Nancy Bruner Wilson & Howard Wilson







the dream


childhood to adulthood

dreams innumerable diverse all kinds types

every imaginable and unimaginable yet real






experienced by me lucid dreams dreams

remembered eternal presences but most fearfully

put aside hidden closeted


called upon when needed when of necessity of desire

i somehow found enough courage to call them out

cause i needed their terribly beautiful deep deep


truth truth really is a pathless dreamed land i needed

yearned for desired their insights their guiding lights

terrifying nightmare fire breathing enflamed bulging eyes


wild horses stampeding dreams

chased by rapists murderers robbers

screaming begging pleading for help please for someone


alone by myself hideous terrifying

nightmared dreams waking up shaking pounding

furiously thumping pounding pumping exploding heart


glad to wake up only a dream i kept telling trying to

reassure myself only a dream i repeated over and over

only a dream


wonderful fascinating joyful dreams

opening showing doors of exploration

letting me wander roam see anything


do anything be free fly like superman superwoman

high high beyond endless forever clouds eternally

arriving in a galaxy far light years away away


unearthly planet looking taking in

sparkling stars vast huge universe

travelling to exotic unknown places never before seen


piloting strange spacecraft

yet to be conceived all of it my astral dream lucid

too real not to be believed cosmic pregnancy


soaring dipping floating wonderful beyond wonder

happy releasing letting go all fear soaring in and through

warm dreams


sorry to awaken sad it ends

best most incredible gift remarkable dream

stayed long after eyes could once again open and see


not only inside but finally also outside my self

the exterior world and then walking

walking balmy sandy seashore


water’s ocean’s edge unexpectedly

coming upon ancient greek roman

statues gently breaking waves


showering white horses wind waves rearing their

stormy manes amid purging purifying water

glistening gift from magnanimous no judgment


radiant sun breathtakingly unbelievably awesomely

beautiful stayed staring sun sea worshipper

blinded entranced reluctant to leave not wanting


to leave ever not wanting to leave ever

desiring wanting yearning to linger not to let go remain

eternal presence transfixed transmogrified worshipping


holy spirits angel song must through pulling ripping

tearing myself away away time to move on breaking

the ancient holy sacred spell come upon ridge overlooking

gothic medieval town


massive stone buildings close not

touching  i dare not touch the bejeweled radiant

softly singing stained glass


windows huge heavy thick ancient hand crafted

before time wooden doors impressive deep runed inscriptions

indecipherable scene astonishing majestic beyond measure

beyond words mesmerized transfixed

longing pleading yearning to stay


perfect picturesque

calming healing inviting refreshing

renewing resurrecting


then remembering statues

need to return desire strong

overwhelming undeniable

urge to see statues again


fearful that they’ll be one vanished back into lost forever

in dream realms desiring magic longing praying

come true come true be true


steps hurriedly excitedly retraced

apprehensive child waiting

for santa claus


delighted ecstatic when seeing them there just as

i left them

wonder marvel to behold


the dream stayed long lingering lucid vivid

lingering still

in waking moments eternal lucid presence


the meaning oblivious

don’t be afraid to look back

have courage strength open heart mind


being wisdom to be found always

able courageous fearless willing desirous of

facing the unknown mysterious


future where bountiful gifts reside

eternal presences living breathing lucid


amazing remarkable dreams real dreams are

do come true


dreams come true



  the roman empire



mother’s visit


a strange sensation


i was thinking about

our upcoming

european vacation






mother slowly

entered my mind

i felt her presence

in the air room

chair  across from me



  life found



i talked to her

told her i loved her

i knew she was here

concerned about our trip


she stayed

i talked to her more

she stayed longer



when she decided

it was okay to leave

i didn’t feel her anymore
















Nancy Bruner Wilson’s background is in social work. She has degrees from Berea College in Kentucky and from The Tulane University Graduate School of Social Work in New Orleans. She worked for the American Red Cross which included a one year assignment with the 85th Evacuation Hospital in Qui Nhon, Vietnam, during the height of the war. She also worked for the New York City Department of Social Services in the South Bronx. Nancy is retired from the Kentucky Department of Social Services where she held various positions including work in a residential facility for status offenders and hearing officer for the department.

Nancy began writing five years ago to fulfill a lifelong desire. In 2012, she and her artist husband, Howard Wilson, released a Published in Heaven book titled breaking out. It is comprised of fifteen of her poems and his art work. Nancy’s poems have appeared in three Louisville publications: The Louisville Courier-Journal; The Highlander; and Uncut Candy. They have also been accepted for publication in: Advocate, PKA’s Publication; Bear Creek Haiku; Pearl Editions; The Poet’s Art; and Struggle: A Magazine of Proletarian Revolutionary Literature.

Nancy and her husband reside in a Victorian home in Louisville near Cave Hill Cementery.

Howard has had a life long involvement with the arts and crafts.  He has experimented

with different techniques in a variety of mediums including clay, wood, print making and glass.  Through the years his work has been shown and sold in galleries, museums, and art shows in the United States as well as abroad.

Metaphysical Expressionism Art: Howard Wilson’ s Artist Statement


Metaphysics versus aesthetics. Crossing liminal boundaries. Capturing fractaled peripherally visioned moments of experiences. Seeing those fleeting will of the wisp northern lights moments as I paint new works.

“They last a second, a minute, they come and go like a moving winking light: but they Have impressed their mark, deposited some kind of sensation before they vanished… Secret stirrings that go unnoticed to the remote parts of the mind, the incalculable chaos of impressions, the delicate life of the imagination seen under the magnifying glass; trackless journeyings by brain and heart, strange workings of the nerves, the whisper of the blood, the

entreaty of the bone, all the unconscious life of the soul.”

Knut Hamsun


Are thought and art one or separate? Thought comes first. Art, metaphysical expressionist art, is matrixed to thought by the desire the necessity of communication. Thought and metaphysical expressionist art are so closely linked they seem one but thought is Self, art is Other. Art is the shadow of thought. Internal art, interior monologue is then nearer, more closely matrixed to thought-closer to the source-than externally verbalized or painted art. Internal art is diaphanic. External art is adiaphanic. Can, does, the Artist Prophet take art through the diaphane? Yes! One way, and only one way, he does so is by removing artificial boundaries. Once the diaphanous boundary is crossed a different logic is enacted: the logic of hallucination, of the surreal, the art of dreams (not the same as aesthetics or the language of postmodern chaos). Is the stream of consciousness, free association, narrative metaphysical expressionist art as close as we can get to the expression of pure thought? Any form of art is slower than thought but one thing is certain: metaphysical expressionist art is a dark but beautiful cynosure for the blind cripple.

Howard Wilson with Ron Whitehead
August 9, 2012



Copyright © Howard Wilson and Ron Whitehead

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