Nachiketa Bandyopadhyay







You in slumber


Listening is the key and sense of wonder

Leaves petals sunset moon breeze river rain

Bond with wood garden of memories down memory lane

Historical pre or post equal player of nature



Kadamba Basil Anemone Lily blossom in slumber

Being of beings paddy corn poppy poplar in pain

Listening is the key and sense of wonder

Pine and peony are resilient tender tear in vain



Listen lore of land sea wood meadow shower

Sordid tale of green translated into gain

Biophilia vanishes song of plastic plants

Delirious state of sense, you in slumber


Listening is the key and sense of wonder




Re wilding wish


Re wilding wish in carbon divinity when wild earth unsung lore

Continuum assault on values of eco, moribund tongue of earth

Stabbed living deity of river aves on green Pisces on shore

Welcome re wilding wish


Life overflown, celebrate abundance not dearth

Commune with God life is a gest and magnanimous core

Let earth and fellow earthling restore life and birth


Sing lyrical ecodemocracy, the land ethic, door to door

life is not millennial goal, a tradition of being in eternity not mirth

Sacred beauteous forms of life odyssey, earth is metaphor


Welcome re wilding wish




Tale of dusk


Provocative rose petal teary eye laurel leaf fairy tale

Melancholic starry night passive lips over all cherry blossom

A tale of two lovers apart from broken up old promise

Unified both shadow underneath festival overhead

Melody old lyrics old  new Ragaa solitude eternal


Once was volcanic once was desires remembrance

Kisses now fumbling loose gripping oblivious both feeling

Parted we parted soul so quiet unison transient

Love me not song of bird love me not sensation

Melody old lyrics old new Ragaa solitude eternal


Spring or fall diurnal memorable each other’s conquest

Old treasure so glorious sweet thought flowered dress romantic

Lullabies summing up privacy sprang upon resilient

Both the soul long for other’s heart belonging all the whole

Melody old lyrics old new  Ragaa solitude eternal


Moon washed olive face delighted at present sundown

Lost glory shame or fame reclined entering higher self

Words so far unspoken words so far spoken off love’s height

Sensual touch we must four wall love you too

Melody old lyrics old  new Ragaa solitude eternal










Dr. Nachiketa Bandyopadhyay is Zoologist, Academician, Essayist but ardent reader and also an avid listener of any subject. Bandyopadhyay has been writing poems in English few years back late in life. He always fall in love for the any language and literature. Being a son of the earth he always takes care of wildlife, art and science of past, women, classical music, folk culture, peace practice, Indology in his writings.

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