiasm of the founder and a few dedicated editors and volunteers who live in different places in the world. In most cases they have never met in real life––only via Internet. However, through their perseverance and faith in the power and responsibility that words, languages and ideas bear for a peaceful and mutually respectful coexistence on our planet, they made this magazine possible.


Dear friends, we ask for your solidarity and your support. With your donations, whether big or small, you can help fulfill the purpose of this magazine. We are also grateful for every donor that you win for us. If you find our efforts valuable and desirable, please use the donation button and support Levure littéraire:


As we are members of the non-profit association La Loraine est hardie each donation is tax deductible with our receipt.


We thank you for your generosity!





Carmen-Francesca Banciu and Levure littéraire





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