Muhammad Shanazar







A Veteran Of The World War II



In my early days of childhood, I beheld a man,

He was in his eighties with thin wobbly, shaky legs,

Slits slots were on his heels, broken were his boots.


Though they were dingy soiled yet he wore

A ragged shirt and old brown pants of army,

And he too wore one glassed frame of glasses.

He spoke to the street-kids with kind words,

But with quaking, quivering voice.

He always carried upon the bent structure of body,

A big bag hung on his shoulders behind,

Containing contents of the dotage.


He was expelled out from the house of his own,

By his sons, daughters and daughters-in-law,

And he roved, moved but not afar from the village.

When his belly beleaguered, harassed him,

He knocked at any door in front, in the street,

And fed it with the home-baked bread of charity

Soaking in water or pasting with the paste of chillies,

And he slept carefree in the mosque,

Or in summer under the trees in cool shades.


When he was in a good jolly, joking mood,

He used to tell us the Tale of Two Cities,

How the splendour was smashed shattered in seconds

How humanity went through cumbersome holocaust,

How he carried out his missions by hitting the targets,

How he lived in the trenches smelly with explosives,

How he was captured, encaged into the prisons of Japan,

While fighting for the crown and glory of Great Britain.




Contents Of The Savage Society

(An observation on the Woman Empowerment Day 2014)



Beside the cross,

In the main street of the busy bazar,

There stood with appalled appearances,

A woman seemed in late forties,

Her face was as if ashes overspread on it,

It seemed as if her each gesture of the body

Represented nothing but only the truth

Of her plight that she went through.


The bazar was jostled with men and women,

Some went on alone, some in couples

And some in throngs

The shocked women was going on

Blurting the matter of unthinkable horror,

“O! People,

Is there anyone to rescue me out of the quagmire?

Is there anyone to believe in me?

Is there anyone to provide me a sense of safety?

Is there anyone to extent me any legal support?

I have been a widow,

For the last five years,

And since the death of my husband

I have been constantly raped,

By no one but the father and brothers

Of my late husband

Who in relation are my father-in-law and brothers-in-law,

They ask me to serve them naturally  and unnaturally,

There is a child I my womb,

But I don’t know whose produce I am nourishing.”


I too stood beside her,

Watched and listened her carefully,

She was not lunatic but complete in healthy brain,

Then I could not stop left the place with sullen heart

As the contents she spoke were of the savage society

Besides, I had to listen to the speech in the town

Of a federal minister on’ The Women Empowerment Day’.




A Gang Rape



Beside the busy highway,

In the bushes there lay supine’

A despoiled corpse of a splendid damsel,

Scratched, bruised and all nailed,

Her cheeks bore   the prints of teeth,

And marble-white neck blue scars,

Her silky white dress was spotted,

With the dots of blood,

Her delicate white soft shoeless feet,

Were still unharmed,

Her hair was dishevelled, added to her grace,

Her eyes half opened,

As they were looking afar high beyond the sky,

To her dwelling place,

The wronged lips still bore an elegant smile,

If saying,

“O! Dwellers of the world be happy evermore,

I depart to my own celestial place,

Where no one will desecrate my sanctity.”

Then from the contents of her handbag,

Someone found out a stained document,

And with blood was inscribed,

“I am Miss Honesty, raped in the dark,

By the custodians of law.”










Muhammad Shanazar is a famous contemporary poet from Pakistan.  The prime objective he has been working for is to make humanity aware of the sanctity of human life i.e. “A single drop of human blood possesses more worth than all treasures that the Earth contains”. He has received several international recognitions; his work has been published in several world anthologies. Besides, creative work he has translated many poems and fictions of contemporary poets and writers. Through his poetry he preaches universal peace, brotherhood and harmony, he wants to see the world in perfect concord, free of violence, wars and weapons.


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