Natalie Ford














Hommes de Paris


The Men of Paris

Sit to share their Laughter And

Gratitude for Life.







Le Déjeuner Solitaire


The Two O’Clock Hour

Passes Like Thick Mollasses

When She Eats Alone.







Long Chemin Du Retour


The whistle has Blown

Three Hours Before He Takes

The Long, Cold Walk Home.













Natalie Ford is a Fine Art Photographer and Celebrated Poet based in LA/NYC. Her current Photo Series: The Sacred Art Series: “Faces of Peace”, features the many Faces of The Buddha. Her Photographs have been auctioned at Christie’s of New York, and her most recent show was at The Tibet House, NYC.  Her Limited Edition Images belong to Private Collectors. For more information, visit her website at:



“My love, respect and passion for photography has been life long. From the moment I picked up my very first camera, I have been enchanted with the magical ability of an image to capture the meaningful, timeless beauty of Life.  My admiration for the sacred energy that photographic images create is a deep part of who I am. I hope these photographs move you and speak to you, as each of these Sacred Faces spoke to me.”  – Natalie Ford


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