Nancy Bruner Wilson & Howard Wilson








       Indecision – Howard Wilson





do you hear me

words simple easy to comprehend


i don’t whine quiver shake

talk about myself


what i’ve done accomplished

how great i am


i don’t want unearned respect

honors given sweet words said


i want us you me to talk to one another

learn understand grow

give to each whatever gifts we have


do you hear me

know what i have said


we need to talk to one another

communicate become true friends


do you hear me talking

know what i have said



(Nancy Bruner Wilson)




       Beginning – Howard Wilson




bon voyage


she went to the window looked for

a brief moment at the falling accumulating

snow inhaled deeply


when she turned back his breath was gone

his chest no longer gently

rising falling


she knew without calling the nurse

his faithful 95 year old heart

had at last finally given up stopped beating


she cradled his body in her arms

rocked it back and forth

not rushing his soul allowing it


to leave when it was ready  at leisure

when warmth left his body

darkness deepened


silence grew colder

and it was time

she rose from the bed and


not looking back

softly closed the door



(Nancy Bruner Wilson)




       Out West – Howard Wilson




       Tourmoil – Howard Wilson




in honor


in honor of those who were told they couldn’t do it

and did it anyway.


in honor of those who pulled themselves up by

bootstraps and aren’t bitter.  in honor of those

who became bitter but strive every day to overcome it.


in honor of those who don’t stop trying.


in honor of those who understand the difference

between can’t and won’t.


in honor of those who learned the hard way there’s no

easy way.


in honor of those who value the worth of every person

and believe people can change.


in honor of those who don’t judge even when they’ve

walked in another’s shoes.


in honor of those who have a forgiving heart and

mind.  in honor of those who aren’t able to

forgive but keep trying.


in honor of those who have found their way.  in

honor of those who refuse to stop searching.


in honor of those who believe that each of us

makes a daily difference in the world.


in honor of the human spirit in its multitudinous facets.

in honor of our never ceasing to become.



(Nancy Bruner Wilson)




       Fireworks – Howard Wilson




       Dancing in the Daylight – Howard Wilson






« Indecision » and « beginning » are minimalist constructions composed of the precise positioning of thin strips of paper and drops of paint.


« Out West » is a palette knife ink wash.  « Turmoil » and « Fireworks » are ink stains and « Dancing in the Daylight » is a block print.













About the Wilsons



Nancy has degrees from Berea College in Kentucky and from the Tulane University Graduate School of Social Work in New Orleans. She worked as a caseworker in military hospitals for the American Red Cross which included a one year assignment with the 85th Evacuation Hospital in Vietnam during the height of the war.  She also worked for the city of New York in the South Bronx and held numerous positions with the Kentucky Department for Social Services.


Howard has had a life-long involvement with the arts and crafts.  He earned a degree in art from the University of Kentucky and attended graduate schools at the University of Tennessee and at East Tennessee State University.  He has been a teacher, commercial artist, potter, print maker and operated the first private hot glass studio in Kentucky. His work has been shown in many shops and galleries throughout the United States and abroad. 


Nancy and Howard released a Published in Heaven book in 2012 titled breaking out comprised of her poetry and his art work. Another book of Nancy’s called the color is me, published by Finishing Line Press, was released in March, 2013. Her poems have been accepted for publication in various magazines and journals throughout the United States and abroad including Struggle, Pearl Editions, Levure littéraire (Paris) and New Southerner magazine.


Now retired Nancy and Howard make their home in Louisville, Kentucky. Besides writing and doing art work, they enjoy travelling and entertaining family and friends.

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