Nachiketa Bandyopadhyay


Nachiketa Bandyopadhyay








Philosopher eternal artist of all-time great

famous for foresight never knows abundance

whatever historical whatever great period

Declares ‘NO”to hung carrot of any size


He remains erected scale of truth surely

He dwells sweet tent made up of honesty

arms over his head stretched face wrinkle free

come what may stamina says no compromise


cultivating ideas words tailor weaver of poetry

great gardener care takes epic Eden peerless

disseminate seed of thought ,petals of aesthetics

dance with contemporary beat of song


this great is indicator of his time and society

never leave the side of truth, protestant rebellion

even in presence of devil, monarch,storms he survives

responding his creation means goodness or anger


He walks alone, never follow opportunities

other follows his belief, label and logo

unveiled and visible always, never hid self

under the system of slavery, icon of liberty


so handle with care his floral sentiment

highly inflammable in societal injustice

That myth tree poet is; endures the axe strike

since inception of civilization




Bengal Baaul


Music emerges as meditation at the corner of eyes

eyes play lightening forecasting thunder or shower

Bengal Baaul caressing string of Dotara, invites divinity

around him. Fireflies of notes pleasure of repose

pollination of words by words, joyous voices cries out

hummingbird enters into floral tube for honey quest

songs are flowery, whorl of word petals, melody bracted

intricacy of inflorescence is wrapped by soul body divinity

what is the morphology of song? Is it auditory or memory?

Joy or cultural compulsories? Baaul in saffron blows bubbles

of lyrics across the late rite path, electrified chanting

flies as anther of redsilk cotton .songs pray on soul, enters

deep into heart enabling self exploration self liberties

never the pleasure of hallucination or illusion, sufferings or shame

singer is crying out in smiling, inviting you to follow endless journey

do you follow hid footstep? salvation is not guaranteed but fraternity

lit your candle of your own




Choreographer of Literature


whether rural or urban life in his or her story

orientation straight or other centric anthro or

interpreting and composing epic from negligible dailies

sensuous voices from creative soul signifies ruler and ruled

exploitation or feudal, problems or pleasure, love and desire

sacrifices or dust, pen picture of religion myth money race

migration ,exodus, salvation ,terrorism war of culture

song of peace tears in festive folk traditions of trees wood green

animals rituals and they. River sailor honey hunter ship and merchant

Those who never returned home, those who never able to dwell

Ever failed to craft a sweet home. The turmoil historical or historical

Bohemian He mediated at manuscript. Language and tongues dwells where.

Papyrus say theme, form, concept tendency craft conservative

liberal abstract surreal and hundred definition more. History of epitaph.

His pain, tears, passion, separation, emotions exposed. Narrated eternally bursting

of his desire, his imagery and imagination on flesh what you called eroticism

which was memoir of golden season, character dances, or evening romances

girl of autumn, fall or evening waits for whom? Painting of unknown her

windows of home maker, silent cloud, melancholic noon of teary maid

maiden women, failed warrior scary heroes. Never he deceived the manuscript

so honest to record truthful but seemed fairytale or poetry. story captivated.

Embracing and dual between village and town, social justice, war and peace

rebellious thought but patriarchy long live, woman who beautifully mesmerized

science and superstition Man much sympathetic on short unending stories of vaginal lore.

Miles of truth are foundations of literature. He crafts melody notes. Alphabet roams on manuscript.

Aestheticism emerges ,aestheticism runs through serpentine lanes of imaginations, whispers

touches sky blues, winds befriended, immerse under sun rain rainbows

as toiletries, outcome is love hope life literature for specific artist, in specific period

own wonderful world. write one ocean of pages with one sky of joy. He dances with

flying word, syllable sentences. He is latent with individual global. He was latent with

global individual from time immemorial.






Society obeys ethics of it’s own as literature having own

principle of literature seldom guide societal principle

idealistic or realistic whatever the form of art lies


Art is artificial, daily life societal natural or vulgar

for whom you sacrifice ? human or literature art

what to celebrate? pleasure aesthetics or life


issues stand on street for protestant or cypher

disgrace sensitive you hide under erotica tell

but sorrows begets spirituals crystal shell


sentimental cardiac sweets propelled by joy

buds of pain petals of sorrows blooms at per

floral sentences run along characters in plot


Away from cupid street love deprived mass

at wonderful opportunity of sunset landscape

showered of colors, also verses erupted


words run along life words sing on life

moved by joy and sorrow make living mind

mind of life, life in characters known unknown


unknown characters find known one in epic

virtual known are close to unknown door

contemporary wind controls the melody of lyrics


mortal artist how could be eternal! Words immortal

words dwell in mind caressed by cultures around

heart caresses creation develop as precious


now light even able to draw aesthetics of dark













Born in 1960, Dr. Nachiketa Bandyopadhyay has been working as a Registrar at the Sidho Kanho Birsha University, Purulia, India since 2011. He also worked as a Reader in Zoology department at Alipurduar college, (North Bengal University) and as a Principal at Netaji Subhash Ashram Mahavidyalay in Purulia (Burdwan University). His area of interests are Wildlife, Ichthyology, Ornithology, Peace Education, Philosophy, Poetry, History of science, and Women in science. He has published a number of articles in many different National and International journals.


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