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Nancy Bechtol has a history for over 30 years as an artist, filmmaker, inspired educator, (currently teaching college classes photography in Chicago).


She is an APA freelance photojournalist, IMDb member, ARC Gallery Association Member and former president/director and long-time Chicagoan.


Her art and films have been in numerous venues from museums to social networking sites. Life is truly a journey, and everyone IS like an actor, interacting daily. Make it worthwhile, everything counts.







Video capture and trailer for film:































Artist Statement

The ideas that engage me, and have remained an underlying theme in all of my artwork is a study of behavior and connections which extend beyond words.

In observation, there are certain moments when the connection is made – when ‘something exciting’ happens and people connect with others, or that which is outside us. » The « others » can be human, animals, objects, or even unexplainable situations or feelings. This work conveys that very point in time where the connection and energy exchange radiates.

To act – interact – react is the sequence of life and experiencing the moment.

In my photography, as in my videos, in the art I make – the moments in time are captured, compressed and reinvented for the emotional impact.

In editing and adding the special effects, emphasis is placed on the viewer to observe a new way of thinking about the issues.

As an artist,

I believe it necessary to be ready –

Be ready – act-interact-react

« you are now ready – for the experience outside your current frame of reference. »

Nancy Bechtol

















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