Dear Friends of Levure littéraire,
Dear Artists,



We are pleased to introduce the new edition and announce some pleasant news.We want to welcome the partnership and artistic collaboration between Levure littéraire and Ludics Seminar of the Mahindra Center for Humanities and Advanced training in Greek Poetry Translation and performence workshop at Harvard University under the direction of PhD Vassiliki Rapti, and also the partnership and cooperation with the National Translation Month from New York.


We would like to thank all participants for their contributions.
A big thanks to our friends, for their loyalty, support and donations. We would also like to express a special thanks to Barbara Kessler, who through her generous donation contributions, supported this issue extensively.


The growing cost of publishing this journal is increasingly becoming a challenge for Levure littéraire. We look forward to your financial support in the future and are hoping to find new sponsors.
Through the diversity and complexity of our themes, the interdisciplinary, multilingual and transnational approach of the magazine, the number of entries per issue has increased. Additional costs also occur with the uploads of preview videos. We are soon going to launche a LEVURE LITTERAIRE TV channel. We hope to also keep it alive with your help.



If you appreciate our efforts and find them to be valuable and desirable, please use the Donation button and support Levure littéraire with a donation––even  just a   contribution with the price of a cup of coffee per issue will help nurture our growth and keep us alive. This is the only way we can continue to offer the magazine free of charge.






Carmen-Francesca Banciu und Levure littéraire





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