Nachiketa Bandyopadhyay


Nachiketa Bandyopadhyay







Fleeing centuries back

Fleeing war and violence

Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu

Asia-Europe America Africa

Nameless I in other’s land

Born in a country which is not motherland

Separated from native homeland

Still standing among the ruins of life

Birds are dignified even as they migrate

Displaced refugees are nationless

Sought asylum, believed sanctuary

From time immemorial and today

Mass exodus along the highway

A country of people

Cypher God overhead, tired and dead bodies under

Carcasses of culture left behind,


Stateless, unwelcome

Difficult to navigate life in every step of life

Free tongues, less liberty

,safety health

Resettlement possible, repatriation a must, but denied

Victims still.

Actors under guaranteed roof and dish

Selfish, scheming, liars, venal

Bidden farewell


She told wrecked of sea and soul

she told him sorrows are poems

she told him tears are green

she told him truth is divine

Even told about to abort is crime

but plan a conceive is truth


Put lion and lamb where they have to be

and the microbes as beautified scraps

Life sustains in painful justice balance

And ethic stood in tragic tension

Between strong and weak oppressor and victim

Overturn the messianic myth or immortal bless

Enter into commune of joys and sorrow

where human includes trees and fly and

Evil male plots for world domination.




Mother Village


Rural field full of golden paddy. Drying sun brick red

twilight,temple drum,song of Gopala, Lady flames

earthen lamp chanting children in reading room,

Curfew, riots,lockout are old story. Teens in science and romance.

Nobody is apologetic, No color is shame,molestation free crowd

Human chain of celebration. Festival colorful. Dove on rooftop

Below happy home, Cucumber spreads along fence. Separation

translated into flute. Explosions only atop cloud. No blood,massacre;

it is only, it is for rain! Rain. Smiling police. No mega dam and

subsequent displaced people, women not to bear extra care work,

Indigenous dance,more nuns,less pleasure girls,Epidemics in lore,

sacred Ganges, Amazon with ancient glory,habitats are not threatened

Butterflies will rule the garden, Equilibrium of the climate and human,no king

no priests no Marshall, only motherhood here and there. Dreams revisited.






Thought was a matter-energy play burst into life through million of years and

Earth governed itself and ruled since time immemorial before species on stage

Men all on a sudden take over earth who is neither immortal nor endless

worships escaped of death and sorrow in exchange of nature evil and primal sin


sin is system of domination exploitation distortion threatens the life-cycle of live

what earth created for billions years. Death is natural truth  and inevitable

paradise is no tragedy no death ,no escapade  from vulnerable ? Dismantle the system of

sin  made for power and wealth at the expense of Earth creatures and human.


share the tragedies and abundance. Share the failures and limits. share the renewal of life.

Reality is: fighting against mother to dominate women slaves nature wealth power knowledge

in the name of will of God .Knowledge is as essential as undergarments to hold not to exhibit.

And Virginity belongs to himself or herself. Untouched unused new and innocence.

Dominations were engraved in memories of her since ideas for taming are drilled in mind by him

Clio knew it. Celebrating Earth Day or Silent spring ignoring rape for resource,while men put her

beautified in marble on high pedestal, wrote sad tale of beauty. She walked away spurned heart on

rugged stretch road under dry Autumn. Rivers doe birds maid became teary. Trancedental.

who valorized Science and capitalism!roots of dominations! Oh great voyages! thy discoveries!

Miseries of indigenous people animals forest herbal women languages corporatism war

And she stood at Greenham common in England-women for life on Earth for future of children.

They raised voice for rape of nature, small technology animal right infanticide militarism. And


air water work play spirituality nuclear power birth to reweave the world. She mentioned the

enslavement of nonhuman and human at par. she explored his violence towards people through

religion culture language in patriarchal institute. She critiqued the colonial blackmagic to

legitimatizing famine, silencing cultures,displacing people for factory industry chemical dump.


Her Eyes sparkles with unshed tears as justice for climate food y vanishing wild pending.


When trees are asleep,thrum of rain on window panes she felt his lyrical  separation sacred epic

she was dreaming strategy in defense of the earth,women of color,toxic tampons ,factory

farms,hunting violence,form of oppression in sex race class being peripheral. Being peripheral.












Nachiketa Bandyopadhyay is a Zoologist, Natural historian, Ichthyologist and academic administrator. He has published his research papers and popular articles in several journals. His poem have appeared in numerous journals and Anthologies. Bandyopadhyay is an Indian Poet who believes that poetry is wound healing and forms of truth-telling. His work  combines art, science, philosophy activism and education.


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